Break the chains

I am devastated by the endless swathes of savage attacks on the inhabitants of this world; heartbroken for the burgeoning numbers of victims. Most of us surely are.

I’ve tried my best for 21 years, without success, to alert people to how this demonic scourge operates through its manipulations. The Darkness triumphs because it has dulled the wits of human beings and entranced them so well that even when the knowledge of how our reality is constructed is made available by the science it holds sway over, they still can’t be arsed to connect the dots. Our brothers and sisters are maimed and perished but still humans are too ready to accept what they are told to believe.

This is my last article on these matters. Repetition ain’t my thing.


The Manchester attacks, and every other inhuman atrocity

…committed under the frequency of 22 are the dark feminine at work. 22 (which is all over the numeric -energetic- aspects), is in its negative character the Great Destroyer, the polar opposite of the benign divine feminine attributes of Nurturing, Love and Creation.

In a representation of the egg and the womb (the oval), the dark feminine brought desecration and death. The Arena is An era. This was a blasted time-line junction. It aimed at children and youngsters, female mostly – future bearers of life. V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet – a symbol for the feminine. It chose Manchester too, because it despises mankind, sees them as pathetic fools – Man-jester.

There is no conspiracy, only the Darkness commanding its demon agents and irretrievable once-humans to make manifest what has already happened in the ether. To reign revenge and more horror, and to persecute humankind with draconian legislation is Darkness-driven.

The dark feminine cannot be dis-empowered with its own spiteful attitudes, devices and methods, only with their opposites, Care, Compassion and Love. Those attributes of humanity are what we innately have to break the frequential chains of malign intent already set up and coming at us.


What doesn’t get noticed, but is in plain sight, is that the Darkness fastidiously joins attacks (and other rites) with matches in physical situations, such as towers, bridges, and gathering places, in presence and symbolically; and dates, timings, and much more, forming interconnected frequency patterns, to reverberate and amplify the effects of its deeds. Both bridges cross the Thames – time, in the Temple of Time, London.

Westminster Bridge attack: 22 March 2017  – 44
Manchester Arena: 22 May 2017   29-17 (Opened 15 July 1995 – a 22-date in 1995)
London Bridge: 3rd June 2017    29-17 (Opened 17 March 1973 – 44 years ago – a 22-date)


22 is in everyone’s face, obvious! 11 is there too. 17 is a major…but Numerosymbology spots another date number as well that is common to these three examples: 8.

The London Bridge and Manchester attacks are both 29-17, or added, 11-8.

In these two we have an obvious twin frequency date, and each adds to 1, and together 11.

However, 29-17 is also applicable to Westminster Bridge. It was opened on 24 May 1862, a date that gives 29-17, or 11-8.

The date of the Westminster Bridge attacks adds to 44 (an intensified number, like 11 and 22 etc – and 2×22), which becomes 8, when added together; and so giving all three atrocities the same numbers.


Aspects of 8 – light and dark:

The figure representing the numeral, 8 depicts subconsciously several concepts.

It’s two elements, aspects, realms, minds etc etc. Two-dimensional. Reflection, connecting, communicating, or conflicting, a power struggle. Invasion, control, revenge, retaliation, accumulation, possession.

It can be something extruding from something else, infiltrating, or working with something else (knowingly or unknowingly). It is explosive, gaseous, nuclear.

It is focus, a knot, a pattern, a track, a flow, magnetism. It has a volatile stress point.

It is eternal repetition (not infinity), perseverance, it is force, slavery, imprisonment, illusory freedom, transference, projection. It is dominion, structures, systems, organisation, management, chains, security, power generation, over-power-ment, law, legislation, finance, military. It is schedules. It is time running out.


12 is another number that features. It’s an obvious factor of time astrologically, calendar and clock-wise.

Westminster – famous for Big Ben, the bell and its clock. The clock tower was completed on 31 May 1859 , a 9-11 date, and was renamed in 2012, to the Elizabeth Tower.

Manchester – London Bridge: 12 days.

Westminster – London Bridge: 2 months, 12 days


The numbers in these every demonic deeds repeat in the personal criteria of the alleged perpetrators. They also repeat in the casualty numbers, which puzzles many until you understand that we are dealing with something that is not bound to the limitations of this world and its restricted metres and awareness. The Darkness is not bothered with what humans believe; it concerns itself only with weaving the elements of Creation (energy) into its desired patterns and to its own advantage, and delivering these frequencies at the moments it has decided upon.

As the whistle blowing show, V, tried to warn us, ‘This is humankind’s last stand’. It’s up to each of us. Nothing and no one is coming to save us.

We all, well, the majority of us, know, deep in the heart of us, what we have to do. We have to care, for every one, for the Earth and all of Her inhabitants. It really isn’t asking much.


Fourth June 2017

8 thoughts on “Break the chains

  1. I couldn’t agree more Ellis. We have to love each other and stand firm. I won’t be drawn into discussion but feel deeply that I won’t allow the darkness to take me. I will not be dragged down. Xx


  2. Ellis i wanted to comment on this article in FB but everything disappeared. I loved it!!!! Really broke down the clockwork. Actually inspired me!!


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