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New post on the Song of Ffraed…..
High Strangeness, Weird Vanishings, and a Cursed Mountain…..
Moon Landing Hoax – Coke Bottle…..
Presentation videos from the S.U.F.O.N Summer Conference 2017…..
Richard Dolan speaking at Contact in the Desert conference…..

My sympathy and my love are sent to everyone who has suffered in this appallingly cruel and heart-rending hellfire.

If we are ever going to stop such things we have to address the underlying causes and do what we can to deny them the opportunity of ever moving against us again. I’ve banged on enough over the years about the otherworldly instigators that motivate their material world actors; suffice to say here that when we give a say and responsibility to weak, ambitious people being funded and run by ruthlessly rapacious and greedy fronts such sickening tragic loss of human life is inevitable. We have to stop being enchanted into cheering on and supporting monsters.


There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile,
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

Have people had enough of despicable capitalism yet? It’s heartless and ruthless by default. Are they sick yet of a world run by flash-market-traders flogging their unfit for purpose criminally shoddy tat? Have they opened their eyes yet to the psychopathic evil that infests and directs our systems of government, funds political parties and the webs of bloated parasites that leech on everything good and decent that humankind has struggled to achieve?

Will they yet again fall for the fake sympathies and feigned philanthropy of thus far self-oriented greedy, wealth-amassing, cheerleaders and other nasty-minded entrepreneurs, all of them shamelessly over-paid perverts? Yes, perverts; morally bankrupt.

The media and press amongst them too. Vultures. While their pages display human beings in anguish, misery and pain they line their sidebars with the narcissistic detritus of human promise being held up as what people should be aspiring to; de-focussing them away from waking up to deeds all about us with planned destinations, ones that will ultimately terminate with the out-breath of the last human. Alongside the every day carnage of this tear-soaked debauched society we are assailed by giant arses and giant tits (e.g. Sun and Daily Mail),in every sense of the words. While most everyone scrapes around in the depths of uncertain meals and futures that depend on the next pay check these talent-less and talent-wasting floozies and flashers are cast at us trivialising the horrors reported alongside them.  Humankind’s real treasures, their empathy, their spirit, is lost in a blitz of glitter, tittle-tattle and flesh.

Honestly, this manufactured world is a fuckary, and it has been for a long time. Let’s not kid ourselves, it was the Sun’s page three that oggled in the national and global disasters of Thatcher’s and Blair’s governments enabling the contaminating of its readers’ minds with the inhabited dark agent, Murdoch’s insidious brainwashing to vote for them. The sidebars of newspapers today are just less trumpeted version of it. It continues because it works. Besieged by one maniacal inhuman move after another; air, water and land, Nature laid waste, enforced toxic programmes, ever-rising taxes, services cut to the bone, terror enabled draconian clampdowns, intrusions, and scolds’ bridles; and yet the Tory party, blatantly more aligned against people’s health and well-being, is voted for!! It’s rigged, even if it isn’t done during the voting ruse. An ill-informed, information starved, beguiled and spiritually-bent and suppressed population is an easy mark; and because they succeed in all of the above we get the horrors and misery this year has been drenched in, and inevitably there is more to come. Only we, the people can do anything to change it. We have to stop allowing these maniacs to state that we have voted them into power without reminding them that they are in office, as servants, not leaders. They have no power, only a duty, to society, but answerable to something far, far, greater than their puny masters. That applies to every tentacle they wrap around our lives. Ideally we need to know personally the people who apply to be our servants, at least what they are really like, what their history is, who they are aligned with.

Have people realised that Grenfell  means ‘greenfield’, a land-developer’s term meaning ‘a site in line for development’? Hello!

You’ll maybe have noticed how the inhabited government has invoked the number 17 time and again, supposedly the number of deaths (see Quo Vadis), a blatantly outrageous calculation, and 74 (11, like the postcode and -numerosymbologically – the date 14 = 5 + 6 = 11).

Only six days before, I’d say it likely, most of the people living in this Kensington tower dared to vote against the property developers tame party? Too many of them, and what’s more they had the affront to live in the most expensive real estate in the country. Yes, actually live there, all the time, would you believe, and looking down on their betters from that tower! ‘Riff-raff’ too close to Fuckin’Hamper palace as well, don’t you know. Six days.


It is always the people that are terrorised, suffer, who are blown apart, their homes razed, their lives mangled and cut short. It is never ‘The Man’ or any of his wheels and mansions that he can’t easily replace for an update. Odd that.


New post on the Song of Ffraed – Subscribers only (Last call.)

A lovely warm Welsh summer’s afternoon and I’m on my way to visit a cromlech that I’d spotted on the map not far from Rhos-y-Clegyrn. I already knew that the site was not on Ffraed (She was adamant about this) but it looked interesting.

After Her busy activity at that marshy  situation She had scooted off southwest, in the direction of Ffyst Samson but very soon had skirted an outcrop, dodged between another two and headed west. Due west is the coastline of St. George’s Channel and the environs of Aber Bach, where there is an intriguing local legend of a mermaid
being captured and held prisoner by the man at Treseissyllt Farm who was intent on riches.
Ffyst Samson


Strange mysteries seem to gravitate to some places, and oddness and enigmas gather about them like flies to a rotting corpse. Here in these realms of the strange we can find a mish-mash of legends, myths, and real cases of the unexplained, perhaps all of it congealing together into some vague idea of what the truth may be. One place that has proved to be ground zero for some truly bizarre stories is a mountain that lies in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe, and which perhaps cloaks its real, sinister nature in a veneer of natural magnificence.

Located amongst the Berchtesgaden Alps, which straddle the border between Berchtesgaden, Germany and Salzburg, Austria and looming over the Salzburg Basin and Salzach Valley a table-top mountain, technically a massif, known as the Untersberg, which directly translates to “under-mountain.” Most famous for its lopsided shape and for being featured in the beloved musical film The Sound of Music, and rising around 1,973 meters (6,473 feet) over its surrounding vistas, the mountain has a commanding presence, and is a popular destination for tourists from nearby Salzburg, Austria, who come here to see the stunning natural splendor on display and enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities.
High Strangeness, Weird Vanishings, and a Cursed Mountain



Colin Woolford talks about the much contested Alien Autopsy Film.
David Cayton discusses UFOs in Cyprus, the Jodrell Bank Incident & Animal & Human Mutilations.
Dave Hodrien on UFOs & the Music Industry.
Presentation videos from the S.U.F.O.N Summer Conference 2017


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