Quo Vadis 2017?

The coming digitally wrought solar turn, 2017, is almost upon us. It’s a frequential construct within a simple but stunningly powerful control apparatus we call the calendar. This perpetual machine was imposed on humankind alone, without consent at the time, and under duress. Its beginnings tell you which end of the spectrum it is aligned with.

Each click of the counter is now enthusiastically invoked and celebrated while dark projects are ejaculated ack-ack from deliberately chosen erections across the world, to impregnate the oospherical skies.

Number 2 (of the 2000s) is essentially being summoned up to fulfil the submissive and obedient aspects of its design, as well as its cooperative tendencies. It’s on its knees bending to the 1 under order (123456789). That’s the essence of the calendar’s calculated design, and the agenda for the 2000s until the Darkness doesn’t need this particular deception anymore.

The energies of 1 and 2 together, in more holistic doctrines, are male and female, the straight line of the masculine, and the curved line of the feminine; but in the spiritually misogynist and anti-life and love creed of the Darkness they are entirely masculine: the phallus and the testicles. Domes, in its agents’ and shadows’ architecture, represent gonads more than they represent the feminine.

17 has always been a particularly favoured number (frequency), but in recent years dark activities cast to align with it have been more obvious. This is a clue to their dark projects for this year. Keep your eyes peeled for 17 in date and symbolism etc.* Remember too, 7 is secret, otherworldly, or underworld, unseen; the glyph for 1, without its cap and foot, would be similar, but it’s been given ‘this world’ presence and authority with these accoutrements.

In its darkly preferred capital letter alphabet, Q (impregnation of the egg) is in 17th position. Qantas and Qatar come to mind, but they may be too obvious – depends whether they care anymore about secrecy really, which I don’t think they do. We’ll see. Q normally has a u or U following it (or ‘you’). This letter is the womb, or the cauldron.

Anyway, 17 is ack-ack, one thing after the other, striking out of the blue; it’s hidden plans being unleashed, secrets being made public.

17 is 8 when totalled (1+7), so the aspects that will be worked with and over include power, control, authority, finance, mind, legislation, squeezing, focussed intent, security, partitioning. Strands woven. Cause and effect. Repetition. It’s a ‘this world’ number of systems, machines, and regularity.

The total for the year, 2+0+1+7 is 10 = 1, and is also 37 = 3 + 7 = 10 = 1. 10 is regarded widely as ‘the perfect number’; unity from multiplicity – again this suggests the many strands being brought together.

37 is a frequential combination that is potent in regard to instigation and regeneration. It was apparent on 911 and 777 – for instances: 1+1+5 = 7; 3×37 = 111 (3 towers: 1,2, and 7, and the number of days left till their year’s end); 21 (the year, and the building numbers) x37 = 777; and 3x7x37 = 777 (7th July 2005). 18 x 37 = 666.


150px-RWS_Tarot_17_StarIn the Tarot, 17 is ‘the Star’. The woman as replenishing and nurturing carer; her (h)air and body-shape, a reflection, on the water and soil, of the golden divine star. The water she channels through the pitcher on to the soil flows in that fashion too.

‘The Star’ is a card of hope but it counsels that improvements will not just happen; care, devotion to all life, and constant attention and action are vital.

You might also discern how the constellation above the woman’s head is an incomplete Q, with its tail the other side and its head absent. We are the ones who must turn things around be more mindful (Q also represents thought). The constellation gives us a Q and and a U – AQU and the Star Age it concerns is AQUARIUS. Aqua the pitcher-shaped pool, the woman and her ewers (you are) the carriers the doers; air the sky, and the bird too. All four elements are symbolised – fire, the spiritual fire, beaming from the golden star.

Here then is the answer to everything that terrorises and besets harmony and health on Earth. Fundamentally we must return and bring balance to this planet; love unconditionally and care without favour. She is undistracted and determined in her commitment. Perhaps we could all do much better.


17th December 2016


For more characteristics of 8, please refer to other articles on this site and on nowtobeyou

* Also in other 1 and 7 combinations and multiples e.g. 1st July.

* 2017, with not much trouble gives us 2π, a recently proposed, supposed, ‘better way’ than plain ol’ π to calculate in circle dynamics. Not of great interest to most of us but thought I’d mention it. It’s 6.28 (= 16, so it’s profound in some mysterious way) and it is likely to rear its head in 2017. Also of note – but not sure it’s got the legs to cause much impact – is that 2π is being referred to as Tau, English letter T, and a Saturn-connect, which may easily be symbolised as the serpent wrapped around the cross.


Source for Feature image: http://culture.pl/en/work/quo-vadis-henryk-sienkiewicz

4 thoughts on “Quo Vadis 2017?

  1. Interesting, No 37/1 is my birth number. Currently live at No 34. Experiencing Saturn/Jupiter returns. Feb starts Chinese Year of Fire Rooster, me again. I guess in some way, it’s my year.


  2. Ellis – just a little note to wish you all the very best and to thank you for a year of interesting information. You’re one of the good ones.

    Much love – and many blessings.




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