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october 2015 phenomena magDownload the latest FREE issue of Phenomena Magazine:


Please note: Phenomena Magazine are regularly looking for contributors. If by chance you may have an article that our readers would enjoy, we would love to hear from you. Now distributed in 11 countries with over 1.8 million subscribers per year.


A tribute to Dave Oester (and a caution) from Brian Allan, editor of Phenomena Magazine:

We have lost the inimitable Dave Oester who, sadly, went to the other side on October 1st 2015. Dave is now with his much beloved wife, Sharon, who made the crossing a couple of years ago. Dave and Sharon were fearless investigators of all things paranormal and they will now no doubt find that their findings were correct. What made Dave’s passing particularly tragic was that he fell for a fairly recent and callous internet scam called ‘catfishing’. Catfishing involves luring vulnerable, lonely people into thinking they have found a true companion, someone they can love and be loved by. The end result was that Dave lost everything, literally everything, and died more or less destitute, in a hostel. Rest well Dave, your name will be remembered and live on in the annals of paranormal research.


Bases 24 Part 1 Daniel on Early Casbolt:
Featuring close personal friends and associates of James Casbolt, this Bases has been in the making for over 3 years. Now early background and direct participants in the affairs of Super Soldier, now Jailed Casbolt emerge.
‘Daniel’, not his real name, gives part 1 of his account with James, and then Haley. UFOs and high learning are mentioned here. For the researcher.

A complex story is confirmed, and others alluded to here, in Bases 24 part 1. (2013), with this witness. This witness traveled by bus from St Ives (Cornwall), some 200 plus miles, to tell his story, and vanished the same night. This Bases ends in sadness.

The Gridkeeper tells his side in Parts 3 & 4, and James himself tells what he wishes us to hear in parts 4 & 5, finishing in the St Ives Court case.. in late 2014 With Guest interviewer Cathi Morgan, as further and wider facts emerge almost day by day

Others off camera trace the story back to the Germans…and those strange looking humans Lisa and Barry King talked about in Bases One, over 20m years ago, and the Black Goo is there as always



Site article on James Casbolt: A word on James Casbolt


moaincambodiaThey say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the same has certainly been true of cryptids on many occasions in the past. The following case may – or may not – constitute a further example of this cryptozoological rule of thumb.

In terms of their current native zoogeography, modern-day ratites all have very precise distributions on the continental level. The ostrich is nowadays entirely confined to Africa (its contingent in Asia Minor was hunted into extinction by the mid-20th Century), the rheas to South America, the emu to Australia, the now-extinct moas to New Zealand, the now-extinct elephant birds to Madagascar, and the cassowaries to Australia and New Guinea. However, there are no known modern-day ratites native to mainland Asia (nor are there any to Europe or North America either, for that matter), which makes a certain enigmatic carving present on a famous Indochinese temple of particular interest.
A New Zealand Moa in Cambodia?


A short comedy/sci-fi film we made for this year’s Homespun Yarns showcase. homespunyarns.tv
We hope you enjoy it!

Cropped is about a group of UFO enthusiasts who clash with their cynical crop circle tour guide. When night falls the group have to set their differences aside when the mystery of the crop circles is revealed.

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