A word on James Casbolt

‘Agent buried alive’, is the title of James Casbolt’s book (which I don’t believe he actually wrote). Is the title prescient?

jamescasbolt100I first came across the name, James Casbolt, several years ago when he wrote an article that was linked on David Icke’s website way back. It was near the turn of the century and if I could remember what it was called I’d link it here. From memory, it recounted his family’s MI6 background, drug-running, and what he said he knew about Cornwall’s underground facilities and their links to missing children.


As many reading this already know, James Casbolt was jailed for 12 years this week.
I first met James sometime in the early 2000s, when I attended a Cornwall UFO conference. He was just a pleasant, though clearly wounded guy, with his girlfriend (not Haley Meijer) then. He was quiet, polite, and came across as a naive young man who was looking for answers. We chatted at length for quite a long time. Mostly he wanted to know about my encounters. I remember noticing, while all three of us were chatting, something grey and cloudy in his aura, on the left side, beside his head. (I hadn’t noticed this on anyone before, not then, I have done since.) I mentioned this to him but it didn’t seem to faze him or her. I liked them both.

At the end of the conference he and his girlfriend invited me to stay with them in St. Ives. I didn’t take that offer up though as I had arranged to stay the night with Neil Hague, who was then living in Cornwall, though he wasn’t at the conference.

The next year James was again at the conference, with his girlfriend, and we spoke again. He was still rather quiet and again they both kept to themselves mostly as far as the rest of the attendees went, I seem to recall. Again we chatted at length.  On both occasions he did mention that he was sure he had had some encounters or something unusual had happened to him, but that then it was just strong feelings. I noticed that the grey bur was still with him, and in the same location.

The next time I saw James and his girlfriend was in 2006, at the Probe International conference, in St. Anne’s. I was giving a talk there about my encounters and experiences. At this conference Dean Warwick collapsed and died at the beginning of his talk. (I won’t go into the story of this dark incident again, I’ve recounted it several times before.) Anyway, James was shaken to the core by what happened. I mean almost floored himself. Very traumatised.

That evening, after the conference, the speakers went back to the Carlton Hotel, where we were all staying. James and his girlfriend were booked in there too, we discovered. As we reached our rooms at the top of the stairs I noticed that the first door, on the right, opposite mine, was partially open. It was the room of one of the other speakers (who I had given a lift to the hotel, and was following me up the stairs). Nobody was in there. In my experience hotel staff always ensure that guests’ doors are shut. After what we had all experienced back at the conference, this was very odd. James was still heavily traumatised, his girlfriend (a lovely girl who also seemed very retiring) was very shaken by it all as well. James told me that he felt he was partially to blame for what had happened to Dean Warwick, because he had been the one who had recommended him as a guest to Dave Starbuck for an interview. This interview is on line here: https://youtu.be/TV6YDs0wBsA

One week later I gave a lecture at the 2006 Cornwall UFO group’s conference and James was there again. I remember James approaching me after my talk and saying,”…but you have evidence for what you have been through Ellis, I haven’t…not many have.”

There was a notable difference in James. Over the course of the weekend it was very noticeable to me that he had taken on a split personality. There were times when he was his former modest and unassuming self but other times when I noticed his energy change, when another more brash character emerged. (Glimpses of both characters can be noticed in this video taken by Miles Johnston at the conference: https://youtu.be/6CJ1YIb0HWQ)


James attended the following year’s (2007) Probe conference with his girlfriend. We didn’t talk this time very much. Again it was obvious to me that he had changed. I took some photos during the conference – mostly attempting to capture the orbs I could see, on camera. During one talk, I was sitting at the rear of the hall and noticed some strange energetic activity in front of me so I took a photograph of it. When the lights came on I realised that it was around where James was sitting in the audience.


Black energy cloud with James and a dark orb (arrowed).

The next time I saw James was at the 2011 Probe conference, when I went as a member of the audience. He (now calling himself ‘Michael Prince) was with another girl, his now (then) wife, the heiress, Haley Meijer. She held out a limp and extremely cold hand when I introduced myself (which reminded me of a remark someone made to me about the hand of Rebekah Brooks). James struggled to recognise me. It was as if he had to search data banks. His eyes (and hers) had that cold distant stare. Facially there was a resemblance to James, but he did not look like the James I had met on previous occasions. He appeared taller, fitter, and he was dressed in an expensive suit. I remarked how different he looked, like someone else. We only spoke for a few moments but I came away feeling like I’d met a clone. I recall him saying that someone there was a known assassin and that they, and others, were keeping their eye on them. He also said how he’d learned a new technique that enabled him to access buried memories and that he had recovered a great deal. He was cold, she was cold. I felt sad. This was not the bright and modest person I had first met. That one was either somewhere else or gone forever. I remember sensing a dark cloud over the whole weekend; like something had invaded the beautiful light energy of Sam and Jean’s work of love.

This is a video interview conducted by Miles Johnston during the conference weekend. https://youtu.be/9_OwsMsSRBw (the photograph James mentions at the beginning of the Cornwall interview is the one above.)

Previous to this I’d read and been told that James had met this American billionaire’s daughter. (A very peculiar and unlikely hook-up in itself.) James had made their relationship very public and had, in their early days, written how this “like a Supermodel” (James’s words) woman was a Monarch sex slave (“Presidential Model”)who had been triggered then gang raped on a flight, and how, she had been detained at Heathrow, and refused entry, in 2010 – all very public and before they were married. It is beyond doubt that Haley Meijer knew what he was writing – they connected to each others’ videos and articles in several places on the net. He also sent out an audio of Haley singing one of her songs – it was pretty good too, except it felt like it had hidden frequencies in it.

Anyway, I suggest, it was obvious that Haley Meijer was well clue-d up on what was going on with James and knew this wasn’t a Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary relationship and marriage that she was getting into. She also must have been aware of James’ recent history of plastering all sorts of strange images, claims, and confidential family details over the net (in fact I know for sure she is for some of it). So it is hard to believe that she is surprised when the James character (who cannot keep anything private) goes public with her private pictures; unless, of course, in her everyday awareness she wasn’t. (This is not a story, or a world, that everyday folk have any comprehension of.)

What this James character has done is despicable – and he’s done more than is reported in the newspapers (and I’m not talking about his super soldier claims). He’s been abusive to other women too and posted other repulsive material on the net (I’ve seen it regretfully – someone showed me his page); and it was disgusting.


So, what do I think of James now? Well, the James I met originally I am still fond of. This James Casbolt, the one that has just been tried and convicted for obscenity, blackmail, stalking and other charges?

If I was pushed to answer that I would say that this is either another person, an alter, or it’s an elaborate security services scheme to either shut-up a rogue programme or to keep their continuing activities secret. Which of these I don’t know – yet.


jameshaley150x195…and Haley Meijer?

Could it be that she really is what James claimed she is and she never publicly distanced herself from, a Monarch sex slave and honey trap? One whose alter was triggered to crash the James character?


In October 2010 Haley wrote a very nice email to me asking for me to remove an article I had been asked to post about them. she ended the email with:

I hope to come forward someday with more personal stories but feel that now is not the time.

Thank you so much,

All my respect,
Haley Meijer


That is my experience with James Casbolt(s), or perhaps James Casbolt and a resident or alter, or a clone, any of which might be called ‘Michael Prince’.


To James, Haley, and all of those who have fallen victim to these very nasty crimes, I wish you all love and healing.



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