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A tribute to Dave Oester (and a caution) from Brian Allan, editor of Phenomena Magazine:

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Ellis on The Friday FARcast with Robert Phoenix 7th August 2015


Friday FARcast: Ellis C. Taylor On The Odd Case Of James Casbolt & Crop Circles

It’s my great pleasure to bring back my good friend, Ellis C. Taylor.  Ellis is a master numerologer who has crafted his own system of interpreting numbers and letters with “Numerosymbology.”  I’ve had personal readings with Ellis and he is unlike any other numerologist you’ll ever meet.  For Ellis, numbers and letters are multi-dimensional and his rendering of their interpretations in the individual’s life is like a portal into one’s own existence.

In addition to his counselling/numersymbology sessions, he’s also an explorer of other worlds, both as an experiencer and as a researcher, some of which can be found in his last book, “Dogged Days” which chronicles his journey into the high strange and alternate realities.
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