In These Signs Conquer

In These Signs Conquer by Ellis TaylorFirst published in 2006 by Hidden Mysteries in the U.S.A., In These Signs Conquer was my second book. After a little editing, re-formatting, and another cover by Neil Hague, I published it myself in the U.K. in 2006. ‘Signs’ received great reviews and many compliments from researchers, truth-seekers, and other authors.

Published 8 years before David Icke’s 2014 ‘Perception Deception’, ‘Signs’ exposed the Saturnian stranglehold on humanity, and the controllers’ infatuation and worship of that other sun,  which was the mainstay of his thesis in that book. Though David read ‘Signs’, as far as I am aware he never mentioned it until his last book (in a brief nod to Oxford’s Capricornian overlay); and though I haven’t read The Perception Deception I’m sure that In These Signs Conquer ventures into areas that David did not cover; making it a great companion reference for those interested in this very important subject. ‘Signs’, when it came out, was certainly out there at the time it was released, but these days I’m quite sure that many more people today are equipped to comprehend its content and be inspired to explore further its propositions.

‘Signs’ also  talks about the artificial nature of the moon and the impossibility of a naturally occurring presence and constitution…but for other reasons. Vitally, ‘Signs’ looks too at Venus and humankind’s affiliation to the Pleiades, the planet Venus, and the Goddess she represents. It examines modern and ancient constructs, and historical and more recent art and literature suggesting the secret signs and indications within them that reveal (often subtly – frequently for the ‘whistleblowers’ safety’s sake) the hidden history of humanity and the oppressors that have fallen upon it and the world.

During the writing of ‘In These Signs Conquer’ I had numerous (so-called) ‘paranormal’ experiences, including visitations – from spirits and other forms of consciousness. Here are a couple:


spirit creatures


In These Signs Conquer can be ordered from any bookshop everywhere.

I have four copies in stock. If you would like a signed copy then please write to me.




2 thoughts on “In These Signs Conquer

  1. I already have a copy Ellis, but you’ve just reminded me how good it was so I think it’s time for a reread ! Thanks for jogging my memory on the subject matter.



    • Thank you for commenting again Siobhán. Much appreciated. So glad you enjoyed it, but then that doesn’t surprise me because it’s a book that skirts the intellect and sings to hearts and souls. Mostly it came through me, not from me. A labour of love, one might say. Lotsa love, Ellis


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