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A lovely photo of light in an English wood.

woodland light

Courtesy of Matt. Thank you mate.

We live in a wonderland, on an exquisite sparkling jewel of a planet, accompanied, in this former Eden, the solar system, by the desolate wastes of previous follies. If only humans would remember who they are, where they’ve been, how they got here, and the wonders they are capable of; this insane rush towards destroying their last stronghold here would end at once. – Ellis

We are in serious trouble.
We are in serious radioactive trouble.
We are in the kind of serious radioactive trouble that can kill a person outright, nay, that can kill every last person in the world — and also quite a lot of the rest of the other biological life forms that inhabit the planet with us.
This is no exaggeration, just a no nonsense recitation of the truth of the matter.
I have mentioned the news aggregating website, Enenews.com, in previous blog posts. They continue to do a yeoman’s job in documenting the huge mass of radioactive contamination that has crossed the Pacific Ocean from the failed/exploded/melted down nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan and which is now right off the coast of North America. That radioactive contamination is now working its way up the food chain, killing marine life and other life dependent on the sea, such as sea birds. It’s in the sea birds now, and as it works itself a little higher it will get more and more into the human population. That’s because the human race is the apex predator on this planet and the radioactive bio-accumulation in the food chain stops with the human digestive tract.
Radioactive (Near?) Extinction Level Event(s)

Nuclear power stations are always potential weapons against populations. They should never, ever, have any foreign involvement in their building and management …yet, France, Israel, and much-poked China, the country that can’t make a nail that won’t bend or a screw that won’t shear, in my experience, are heavily involved in precisely that (and something just tells you that it will incorporate a doomsday trigger), including at Hinkley Point, and other serial killers, with Britain’s disgusting nuclear industry. – Ellis

EDF : Chairman and CEO – Zionist, Jean-Bernard Lévy
Foreign State-Owned Companies to build UK’s “first-ever private sector nuclear power station”
Britain’s debt to foreign power: China’s nuclear revolution


richard greene as robin hood, with longbowTHE long, low ridges of the Somme, in northern France, are now synonymous with the senseless stalemate of the Western Front in 1916. But the exhausted, grimy English soldiers stumbling through this landscape, sinking up to their knees in mud, once wore kettle helmets and padded jerkins. Their weapons were not Tommy-guns but longbows, each six feet long and with a pull-weight of 150 pounds, strung with gut and equipped with arrows so finely barbed that they could pierce armour-plate. Their comfort behind the lines was not a cigarette, but prayers from a priest more scared than they were. One thing, however, was strangely the same: five centuries apart, they scrambled into battle to the cry, “Fellas, let’s go!”
Bowing to the longbow


Metrojet boss rules out technical fault to doomed plane as flight radar data shows the plane lurched up and down several times before it lost contact to the ground.
Russian airline crash ‘could only be caused by impact on plane’ as experts say bomb most likely cause


Councils, the taxman and dozens of other public bodies will be able to search the internet and social media activity of everyone in Britain, The Telegraph can disclose.
Technology firms will be required to keep records of the websites and apps which people have used and details of when they accessed them for 12 months under new powers unveiled this week.
Councils and taxman to be given power to view your internet history


Teacher Wendy Bradshaw pointed out that how the structure of modern schooling is abusive to children, and that children who are labeled as “bad” are many times just having trouble fitting into the rigid structure that is being forced on them.

Her resignation letter can be read  below:
“The Disorder Is In The System, Not The Children” Teacher Quits With Epic Rant

Hardly a rant! More like a very reasonable criticism of a sick and damaging system by a real teacher. – Ellis


On October 28th, 2015 Bill Gates turned 60 years old. As one might suspect, the mainstream media has been filled with tributes and retrospectives of his life and career. These tributes of course center around Gates’ alleged revolutionary developments in technology and his “philanthropic efforts” across the globe.
Bill Gates at 60: An Alternative Retrospective

Name: William (6) Henry (6) Gates (6)
Birth date: 28/10/1955 = 1+1+1+1
Pulse: 22
Prime foci: 1, 3, 5 and 6


armenian bibleA demon lurking in the corner of a precious 17th-century Armenian gospel has reappeared centuries after he was deliberately scraped from the page by pious readers.

The creature is no longer visible to the naked eye, but once vied with the angel opposite him for the souls being weighed in the balance on judgment day, captured in the superbly illustrated gospel made by the renowned Armenian manuscript scribe, illuminator and theologian, Mesrop of Xizan, almost 400 years ago.
Armenian devil reappears after being erased from centuries-old gospel


From what I have been told these photos were not taken while John Edmonds was present.  He was on his ranch feeding the horses toward the back when a team of photographers with “military grade equipment” where shooting pictures in the front of the property.  I am working on getting more details regarding who shot these pictures.

John says he can vouch for the people who took the photos.  See statement below from him.  There are more photos coming….
ETs at John Edmonds Place – Photos – Update 2

I’ve seen these photos before somewhere, yet they are supposed to have been taken a couple of days ago! – Ellis
This, however, although a drawing, records a real experience. It’s something I’ve seen several times:



tractorbeamEngineers in the UK have developed a system that can grab, hold and move small objects without touching them, using “holograms” made of sound waves.

It offers the kind of remote control that naturally draws comparison with the “tractor beams” of science fiction.
‘Tractor beam’ grabs beads with sound waves


nasastudyicemasA new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.

The research challenges the conclusions of other studies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2013 report, which says that Antarctica is overall losing land ice.

Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses, NASA study reports


nomadictribesSee how some photographers are working to preserve the endangered legacies of nomads.
Documenting the World’s Last Nomadic Tribes




fortingall yewThe Fortingall Yew in Perthshire, which estimates suggest is between 3,000 and 5,000 years old, is regarded as a male tree because of the fact it produces pollen – unlike female yews, which produce distinctive seed-bearing red berries.
But botanists have spoken of their surprise after finding three red berries on a branch of the yew this year – in signs at least part of the male tree is becoming female.
Britain’s oldest tree appears to be undergoing a sex change after 3,000 years

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