The Darkness Invisible: Creator and Destructor

An article from my former website, Otherworld Journeys:

Well, after all this time, I’ve got round to giving the Darkness Invisible Its own page:

The Darkness Invisible – and I use the capital letters intentionally, because capital letters represent designated authority and ego – is a ‘trickster’ force. It’s here to come up against us (the italics of Darkness indicate that It is pushing us), to test our fortitude, our determination, our empathy, our affinity, our mettle, our courage, our integrity, our appreciation, our ability to love; constantly testing our limits, our borders enticing us to erect, move and break them down.

Fear in all its disguises and spectra – of, for instance, physical, emotional, and spiritual survival; servitude, division, containment, suppression, guilt, greed, stature, appearance; and accumulated and marshalled within the instinctual sector of our minds (not intuition – that is fearless and another facility all together).

Constantly the Darkness asks us to choose what it is that we care about most? What do we really feel? Can we feel? Because if we cannot feel we are not doing what we were sent for: To sense what it is, what it’s like, to live here, with the infinite possibilities that It provides; and then to relay them back to All that is. An unfeeling spirit in human form is redundant. It will see out its sojourn according to the will of All that Is and then be replaced.

An absolute essential for a successful life is that every human not only experiences darkness but commits it. Life is a game, in a way, it’s certainly a play; and if you don’t bring out the hues, tones, cues, aggravation and support in your performance then that makes for a bland, and therefore, meaningless and ineffective exercise. We all have to feel what darkness feels like and we all have to feel what light feels like…and then we make a choice.

The Darkness asks: do we recognise It? Because to disregard It means that that spirit is not fully equipped and prepared for its role, its task; and it is therefore vulnerable; easily misguided, tempted, fooled. That spirit is Dark side material, and the Darkness will recruit it. Standing too close to the heat of the light will both blind and char the spirit. When one attempts to hide in the light one’s own darkness will always show up all the more to those who are either brave enough, or compromised enough, to step out of it.

The purpose of the Darkness Invisible (the Creator and the Destructor) is to provide, rewrite, prompt and direct the structural plots of the unscripted story-lines we are here to act in. We are the ad lib performers. Both co-directors are integral to each other and both are agents of transformation. They incessantly reorganise the energy that is made available; and the quantity of that energetic availability is entirely at the behest of All that is. Energy may appear to be indestructible here but the Source can, and does, call it away or back if it deems it is not working – not fulfilling, or achieving, what it was cast for.

We must either turn and face up to the Darkness, bring light to It, no matter what, or join It. Commit one way or another. That’s a performance. Most of us are part in and part out. The play’s stalled…but that’s the choice. And that choice, that is being asked of us, determines the future of the human race.

Those who’s spirits are still in these realms are only here at this moment because either they are doing what they are designed to do, or show promise of it; or they are doing the opposite, well enough, in a way that is useful for others to achieve their purpose. Which one are you?

Catch your thoughts. What determines them? How do they manifest? What do you do with them? Who, or what, benefits?
We can all do that.

Ellis Taylor
5th October 2013

2 thoughts on “The Darkness Invisible: Creator and Destructor

  1. Hi Ellis,

    Sometimes we are not allowed to do what we have come here to do. Sometimes the Darkness puts such obstacles on our paths, that we are crushed by the sheer might and violence of that Force. A famous sorcerer once said that God gave this earth to the Devil, and a wise old woman said that God needs the Devil, which brings to mind this verse from Genesis 25:28: “Isaac preferred Esau, because he enjoyed eating the animals that Esau killed, but Rebecca preferred Jacob”. Isaac is the Creator, Esau is the Darkness, Jacob is the Light, the animals are human beings, and Rebecca is the Feminine Consciousness. The expression “Divine Injustice” is used when, knowing what our roles on this earth are supposed to be, we see ourselves striving in vain against the Darkness because the Creator as the Destructor must have his meat; because the Creator as the Destructor must be entertained ad vitam aeternam. Imagine having to be tortured again and again through the same endless script, and quite frankly, useless reincarnations because we didn’t “succeed” the last time we were here. It is my belief that the Creator deeply hates some of us because our souls shine too much, reminding him of the choice that we made many reincarnations ago never to be His Evil Self. He calls himself The Creator and claims the Creation for himself, but the Zoroastrians tell us that the Creator was helped by other Gods to create this world.

    It is my view that the Creator was able to create once, yes, but after he destroys, he struggles to find the “build again” button all by Himself. I suspect that his fellow Co-Creators having seen what He really is about, are in no hurry to come and help him again, given the mess that this world is in. Unless, of course, he has destroyed them all. A psychic once told me that I was censored in Victorian Times, and that I did not want to be here this time again. We are performers, yes, it’s true, but even performers get fed up. Heath Ledger said: “I’m only doing this because I’m having fun. The day I’ll stop having fun, I’ll just walk away”. Sebastian Horsley said that he didn’t like to be earthbound, that he had no earth in his chart at all, and that he wasn’t interested in the earth. He used art and drugs to transcend the earth because he couldn’t bear it. He wanted to go home, out of this world. As for Philip Hoffman, my tarot cards showed me that although he had a deep respect for human beings whom he considered to be stars, he did not feel that justice was to be had in this world, and he had a deep contempt for this realm. So all three men went, all three through chemical deaths by lethal injections. These brilliant beings went not because they failed, but because they were aware of a much better realm, or better realms. Oscar Wilde said that there are indeed obstacles and challenges that have been set for us, but only for a time. It is when the Darkness is allowed to prolong our sufferings indefinitely that the words Divine Injustice show up.

    We are not weak. We have been weakened, and the Creator is to be blamed for it. And what is his solution? Destroy us because we have become redundant. We do not fit into His Matrix anymore because we have seen the Light.


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