me and sidhe wolf

The Darkness Invisible: Creator and Destructor

An article from my former website, Otherworld Journeys:

Well, after all this time, I’ve got round to giving the Darkness Invisible Its own page:

The Darkness Invisible – and I use the capital letters intentionally, because capital letters represent designated authority and ego – is a ‘trickster’ force. It’s here to come up against us (the italics of Darkness indicate that It is pushing us), to test our fortitude, our determination, our empathy, our affinity, our mettle, our courage, our integrity, our appreciation, our ability to love; constantly testing our limits, our borders enticing us to erect, move and break them down.

Fear in all its disguises and spectra – of, for instance, physical, emotional, and spiritual survival; servitude, division, containment, suppression, guilt, greed, stature, appearance; and accumulated and marshalled within the instinctual sector of our minds (not intuition – that is fearless and another facility all together).

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