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I expect that most visiting this site will have pondered on all of these issues and come to the same concerns… still good to see them expressed and discussed publicly and by a mainstream presenter and an awake and eloquent young person.

Neil Oliver Wakes up with Eva Vlaardingerbroek – part 1


The AJ Roberts Show:

One of the AJ Roberts Show’s favourite humans is joining us today from Australia – Former Lt. Col of Australian Special Forces and political leader Riccardo Bosi.

Today we will show you how we’ve all been in the biggest military operation ever conducted and is about to show it’s extent in countries all around the world.

The tides have significantly turned. It’s now OUR time – with Riccardo Bosi


Katie Hopkins: Climate lockdowns, controlling opposition, levers of power AND THE DARK SIDE


André Rieu’s best Christmas songs:


BritainsHiddenHistory Ross:

In memory of Ross Broadstock: BHH live rerun 008: the British Museum caught CHEATING?!?

Please watch the whole video – you’ll love it. Ross talks about the Ffraed dragon project a bit from here


John Waters, Unchained:

What difference has it made to our lives that someone else has been to the moon — if he has? Are our hearts’ questions answered by this knowledge? If not, what might be happening, what might it mean?

Advent reappraisal, Part 2: The God Hypothesis in a time of spiritual warfare

ReSound ONE: One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Letter ‘a’, as I revealed in my books, “Living in the Matrix” and “In These Signs Conquer” is a symbol of ‘unknowing’ and not knowing – innocence and ignorance …and deflation and exhaustion.


The latest update of the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Covid vaccines adverse reactions (Yellow Card) report, published on December 1, records a further 32 fatalities in just the four weeks up to November 23. This brings total vaccine-related fatalities to date to 2,362, and raised the question of what number of deaths do there have to be before they capture the interest of the mainstream media?

Also of interest to any decent journalist should be the following mystery. Why, without explanation, has the MHRA reduced (or ‘disappeared’) nearly half of the child deaths recorded the previous month, as illustrated by the tables below.

Now the irresponsible MHRA seems to be covering up suspected child vaccine deaths


Australia’s warrior politician (warrior for the people everywhere) – calls the poisonous-breathed, many-headed mutants of the Dark State leviathan out of its putrid and dank cave again. It won’t come out (it’s always “on notice”). Come on people, how much longer will you put up with them? 

Senator Gerrard Rennick:

Some misinformation is more equal than others.

Bill Bowtell was paraded around by the ABC as a health expert early in the pandemic. It turns out he was a former Keating staffer and who had no medical qualifications whatsoever. He was awarded an honorary title adjunct professor which gave him an air of expertise but in reality it meant nothing.

He was employed by the notorious Kirby Institute which has a reputation for make dire predictions about viruses. Another of their acolytes, Raina McIntyre made a fool of herself in 2009 when she predicted 20,000 deaths from swine flu.

When Norman Swan blamed Covid for the deaths of Kimberley Kitching and Shane Warne there was little uproar from the establishment media.
Why would there be. Covid has been blamed on sorts of deaths. Kitching and Warne didn’t even have Covid when they died.

Heck, even the TGA have admitted that the PCR tests can’t even distinguish between live and dead virus but it’s still the gold standard for testing Covid. A false positive doesn’t stop the authorities from assigning Covid as the cause of death.
You’d think the ABC would uphold editorial standards and do more than make Norman Swan apologize. But hey, this is our ABC, responsible for some of the worst Covid fear mongering.

Of course had the foot been on the other shoe, and someone suggest the vaccine was responsible for their deaths there would have been outrage from the media.

It’s just another example of how bureaucrats and the media are not held to account.

The ABC employed fake health experts to inflict fear – Senate Estimates 29.11.22


He’s got tough competition, but he’s it’s a front runner for the most disgusting, treasonous, cowardly, useless, evil bastard crime sinister in the world – Justin Trudeau Castro:


Justin Trudeau… I am a Canadian who wants change. You’re making a lot of bad decisions that have made my home a really hard place to live. Can you please leave so I don’t have to. You can afford it much easier than I can. Anyone else in this boat?

A message to Justin Trudeau


Steve Kirsch, The Daily Sceptic:

Major polling company Rasmussen polled the American people with a simple four question survey and found that my polls were accurate and so were the V-safe data and so was the Israeli Ministry of Health safety report that nobody wants to see.

The Rasmussen poll of 1,000 Americans found that:

32% were not vaccinated.
7% of those surveyed had a major side effect.
A 7% major side effect rate is unprecedented. We know from the V-safe data that this effectively means that the side-effect was so bad, they had to seek medical attention. If any drug had that kind of safety profile, it would be immediately pulled from the market. Would you take any drug with that kind of side-effect profile? Of course not. It’s off the charts! However, because we are told it is a safe and effective vaccine, people do what they are told despite the lack of safety. That’s how science works.

Note that people who were killed by the vaccine were unable to participate in the survey, so the actual numbers are slightly worse.

New Poll Finds Covid Vaccines Are Not Safe – Estimated 12 Million Americans Report Major Side-Effects


Gillian Jamieson, TCW:

Does citing peer-reviewed studies on the health impact of 5G and wifi make you a ‘conspiracy theorist’? The ‘Broadband and the road to 5G’ inquiry run by the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee seems to suggest so.

Before I explain further, I’d like to ask about your relationship with your smartphone. Do you love it so much that you would keep it on your person even if you knew it could damage your health?

A friend of mine used to go running with her smartphone in her bra and before she knew it had stage 4 breast cancer. In his later years my father had his wirelessly connected iPad on his lap much of the time. He lost the power in his thighs and got dementia. Does my suggestion of some connection seem outlandish to you? If so, please keep reading!

When will they come clean over the radiation risks of 5G?


Alexander McKibbin, TCW:

The British Army is renowned the world over for its fighting prowess, discipline and astounding ceremonial expertise. Over the years recruitment campaigns have reflected the changing public mood. Lord Kitchener’s ‘Your Country Needs You’ gave way to ‘Join the Professionals’ which morphed into the controversial ‘Snowflakes, Your Country Needs You and Your Compassion’. Binge gamers, selfie addicts, millennials and phone zombies have recently been in the crosshairs of Army recruiters.

With the UK facing a wave of strikes across many industries, the Army finds itself once again in the vanguard of providing manpower to keep things running. While potential recruits have been deterred from ‘taking the King’s shilling’ by worries about parade ground drills and boot polishing, the modern Army has vacancies suitable for a wide range of individuals. TCW has had a sneak preview of the new jobs available via the Army’s in-house recruitment website.

There’s a place for everyone in the new model Army


Robert Murray-Smith:

Easy to set up and cheap to run

1774 Converting An Outside Stove To Run Inside – The Vevor Tent Stove #vevor


The Divine is always in charge.

Do not despair, just keep doing the right thing; those who don’t are already the walking dead. Your spirits are eternal and are loved.


Celia Farber:

A memory came back to me. My father took me to The Christmas Revels, out of the blue, around 2005. It was one of the best shows I ever attended.

I suddenly recall also that The Karelian Folk Music Ensemble played that night.

My father didn’t normally like to go hear music, but he loved The Revels. (See the video at bottom.) – the Revels features Morris Dancers – Ellis

Advent Calendar, Dec. 11: Lord Of The Dance, By John Langstaff


KIDNAPPING HORROR IN NZ! New Zealand Police Abduct Baby Will From Parents’ Arms


Dr. David Cartland:

“I believe the Covid-19 vaccines are indeed safe and effective”


The Daily Sceptic:

The “incredibly high” excess death rate in 2022 should be urgently investigated by the Government, Australia’s top actuarial body has said.

According to new analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data by the Actuaries Institute, there were 15,400 excess deaths during the first eight months of the year, with around one third having no link to Covid.

This is 13% higher than expected, which is an “incredibly high number for mortality” according to Karen Cutter, spokeswoman for the institute’s COVID-19 Mortality Working Group. It is “not clear” what is driving the increase, she said. “Mortality doesn’t normally vary by more than 1-2%, so 13% is way higher than normal level.”

“Incredibly High” Excess Deaths Must Be Investigated, Says Australia’s Top Actuary Body

When you factor in that there is no evidence (so no test) for a disease called ‘Covid’, nor a ‘virus’, what do you get?


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under:

Pandemic policies review part 3: They forced vaccine mandates on the public – for a vaccine that does not prevent infection or transmission

In part three of the pandemic policies review by Dystopian Down Under (Australia) x The Stark Naked Brief (UK):

They were wrong when they forced vaccine mandates on the public – for a vaccine that does not prevent infection or transmission.

Vaccine mandates and coercion campaigns were justified, they said. They were necessary, they said, to ‘stop the spread’, to ‘slow the spread’, and to ‘protect the community’.1

This sign was taped to a cafe door in Victoria2 in the weeks following the breaking international news that not only do the Covid vaccines not prevent transmission, they were never even tested for this endpoint in the trials.

The ethics of vaccine mandates: Transmission was a red herring



In this video, I interview repeat guest Edward (Ed) Dowd, a former analyst and fund manager with BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world. With more than $10 trillion in assets, BlackRock wields greater financial power than any country in the world with the exception of the U.S. and China.

Dowd has a knack for seeing trends, and was able to grow the assets he managed during his time at BlackRock from $2 billion to $14 billion. Ten years ago, he left BlackRock, moved to Maui and became an entrepreneur. More recently, he’s come out as a whistleblower against the COVID shots and Big Pharma corruption.

In our last interview, we discussed the mathematical certainty of a financial collapse, and how COVID provided a convenient smoke screen to hide this reality.

Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths


The Corbett Report:

From 2010: For decades, scientifically-crafted techniques have been employed to shape our ideas and perceptions. Today billions of dollars are spent each year trying to get you to think, act, talk and dress in proscribed ways…and it is as successful as ever. This week on The Corbett Report we try to break out of the box by exposing the government/PR/media nexus for what it is.

FLASHBACK: Media Kills (2010)


The Exposé:

“Imagine if your power-mad politicians liked Covid Lockdowns so much, they wanted to continue them indefinitely. This is going to be trialled in Oxfordshire in Britain,” a Watts Up With That article stated.  

The article is about Oxfordshire County Council’s plans to trial climate lockdowns in 2024 using the “15-Minute City” concept which is intimately tied to sustainability and climate goals.

The Watts Up With That article went viral.  In response, reported Vision News, Oxford City and County Councils have rushed to local media claiming that they are now the “victims” of abuse after their plans for a Communist-style dystopian city were revealed.

Council claims it is a “Victim of Abuse” following new Policy to enforce Climate Lockdowns without consent of the Public

They’re lucky they are only getting online abuse. They should be looking out at Christmas from a prison cell.


Neil Oliver gives his take on the Green Agenda – that’s ‘NOT GREEN’

Except for the fracking. That is lunacy.

Abundant energy exists all around us. The knowledge of how to harvest and transmit it jealously guarded for more reasons than profit.


Dr. Vernon Coleman, The Exposé:

Banks, which are expecting to have gotten rid of cash by then, will be dealing with digital money only. There will be no need for high street banks or for tellers. Big banks and insurance companies will manage with just a few engineers to service their machinery.

Bank staff who now regard cash as a nuisance should be aware that without cash, they will be unemployed.

But that’s the tip of a very large iceberg. Everything I’ve listed below is going to happen in every country in the world – but it will happen first in the most developed countries.

A third of all jobs will disappear by 2030 – How safe is YOUR job?


Andrew Lawrence:

Third World Britain


French Connection Films, Voyage, Boomerang Productions, via imineo Documentaires:

Travelling through the Australian continent, one is often appalled by the living conditions of the Aborigine people. Having lost touch with their culture and traditions, many of them have become outcasts or alcoholics who aimlessly wander the streets of the Australian cities. From the early 1800s to the late 1960s, Aborigines were gradually deprived of their land by the white man who used it for herding, cropping, and mineral extraction. Forced to leave their homelands, Aborigines were often separated from their children, who were sent to live with white families or to boarding schools, in an attempt to teach them the white man’s values. Today 390,000 Aborigines account for less than 3% of the current Australian population. Learn how they are beginning to find their place in a society which has excluded them for so long. Meet and share the life of Aborigines who through art, dancing, hunting, work, or spirituality, are finding ways to better their future. 

Dreamtime Travelling through the Australian continent – documentary


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen:

You Will Remember This Winter


WHF Entertainment:

Canada’s euthanasia keeps getting WORSE! Zelenskyy is Time’s Person of the year?! And Ye put on a Puppet show?! Welcome to the WEEKLY ROUNDUP! Where we revisit the most ridiculous news stories of the week.

Fake News Cries Itself a River!


John Waters, Unchained:

A proxy war is in train against the indigenous population of Ireland, whose political class has gone rogue in seeming pursuit of the total destruction of the culture it has undertaken to defend.

One Podcast & a Video


Katie’s Arms: apologies for losing it … Clearly I am NO GOOD at asking for help for myself.

WELL DONE the Gatehouse, Stafford!


Psybo the trickster:

Say it, and walk away


Celia Farber:

“Randy Folger, who sings the song each weekday for visitors at the historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Ky., says, “The man who wrote this claimed it came to him by divine inspiration, and I truly believe that might have been the case. This may be the perfect piece of music. I’ve sung it close to 15,000 times over the years, and I never get tired of it.’

Advent Calendar Dec 10: The Shakers Of Sabbathday Lake in Maine Wrote Over 1200 Songs; Only This One Survived


Margaret Ashworth, TCW:

I saw these fresh molehills the other day, which reminded me that I wrote about moles nearly two years ago. There is stuff in the article I had forgotten, so I thought I would repeat it. (There are new Sheep and Wheels of the Week.)

Notes from the Sticks: The return of Mr Mole



Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle, referencing Duncan Roads, Nexus Magazine and Gerald O’Donnell, Arvari Academy, Catherine Austin-Fitts and others:

It is clear that what we are going through now as a planetary collective is literally a preplanned, demonic, massive reset of everything that is natural and good … on terms dictated by thoroughly Satanic A.I.

A full bore, A.I. invasion of the Earth and Humanity is underway, and we need to fully recognize that. We have to come to terms with that reality right now. The battlefield of this despicable invasion is our very body, mind and soul — our thoughts, beliefs, mental and physical health. The battle is exterior, and even more so, interior, in that our everyday reality is fundamentally shaped by our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Earth Sit-Rep: Satanic A.I. Is Very Deeply Entrenched Here


Bob Moran: Curtsy


Odysee version is uncut: https://odysee.com/@TheCoronabollocksCollective:f/Counting-on-You_x264:27


Counterspin New Zealand:

Ardern’s Hand Picked Judge Refuses to listen to these Doctors


Let’s hear it for Senator Gerard Rennick again. There’s no politician anywhere who is battling for humanity anywhere like him.

Australian Senator Gerard Rennick destroys the narrative in this parliamentary speech.


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under:

Faced with its own count of zero unvaccinated people in hospital with Covid (again), New South Wales Health argues the base rate fallacy.

A lie in four pictures


Andrew Lawrence:

Eco-fascism, slavery and impoverishment.



“Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.”

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds – exploring the ‘occult history of art’.



These are massively under reported V-damage conditions. Looks very much like the comments section has been infected by damage limitation AI or actors.

Charlotte Sinclair, TCW:

Grieving for your old life is one of the hardest aspects about being vaccine-injured. It’s grieving for all the milestones that should have been met, the memories that should have been made, the dreams, shattered and stolen, in the blink of an eye. 

Before the pandemic, I had just started university, excited to begin a life dedicated to the stage, a life that I had worked so hard for. There was nothing I wanted more than to be doing what I loved, to be singing my heart out every night.

Now, there is nothing I want more than my life back.

I’m 22 and the Covid vaccine has taken my life from me


Jordan B Peterson:

Dr Peterson’s extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: https://utm.io/ueSXh Dr Jordan B Peterson and Alex Epstein discuss the undeniable need for fossil fuels, the toxic underlying nihilism of the “climate concerned” left, the need for balance between conservation and human progress, and the unexplored worth of wild potential. Alex Epstein is a philosopher and energy expert who argues that “human flourishing” should be the guiding principle of energy and environmental progress. He is the author of the new bestselling book Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas—Not Less. He is also the creator of EnergyTalkingPoints.com—a source of powerful, well-referenced talking points on energy, environmental, and climate issues.

The Great Climate Con | Alex Epstein 


Mark Friesen – Grizzly Patriot:

#3mindrill The government and the globalists are using First Nations to achieve the goals of 2030


Katie Hopkins:

FOUR things you CANNOT say about the NHS


Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs:

Church of Englands revs Daniel French and Jamie Franklin sit down to discuss the key cultural theological issues. This week: the MET office usefully informs us to wear jumpers when we go outside because it is cold, Matt Hancocks quits the Commons to “communicate better with the public”, the Church of England mission statistics show a shocking lack of bouncebackability as attendance numbers for 2021 show a decline of 30% (or about 250,00 people) from pre-Covid levels and we review the disturbing story coming out of Oxfordshire that residents are going to be divided up into “zones” and banned from using their cars to travel between zones for most of the year. Question the Rev this week sees some interesting queries about evolution and Christianity and whether there will be suffering and/or free will in heaven. All of this, banter, laughs and much much more in the week’s episode of Irreverened: Faith and Current Affairs!

Cold Facts and Empty Churches – Irreverend 105


Psybo the trickster:

Pure Fiction 14


Ooh! Ooh!

Psybo the trickster:



Latest public article by Ellis C. Taylor:

Holy Grail


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