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Yep…it’s that time again. 

My true Christmas story:

The Gifts of Friends, the Kindness of Strangers


Lest we forget:

They call him Midazolam Matt and he will go down for manslaughter along with a lot of others who are complicit in countless ways. They think they are immune from justice – they aren’t. They think they can whitewash with jungle nonsense, further gaslight you with ignoring truth, with denial and censorship. They can’t. 
Would you let your parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers be murdered and manslaughtered and allow disgusting creeps like this to get away with it?
These are questions you need to ask yourselves. You could be next. Very probably will be when eventually they or their A.I. decide you are no longer useful to them. “A useless eater”, is their term.
Until then, you can mill about in your 15 minute city, eating insects and totting your social credits allowance.
All verifiable… and coming if humans don’t stop them rapidly.
In March 2020 the UK Government announced that the country “must stay at home” in order to “protect the NHS” and “save lives”. But little did the public know, the UK Government was in the process of implementing policies that would lead to the unnecessary killing of the UK’s elderly and most vulnerable, who you were told had died of Covid-19, and the “Death Document” proves it.

Between 2 March and 12 June 2020, 18,562 residents of care homes in England died with COVID-19, including 18,168 people aged 65 and over, representing almost 40% of all deaths involving COVID-19 in England during this period.

Of these deaths, 13,844 (76%) happened in care homes themselves; nearly all of the remainder occurred in a hospital. During the same period, 28,186 “excess deaths” were recorded in care homes in England, representing a 46% increase compared with the same period in previous years.

The Exposé: The Death Document – Evidence the UK Government authorised “mass murder” of the Elderly and Vulnerable by Midazolam injection and then blamed Covid-19


Arctic summer sea ice stopped declining a decade ago, but green activists have spared no effort to continue promoting the poster scare that humans will cause it all to disappear within a few years. In his recent BBC Frozen Planet II agitprop, Sir David Attenborough claimed it might all be gone by 2035. In an excellent piece of investigative reporting titled Lies, Damned Lies and Arctic Graphs, the climate writer Tony Heller recently lifted the lid on many of the tactics used to keep the scare in the headlines. “They bury all the older data and pretend they don’t notice sea ice is increasing again. What they are doing is not science but propaganda,” he charges.

The Daily Sceptic has written a number of articles of late noting that summer sea ice extent in the Arctic is recovering. In Greenland, I recently reported, the ice sheet may have increased in the year to August 2022. Invariably, social media commentators reply by publishing the sea ice graph below, compiled by the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

Chris Morrison, The Daily Sceptic: Arctic Summer Sea Ice Stopped Declining a Decade Ago – But Scientists Have Hidden It



Celia Farber:

In 1963, my father interviewed by great grandfather Alexander, who came to America from Russia at the turn of the last century, landing in Savannah, Georgia.

The interview was such a hit after it was broadcast that my father wound up having to produce cassette tapes to mail out to listeners, for years and years, who insisted on hearing it again. I think he even had to hire somebody to handle all the requests. Or maybe I’m getting it wrong and they actually made a vinyl recording? In any event, it’s not lost.

I of course love it. I return to it when I really need to be transported to a reassuring place, sonically. My father’s voice, but also my great grandfather’s voice, which I never heard as he died before I was born. In his voice I can traverse landscapes, hills and valleys, places I’ve never been to.

Advent Calendar Dec. 15: My Father Interviewed His Russian Immigrant Grandfather in 1963. It Was His Most Popular Radio Show, Possibly Ever


Dystopian Future: The Cities of Tomorrow


BritainsHiddenHistory Ross:

The Mabinogi By Paul Challenger


Katie Hopkins:

Changing the definition of WOMAN. I identify as a pissed old lady who preferred life in the 80s..


“And, of course, we must not forget the physical, psychological and spiritual metamorphosis of perhaps two-thirds of the generality of populations by poison injection, which, by colonising their humanity with alien biosynthetic structures capable or replicating and supplanting their insides, rendered them amenable to the cultural conditions now being imposed.”

John Waters: One Thousand Days of Lies


As things stand it is only a matter of time before an airliner nosedives into a major population centre when a vaccine attacked pilot collapses at the helm. I did report on a vision I had of this happening a little while back.

Senator Gerard Rennick: CASA have not ensured the safety of pilots & passengers – Senate Estimates 25.11.22



He Saved The Lives of 194 American Soldiers in WW1:

Celia Farber: Advent Calendar Dec 14: British Trained War Pigeon Cher Ami Flew Through Hails Of Bullets To Deliver His Message


Neil Oliver – ‘…invaders are coming…’ – episode 47


St. Lucia Day In Sweden– yesterday 13th December



We have an urgent situation in Oxford and we need ALL OF YOU to keep this date free in your diary to support Oxford and say NO to #climatelockdown

It could be your town next.

Be there.

Watch for more updates on time and location.


This is a worldwide danger to human freedom – NOT JUST OXFORD


Sky News Australia:

Sky News host Rowan Dean says according to Darren Birks at the independent website Vision News, the Oxfordshire County Council is planning to embark on “climate lockdowns” in 2024. “I believe we are facing a sinister threat to the freedoms and everyday liberties that we and our parents have taken for granted all our and their lives,” Mr Dean said. “But are being squeezed out of us by woke left-wing authoritarian governments more effectively than a python crushing the breath out of Mrs Kafoops pet. “And if we don’t wake up soon and start saying no, it will be too late.”

Prepare for ‘climate lockdowns’: Rogue British council wants to strip you of freedoms


Jerm Warfare:

Why is a warmer climate something to fear? A colder Earth is way worse.

Judith Curry is the president of Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) and previously the professor and chair of the School Of Earth And Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute Of Technology. Judith also has a really informative website, Climate Etc.

Judith Curry on the complexities of Earth’s climate

  Bob Moran: Merry Wokemas  


Stephen Fry has announced that he doesn’t understand ‘climate deniers’, implying that such people are selfish and uncaring. He delivered himself of this opinion in a puff piece for his new travel series, A Year on Planet Earth, due to drop on ITVX on December 22.

The series takes Fry to some of the most exotic and beautiful places in the world where he will emote about the flora and fauna. He hopes we will be sufficiently awestruck to help save the world from the ‘climate crisis’ but won’t be lecturing us, he says. This is a relief. But what exactly does he not understand about ‘climate deniers’? 

Let’s take a quick look at the views of those crazy denialists. According to William Happer, one of the world’s most distinguished scientists and former adviser to two US presidents, anthropogenic climate change is real – we do have an impact on the climate, but it is small (nothing like a ‘crisis’) and in many ways beneficial (‘global greening’). 

Philip Patrick, TCW: Stephen Fry and the climate of hypocrisy


Recently, the CSO of Medicinal Genomics, Kevin McKernan spoke to the Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics International group. He was challenged by journalist, Eric Coppolino, about the lack of evidence for SARS-CoV-2 and pathogenic viruses. McKernan made various claims that we believed needed to be addressed.

Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Mark Bailey join me to demystify the virological and biotechnological nonsense.

Show notes and References: https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/interviews/baileys-cowan-respond-to-kevin-mckernan/

Follow Dr Tom Cowan 👉 https://drtomcowan.com/

Dr. Sam Bailey: Baileys & Cowan Respond to Kevin McKernan


Imagine our world as a giant petri dish and we are all inside of it. Experiments can be conducted on our “wetware.” There will be no escape from the drones…

Embarking on this read, I would like to start with some important words: metaverse, meatverse, wetware, software, hardware

Break Free with Karen Hunt: The Age of Drones


The world seems to be getting darker by the minute, and it’s clear that a universal madness has broken out.

Nation First calls for preparation, and having a fearless faith.

Mario Malik, Nation First: The FINAL warning!
The lines: “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power from such people turn.” Should read: “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. From such people turn.


All things are in God, and God is in all things. God and the Goddess are one. God has no gender.

The Divine is always in charge.

Do not despair, just do, and keep doing, the right thing;

Those who don’t are already the walking dead. Your spirits are eternal and are loved.


In the House, Mr. Andrew Bridgen MP outlines the damning figures and actions that wrought a terrible bio-weapon upon a gullible humanity.

Dr. John Campbell: Vaccine dangers, UK Parliament debate


Vigilant Fox: Governor DeSantis’ mRNA accountability hearing was nothing short of epic — as he brought in renowned experts like doctors Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, and others to testify against Fauci-ism. But the main highlight is not what the experts said, but the moves DeSantis is making to take down the biopharmaceutical medical state.

First, Governor DeSantis Announces Petition to Investigate ‘Any and All Wrongdoing’ With Respect to the Jab
DeSantis cleverly took something relatable, Florida’s payout from the missteps of the opioid crisis, and applied that same line of thinking to the C19 injection.

“We’ll be able to get the data whether they want to give it or not because, in Florida, it is against the law to mislead and to misrepresent, particularly when you’re talking about the efficacy of a drug. Just recently, Florida got $3.2 billion through legal action against those responsible for the opioid crisis. And so, it’s not like this is something that’s unprecedented,” expressed DeSantis.

Gov. DeSantis Drops the Hammer: Investigations, First Amendment Protections, New Health Committee Major power play moves from America’s Governor.


More on little baby Will who was traumatised and kidnapped by New Zealand police from his loving parents:

The Jaymie Icke Show: Has there ever been a more sinister story than this?


Celia Farber:

They All Fumbled. Why? Why Does Rudy Giuliani Seem To Be The Only Man Willing To Prosecute “The Biden Crime Family?”

This is the link to the complete 2020 video in which Rudy Giuliani lays out the Rico cases against Joe Biden and what Giuliani says is a categorical crime syndicate Biden has been running for 30 years. “His son is the bag man.”

Giuliani Says He Had Entire Biden Crime/Laptop Case In 2019; More Than Enough To Prosecute: “I Gave It To Hannity..” “Then I Gave It To John Solomon…Then To Mike Pompeo!”


Stew Peters: The vaccine is attacking!

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander joins the show to detail how Céline Dion is officially diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome!

Pfizer lists stiff-person syndrome as a side effect, amongst many other deadly injuries from the injections!

Céline Dion Adverse Shot Reaction? New Death Jab Side Effects! Stiff Person Syndrome Listed In Pfizer Docs


Langarrama Journey is a Cultural Immersion Tour/Experience that creates real and meaningful connection to Aboriginal Culture and People. Langarrama means the coming together of the Tribes. Langarrama Journey is about creation friendships and learnings for participants to take away for life the rest of their lives. Langarrama is about bridging two worlds and uniting people to form healthy relationships while gaining an understanding of the Oldest Living Culture on the planet. Langarrama also provides a safe and culturally appropriate space for you to discover and connect deeper with self. Life is an incredible journey and the experiences we have along the way that enrich our lives are worth taking, Langarrama offers an incredible experience that will enrich your life and build lifelong friendships that will remain in your hearts forever. Come join us, connect with self, and Mother earth and come see the true richness and depth of our incredible Culture and immerse yourself in Langarrama. I assure you that nothing but beauty and goodness awaits you, I’m looking forward to meeting you all; love always Lurnpa

Langarrama Journey Dec 22


The death last week of that wonderful actress Kirstie Alley reminded me fondly of Cheers, the classic American comedy set in a Boston bar.

One of the most poignant TV moments I can remember is the ultimate scene of the final programme. 

Alan Ashworth, TCW: That Reminds Me: Cheers for the memories


Unexplained Mysteries, with author Steph Young:

The Invisible Predator, Fallen Angels, People Missing in the National Parks. Underground bases.


Celia Farber:

Dec 13 is always easy. I don’t have to think, watch countless videos—I only have to choose between Swedish Lucia performances.

I wrote straight through the night last night, toward my book deadline, and am curiously not tired, even though I didn’t take a nap today and meant to go to sleep around 11 am. (The reason for this will be the subject of a post tomorrow. )

Normally I have to watch 10 Lucia videos before I find one I am happy with. Not this time—it was the first one I landed on.

By far, this is my favorite Swedish Christmas custom.

Advent Calendar December 13: This One Is A No Brainer – St. Lucia Day In Sweden


KATIE HOPKINS V THE BBC. Can you spot the bias in the interviewing ‘technique’…


The Corbett Report:

In January of 2022, in the darkest days of the scamdemic, a miracle occurred: a trucker convoy traversed the length of Canada and descended on Ottawa to protest Canada’s vaccine mandates. The convoy galvanized freedom lovers across Canada and around the world. But on February 14, the Canadian government invoked the Emergencies Act, brutally clearing protesters from the nation’s capital and freezing bank accounts of targeted individuals. This is the story of the Public Order Emergency Commission that was just convened to investigate those events.

Canada’s Freedom Convoy Commission


Andrew Lawrence:

Sunak in hiding.


Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under

This poster was part of the SA Gov Fully Vaxxed campaign of May 2022. The core message was if you have not had a booster, you are not fully vaxxed.

A cover up in five pictures


Dr Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson, The Daily Sceptic:

You may have questioned the veracity of government pandemic interventions: it might have been masks, the rule of six or the 10 o’clock curfew; it may have been the modelling that finally tipped you over the edge. But without dissenters to the Government’s pandemic policies, it would have taken much longer to exit lockdowns, and if China is anything to go by, we might not yet have re-emerged.

With the publication of Matt Hancock’s diaries, we’re discovering the true extent of the Government’s suppression strategies and those behind them.

In July 2020, we wrote in the Spectator about whether face masks help. The article was motivated by the rollout of mask mandates at the end of the month. We expressed the uncertainty in the evidence-base and the setting of policy based on “opinions, radical views and political influence”.

This article went largely unchallenged. However, this all changed in November 2020, when we further published on the only European community trial of masks and the update of our Cochrane Review that found no significant effect for facemask wearers.

The Shameful Crushing of Dissenters


The Divine watches the good things too. You’re an angel little fella.

Mail Online:

Heroic Jack Johnson (pictured main and left with his father) leapt into Babbs Mill Park lake on Sunday after hearing the screams of other children. The 10-year-old ran to the rescue of the other three boys, who had fallen through the ice. But tragically Jack and two others, a boy aged eight and another, 11, died after being pulled from the icy water. Now his family have paid tribute to the courageous schoolboy – as a vigil was held in Solihull on Monday evening to mark the tragedy (inset).

‘It’s the most devastating day of our lives’: Family’s heartbreaking tribute to lake tragedy hero Jack, 10, who ‘died trying to save three boys he didn’t know’ after they fell into frozen water


Celia Farber:

Based On A Famous True Story: The Christmas Truce of WW1

Advent Calendar, Dec. 12: Christmas 1914, Celtic Thunder


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek:

As always, I had a great conversation with Trish Wood. Among other things, we talked about Covid and Dr. Huff, an expert in the fields of bioterrorism and bio warfare, who is a whistleblower claiming that EcoHealth Alliance scientists like EHA head Dr Peter Daszak “used their influence to suppress the COVID origin investigation.”

Karen Hunt on ‘On the Fringe’ with Trish Wood – 11 December 2022

The Wuhan virus is a red herring but the rest of the story not – doesn’t need to be a virus.


George Christensen, Nation First:

Nation First looks at the proxy wars being waged by the Biden regime.

The Moxie Philosopher has a second instalment, continuing on from yesterday’s piece on Viktor Bout but also looking at the war in Ukraine.

It’s very informative which is not what we get from the legacy media!

Lies, lies and proxy wars


My latest article – I have more to add to this.

Holy Grail


“Neil Hague transcends his calling by producing this kaleidoscopic chronicle to augment his piercingly exquisite visionary artwork. Rarely has a book given me goose bumps; this one did at times.”

Keys to understanding the nature of reality, astral worlds – exploring the ‘occult history of art’.


Oooh! That global warming!

Arctic blast brings parts of UK to a standstill: M25 traffic is brought to grinding halt while Gatwick and Stansted airports CLOSE runways due to heavy snow with more travel chaos expected today as Met Office admits there is ‘a bit more than we thought’

Frozen hell: Britain faces another day of travel chaos with drivers warned of ‘lethal’ icy roads – while rail strikes and plane delays set to bring more misery 

It’s winter FFS! …and I love it.


Activist Post:

If you’re one of the billions of people who have posted pictures of themselves on social media over the past decade, it may be time to rethink that behavior. New AI image-generation technology allows anyone to save a handful of photos (or video frames) of you, then train AI to create realistic fake photos that show you doing embarrassing or illegal things. Not everyone may be at risk, but everyone should know about it.

Artificial Intelligence Now Available to Make Realistic “Deepfakes” from Social Media Pictures

Another benefit (not for us, but for them) of using this on the population is that it increases confusion among human beings – a very potent hypnotic technique, to amplify that which they are already using of you to put your faith in authority, when you really do need to be doing the opposite. You have been had and they are now so confident they can bend you to any whim. Current big scams include vaccines, viruses, human-caused climate change, the war in Ukraine, removal of cash for digital currency, rigged elections in America, Australia, and Brazil (to name but 3) …on and bloody on. Amazing how they’ve all come along at once, isn’t it?



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