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Latest public article by Ellis C. Taylor:

Holy Grail


Also by Ellis:

A Green Hill Far Away…Without a City Wall

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Can you not see that the Divine is calling for the spirits and souls of humanity to stand up for their own?

Daily Clout, via Progressive Truth Seekers:

Courthouse and jail long time, for each and every one of these maniacs that shove these injections on and into young people.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Confronts Yale for Crimes Against Students:

Full info and video description


Daily Sceptic:

When Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, agreed to be interviewed by the BBC in December 2021, he probably saw it as an opportunity for a bit of free advertising and PR for his company and its Covid vaccine. And so it turned out, apparently. An undemanding set of questions from the docile Fergus Walsh gave Dr. Bourla the chance to opine unchallenged on all things Covid and Covid vaccination, and no doubt communicate a few of his company’s key marketing messages.

However, UsforThem, an organisation which campaigns for the needs and rights of children, saw things differently. Its researchers noticed that during his interview Dr. Bourla had made statements about Covid and the use of Covid vaccines in children that were misleading, unbalanced and not capable of substantiation. They took these concerns to the U.K. regulatory body, the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (the PMCPA), and a recent article in the Telegraph reports that the PMCPA agreed with them.

Pfizer Was Judged to Have Misled the Public Over the Covid Vaccine But Faces a Derisory Fine. The System is Broken


Naomi Wolf and Peter Breggin, The Daily Clout:

The Psychology of the COVID Crimes


Prof. Ryszard Legutko: “Two minutes of truth, of bitter truth” in the European Parliament:

During ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the European Parliament, the European Conservatives and Reformists made cutting criticisms. Speaking on behalf of the Group, Chairman Prof Ryszard Legutko pointed out that in the strict sense it is only a quasi-parliament, alienating millions of voters.

Full description and info


Senator Gerard Rennick:

ABC reports manipulated temperature data, no the raw data

In the estimates spillover last week I asked why the ABC only ever report the homogenised temperature data set and not the raw temperature data set. This was a question I asked in prior estimates when the former News Director indicated that the raw data was reported. Rather than create new data sets the Bureau of Meteorology should report the raw data set with a margin of error. The ABC amplify the obfuscation by stating the adjusted numbers not the real numbers.

Full info and description


Senator Gerard Rennick:

Boy oh boy is our energy grid going be in trouble with this lot in charge. If only bureaucratic spin could be converted into electricity we would become the energy powerhouse of the world.

Key points from this line of questioning are:


The Department of Climate Change admit they can’t cost renewable targets – Senate Estimates 28.11.22:


Senator Gerard Rennick:

This week, the RBA raised rates for the 8th straight month. To change the price of money so rapidly is sheer madness. It’s even worse when the RBA said inflation wouldn’t rise until 2024 and then say that rates wouldn’t increase based on that forecast.

Given their obscene money printing, what did they expect. If these people are experts then god help us.

Needless to say it’s a reflection of just how little accountability there is that the RBA governor still collects his $1 million pay check.

It’s a joke that he says he is accountable to parliament. I certainly never voted for him and neither did you.

‘Sorry’ from the RBA won’t help people now under mortgage stress – Senate Estimates 28.11.22:


Andrew Lawrence:

Russell Howard gaslights his own viewers with claim that there is no culture war.


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