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The Exposé:

To justify Draconian restrictions in the name of Covid-19, the UK Government with the help of the bought and paid for mainstream media, publicised the number of alleged deaths within 28 days and 60 days of testing “positive” for Covid-19.

This questionable method of counting Covid-19 deaths led to dozens of Freedom of Information requests being made to various Government institutions requesting to know the number of people who had died within 28 days of Covid-19 vaccination.

However, for months on end, Government institutions have insisted that they do not hold this information. Each and every single time a FOI request was made, the response received was as follows –

1 in every 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England according to UK Government


Probably (so sad):

Olivia Newton-John, the Grammy-winning superstar who reigned on pop, country, adult contemporary and dance charts with such hits as Physical and You’re the One That I Want and won countless hearts as Sandy in the blockbuster film version of Grease, has died. She was 73.

Newton-John, a longtime resident of Australia whose sales topped 100 million albums, died Monday, her husband John Easterling wrote on Instagram and Facebook.

“Dame Olivia Newton-John, (73) passed away peacefully at her ranch in Southern California this morning, surrounded by family and friends,” Easterling, announced in the post.

Newton-John’s family did not give any details about the cause of her death but described her as “a symbol of triumphs and hope for over 30 years sharing her journey with breast cancer.”

Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John dead at 73


The Exposé:

Excess all-cause mortality in New Zealand is running at record levels. About 100 people are dying each day in New Zealand (pop. 5 million). A few times during the last couple of months we have asked a key question: what are people dying of?

Ministry of Health data records that about 7 people are dying each day with Covid, but only about a maximum of 3 of these per day because of Covid. That is just 3% of deaths. Occupancy of ICU beds with Covid hovers around 3-5%.

Therefore it is not Covid that is overwhelming our hospitals, so what is?

Why are people falling ill and dying suddenly in record numbers?


Ramola D., Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Ariyana Love:

Wide-ranging conversation on current environmental, chemical, and pharma-vaccine pollutants, how the blood is affected, and what people can do to halt this ongoing series of harms surrounding the faux-Covid and the bioweapon of the toxin-loaded vaccines.

Dr. Robert Young:

Dr. Ariyana Love:

Report 290 |Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Ariyana Love on Solutions to the Nano Pollution From Vaccines, Aerosols


Dr. Sam Bailey:

What About Rabies?


Off Guardian:

On 1 September, 1941, Chief of Reich Security Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most fanatical, mass-murdering Nazis, issued a now notorious decree ordering Jews above the age of six to wear an identifying badge in public.

The Jewish Badge, a yellow Star of David with the word “Jew” inscribed inside the star, was meant to stigmatize and humiliate the Jews and was also used to segregate them and monitor and control their movements.

Nothing like that is happening currently, especially not in New Normal Germany.

The “Unvaccinated” Question – Revisited


Katie Hopkins:

Don’t ask ‘how’ are you going to pay your energy bill. Tell the b*stards you aren’t going to.


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

The UK Daily Mail has the story. It illustrates the reality on the ground.

“This could become the biggest medical scandal of the century, argues SUE REID”

Here are key excerpts:

“The closure next spring of the NHS’s [National Health Service’s] only gender identity clinic for children [Tavistock Clinic] is a vital and long overdue step in righting the wrongs of what could perhaps be the biggest medical scandal this century – the routine use of puberty-blocking drugs on children.”

Sicko gender clinics, puberty blockers


TCW: SOME of the research work concerning Covid and Covid vaccination is centred around understanding why the spike protein is toxic and exactly how it affects elements of physiological systems.

Some of the published papers involve complex investigation of physiological mechanisms. One published on June 14, 2022 in Cells journal examines lipid toxicity. Another published on May 3, 2021 studied a possible effect of the spike protein causing excessive immunoreactivity of brain pericytes.

Deadly questions over spike protein vaccine damage


Andrew Lawrence:

Chuggers on your doorstep.


Psybo the trickster:

Psybo News Network #15




Psybo the trickster:

Psybo News Network #16

WTF! Do people sit and watch shite TV shows like this?





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