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All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange…..
RFK Jr Speech on Mandatory Vaccines: “Where Does the Power of Government End?”…..
ROGER WATERS – Wish You Were Here (Live in London – JULIAN ASSANGE’s support)…..
5G : The Stupidest Idea In the History Of the Planet!…..
Mark of the Beast…..
The passing of Acharya S…..
9/11 Whistleblowers: Cate Jenkins…..
9/11 Whistleblowers: The 9/11 Commissioners…..
Heads up: Microsoft is back to snooping with this month’s Win7 and 8.1 ‘security-only’ patches…..
A Taos close encounter of the hunters and aliens kind…..
The mystery humanoid cat snatching creature ‘spotted’ running wild and chasing children in Texas…..
INCOMING! Mysterious object from interstellar space ‘approaching our solar system’…..
How weird weather is fuelling explosion of venomous false widow spiders whose bites are crippling Brits – find out if YOUR area is at risk…..
UFOs and Extraterrestrials Being Blamed for Indian Lunar Landing Failure…..
Genome of nearly 5000-year-old woman links modern Indians to ancient civilisation…..
Jerry Marzinsky – Schizophrenia, Entities & Mental Illness | TCM Podcast #16 (Part 1)…..


John Pilger, RT: Journalist John Pilger has delivered a stark warning from WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, who said that his persecution is intended to kill dissent. “Speak up now,” Pilger said, or face “the silence of a new kind of tyranny.”

All of us are in danger’: John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange


Roger Waters, Captain Harløck: “The British activist and Rock’n’Roll legend Roger Waters (former frontman of Pink Floyd) is a long-standing supporter of Assange and WikiLeaks and staunch opponent of the United States imperialistic practices. Roger performed ‘Wish You Were Here’ outside the United Kingdom’s Interior Ministry in London during a rally in solidarity with WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.”


Makia Freeman, The Freedom Articles: A recent RFK Jr speech made in Sacramento, the state capital of California, forcefully challenged the idea of mandatory vaccination and government authoritarianism, as California tragically descended into more tyranny with Governor Newsom signing draconian bills SB 276 and SB 714, drastically restricting the ability of children in that state to receive medical exemptions to vaccines. Opposition to the bills was vociferous, with many protesters gathered at the State Government buildings. Unfortunately, the protests were not enough to stop the bills proposed by disgraceful California senator Richard Pan, bribed to the hilt by Big Pharma, from passing. The RFK Jr speech was strong and inspirational, not just because it highlighted how dangerous and tyrannical mandatory vaccines are, but also because it provoked people into thinking about freedom and authoritarianism itself. As horrific as mandatory vaccines are, they are a symptom of a darker force which is pushing to turn free societies into dictatorial societies – and it’s happening at an ever gathering pace right before our eyes.
RFK Jr Speech on Mandatory Vaccines: “Where Does the Power of Government End?”



Amazing Polly,3 parts to this video

1. Update on Christine Maxwell’s Chiliad software in MORE key government agencies
2. Another wanna be cult leader creating his own language & using NLP
3. Globalists sneakily make owning a cellphone a requirement for driving a car!?!!??


Acharya S, whose real name was Dorothy Murdock (Dori to her family and friends), passed away nearly four years ago, and I didn’t know. She was a lady who I much admired for her scholarship and courage in the face of massive opposition, and not just from the behemoths of monotheism. Among the subjects Ms Murdock was brilliantly adept at were astrotheology, religion and mythology; all three she connected in her explosive writing.  We had some brief and cordial communication during the early years of my website (then called ‘Looking Into the Dark Places); but though that was it I continued to link to her wonderful work on Truth Be Known.

One of Acharya S’s most well known challenges to religion, one that seems to have been abducted by several other researchers after her(and forgetting to acknowledge her), is her exposition of just how many deities (especially of the saviour flavour) were born on 25th December.

It is very odd that this brilliant lady passed away on Christmas Day.

Thank you for braving this truth-starved vale of tears Dori. Your work will continue to light the world and inspire more than we can know.

– Ellis

Obituary Dorothy Murdock


James Corbett: Dr. Cate Jenkins joined the EPA as an Environmental Scientist in December 1979. Beginning shortly after 9/11, and continuing for years afterward, Dr. Jenkins attempted to bring the EPA’s faulty and fraudulent air quality testing practices to the attention of anyone who would listen. For her efforts, she endured a years-long legal battle with her own agency. This is her story:
9/11 Whistleblowers: Cate Jenkins


James Corbett: The 9/11 Commission and its final report are still held up as the final word on the events of September 11, 2001. But there’s just one problem: Six out of the 10 commissioners have admitted that the commission was misled, stymied, hampered by conflicts of interest, and, ultimately, forced to participate in a politically-motivated cover-up. This is the story of the doubtful 9/11 commissioners.
9/11 Whistleblowers: The 9/11 Commissioners


Woody on Windows: Two months ago, the July Win7 security-only patch was found to install telemetry software, triggered by newly installed scheduled tasks called ProgramDataUpdater, Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser, and AitAgent. As best I can tell, Microsoft never admitted that its security-only patch dropped a telemetry component.

The August security-only update didn’t include that bit of snooping, so it looked like the July snooping was a one-off aberration.

Now we’re learning that the September security-only patches for both Win 7 and Win 8.1 have this, shall we say, feature.
Heads up: Microsoft is back to snooping with this month’s Win7 and 8.1 ‘security-only’ patches


Taos News: Bow hunters Josh Brinkley and Daniel Lucero, dressed in camouflage gear, looked a little uncomfortable sitting in chairs at a local newspaper.

The Santa Fe County residents had just come into Taos after several days in rugged terrain near Cerro de la Olla, also called Pot Mountain, northwest of town near Ute Mountain.

They had a strange tale to tell and they weren’t sure of their reception.

“We’re a couple of guys that don’t believe in much, but we believe now,” Brinkley said.
A Taos close encounter of the hunters and aliens kind

…and in the same region:

The Independent, via D. Hatswell #BBRUK Creature Reports #BBR: A mystery creature is haunting the streets of Texas. Described by some terrified witnesses as a monkey, by others as a chimpanzee and as “anything’s possible” by police, a sense of apprehension is spreading. The unidentified humanoid has been repeatedly spotted in the city of Santa Fe, with one witness claiming they saw the beast attempt to snatch a cat:


The Sun: A mysterious object from deep space is fizzing towards the Solar System – and scientists have no idea what it is.

Dubbed “C/2019 Q4”, the high-speed body appears to be on a path originating from another star system that will see it fire past Mars in October.
INCOMING! Mysterious object from interstellar space ‘approaching our solar system’


The Sun: Brits are being left in excruciating agony because of life-threatening false widow spider bites, whose flesh-eating venom has left victims permanently disabled and even ended their lives.

And right now, experts are warning the threat from false widows is higher than ever before as the country is overrun with the lethal critters.
How weird weather is fuelling explosion of venomous false widow spiders whose bites are crippling Brits – find out if YOUR area is at risk


Paul Seaburn, Mysterious Universe: Well, that didn’t take long. Less than a day after the Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) lost contact with its Chandrayaan-2 lunar lander as it descended to the moon’s surface and was presumed to have crashed, Indian UFO researcher Sabir Hussain, the director of the Indian Society for UFO Studies (INSUFOS), issued a statement blaming the malfunction on extraterrestrials who used it to warn the Indian government against increasing its already large nuclear weapons arsenal.
UFOs and Extraterrestrials Being Blamed for Indian Lunar Landing Failure


Science: At roughly the same time that ancient Egyptians were constructing their first great pyramids and Mesopotamians were building monumental temples and ziggurats, the Harappans of South Asia—also known as the Indus Valley Civilisation—were erecting massive baked brick housing complexes and cutting elaborate canal systems. The civilisation’s abrupt downfall remains one of the great mysteries of the ancient world. Now, for the first time, scientists have analysed the genome of an ancient Harappan. The findings reveal little about why the society collapsed, but they illuminate both its past and its continuing genetic legacy in modern Indians.

“The Indus Valley Civilisation has been an enigma for a long time,” says Priya Moorjani, a population geneticist at the University of California, Berkeley, who wasn’t involved with the study. “So it’s very exciting to … learn about [its] ancestry and history.”
Genome of nearly 5000-year-old woman links modern Indians to ancient civilisation


Veil of Reality: Jerry Marzinsky joins Bernhard Guenther to share about his discoveries practising as a psychotherapist in mental hospitals and state prisons on this episode of the Cosmic Matrix podcast. Working with schizophrenia and other patients in psychiatry, Jerry started to question the psychiatric medical authorities and their view on and treatment/diagnosis of “mental illness.” Working with hundreds of schizophrenic patients one-on-one he realised that the “voices” in their heads were not hallucinations, nor is schizophrenia caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain but are related to entity attachments and interferences. Jerry talks about the history of psychiatric treatments up to the modern use of pharmaceutical drugs and the resistance of the psychiatric authorities that he encountered doing his work – who tried to shut his research down. He shares his findings, treatments, and paranormal experiences as he came closer to the “topic of all topics.” Furthermore, Jerry talks about how we all are affected by these entities working through our minds via thought injections, how it is affecting the world at large, how we can protect ourselves, and much more. Jerry Marzinsky is a licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with schizophrenic and other psychiatric patients in state hospitals, state prisons, and hospital emergency rooms. His formal academic training comprises a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Counselling from the University of Georgia, and two years of study in a Ph.D. Psychology program.



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