Eyes Wide Shut

One of the most visited articles on my former site, LOOKING INTO THE DARK PLACES, was this one.

Yes I know. ‘Eyes Wide Shut‘ is not exactly a new movie, and it has been mentioned on this site before. It is more than 3 years old now, but such is the regard this writer has for this film, I have decided to devote at least one page to it. The necessity of alerting readers to the implications it quite subtly reveals was amplified for me during November 2002, on a visit to Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England.



The new town of Milton Keynes, I believe (and I’m not the only one.), is a major Illuminati project. Set out like a noughts and crosses grid it is brimming with Illuminati symbolism in road plan, structure and monuments. Built on land (I am told) that once (or may still) belonged to the Russell family, The Dukes of Bedford, The Lords Tavistock, I suppose we wouldn’t expect any less. The initials MK and the association with Tavistock seem unlikely to be chance when considered with the automated atmosphere permeating the town.

Only one other place has struck me so negatively. Lewes in Sussex.

A reader offered to take me around, she was sure that something awful was occurring unseen, unnoticed by those who lived there. The first destination was a place called Spring Hill, Great Holm. Holm means oak, holly or island depending upon the language. So, evidently it has a great deal to do with the word holy, a holy island, a sacred place – an energy centre.  And it is called Great Holm, so it is not insignficant.  Although there were no springs evident to my eye there was a huge obelisk standing right at the top, on a crossroads, with no signage to explain its presence. As soon as I alighted from the car I felt ill, knocked sideways by an unpleasant energy that festered on the site. I wondered what the incidence of cancer and other diseases were around the area. After a while I managed to recover and dowsed the area, finding a number of watercourses, not all natural. (A reader says that this area of town has many springs.) Symbolically an island with many springs is a sure fire code for an eye (a fountain). Personally I would have no problem interpreting Great Holm as Great Eye or The Eye of Horus.

Later on our way to the main church we stopped at a cross roads with traffic lights. (I have never seen so many.)¹  When the lights turned green we moved off, bearing right  around the corner. On the off side I could see a black car turning in the same direction, but in another lane, and at the same speed.. The black car moved determinedly in towards us. As we were in the inside lane we had nowhere to go, except into some heavy railings. As I shouted to my passenger to alert her to the danger it was obvious we were milliseconds from disaster; the car was upon us.

“Ellis! Ellis!…There is no car,” she cried.

The car was gone, nowhere to be seen. But I had seen it, as clear as day. She asked me what colour the car was. “Black,” I replied. “It was a large black car.”

“Ellis, you couldn’t have known this,” she said, “But a woman died on those cross-roads a couple of years ago, when a large black car ran her into the railings there.”

The whole place, I felt, as I said, had an oppressive air to it. I watched the people milling about the town. It all seemed… well, surreal. The only place I found any relief, for some reason was the local Waitrose Supermarket; yet outside (and now we’re back to the film “Eyes Wide Shut” ) and up the road a bit…

One of the most purloined images (no credit acknowledged back to this site). One of a pair, a statue in Milton Keynes. Exactly the same as characters in the Satanic Ritual orgy in the Kubrick film, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

M.K., Tavistock, grid layout, multifluous roundabouts and traffic lights, characters from ‘Eyes Wide Shut, Demon cars, concrete cows, unquestioned gigantic obelisks…it’s all here, in Milton Keynes.
Who are the largest land-owners in Buckinghamshire? You will not be surprised -see below.



If you haven’t seen ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, the film Stanley Kubrick was working on when he died, and you are interested in researching and exposing mind-control, the Illumunati, Satanic Ritual; may I respectfully suggest you do so. The link below is an excellent interpretation of the film:


I’m sure most readers will also be aware that it was the film which many considered one catalyst for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s marriage break-up.

Because it is such a traumatic, haunting film, I would not recommend victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) or suspected mind control sees it, especially alone.

And another very good review, but one, which I would say, misses the message, though sounding more comfortable for some:


And from a newspaper columnist, who did not get the point, but then again I wonder, could it be she did, or at least a part of her did, and very well:

“I didn’t like it much. I want, or I should say, I need, to see it again because I was so restless the first time around. And I’m not sure if I saw what I think I saw.”

“What was so terrible about Cruise crashing the mansion orgy? Why did it put his life in danger?”

“This is not polite society, but I don’t move in such circles, so what do I know? ”


And an excellent Critical Re-evaluation from Lip magazine:

Professional therapist Pamela Monday, looks at mind control
A General Survey of Dissociative Identity Disorder ( D.I.D.) Patients

Art Walks of Milton Keynes

Ellis C Taylor 18th December 2002


1 Even in Perth, Australia; a place I have dubbed ‘The City of Traffic Lights’, a play on 33rd degree astronaut, Freemason John Glenn’s remark that was supposedly about the city’s lights he could see from his spacecraft. Personally I suspect the remark had much more to do with Freemasonry than it ever did to do with light-bulbs, but then that’s another story.)


Rock me down to Butterfly Land
Wanna hear them play
Aint nuthin like The Pink Butterflies
Gotta stay all day
Lay me down in painted grass
And close my eyes open tight
Love me through a looking glass
Until the sun comes out at night
Love me down where the rainbow ends
And the streams run crystal clear
Where the fox and rabbit are just good friends
And nobody sheds a tear
Whisper to me softly with words spoken loud
That you’ll love me till the day I die
Then dance with me through soft white clouds
In the light of a clear blue sky
Lay me down in the leafy glade
Where the sun shines bright in your hair
And the scent of flowers can never fade
In a land that was never there
Catch a butterfly in your hand
Close your eyes and wish
And you could be, yeah you could be
In butterfly land, butterfly land

My lyric for a song first performed at an event in Oxfordshire, on 29 July 1981 (Diana’s Wedding Day).

© Ellis C. Taylor (1981)


Ellis Taylor is the author of:

In These Signs Conquer ~ Revealing the secret signs an Age has obscured
Living in the Matrix ~ Another Way. Numerology For a New Day.
The Esoteric Alphabet
Dogged Days


Readers comments and further information


EYES WIDE SHUT – the movie.


(Your)Article on Eyes Wide Shut is a big one and I sense this is going to lead somewhere. According to
‘Who Owns Britain’, Buckinghamshire’s top landowners in 2001 were the Rothschild Family,
Lord Carrington and Earl Howe, former Tory cabinet minister. In 1872 the top two were the Rothschild’s and Lord Carrington. This book, I would suggest is essential for you and others.

I note that at present Amazon says it only has 2 copies of this book in hard cover left. However I note that they also have a deal on the paperback  together with ‘Measuring America.’  here


hi Ellis!
I just read your web-report & links to Eyes Wide Shut / Kubrick and would like to offer you the following additional details.
The film was shot at least in part on location in Buckinghamshire; here is one example.
When the Cruise character leaves NY to visit the orgy, the taxi stops outside the gates of a country house which I was unable to recognise.
Then the Cruise character is driven thru’ the grounds to a country mansion which is located in Buckinghamshire!
Moreover, this particular country mansion was built by the so-called baron Mayer Amschel de Rothschild** & subsequently thru’ marriage became the country ‘seat’ of former british PM Lord Rosebery**.
When Cruise enters the mansion, my impression is that the interior is a completely different location, possibly another current/former Rothschild mansion nearby.
**A small (new) world (order) eh?

Mentmore Towers

Houses in Buckinghamshire

Here’s a link to the locations Kubrick used for Eyes Wide Shut (Added 30th March 2003)

Also in Buckinghamshire:


Dear Ellis,
Your articles on EWS I have found at your site are excellent and I believe that you see things in this movie that the casual observer just doesn’t understand or appreciate. I think that Kubrick was an Illuminist/Alchemist/Occultist type who used the film medium to wash the masses and to further the illuminati agenda, EWS is not just a film to entertain it is trying to deliver a message to mankind, much in the same way that the ‘Matrix’ was trying to deliver a message that we are totally controlled etc…Call it revelation of the method if you like. ~ Steve



Hi Ellis,
EWS, look at this page
http://www.youreyeswideshut.com/horns.htmLook at the Xmas dangles in the background.  Precisely the ones they put out near our masked ‘friends’ every year!!!!
(The statues pictured in the article above – Ellis)
For some reason, MK Council had our masked ‘pals’ on the front page of their free magazine, which goes into every household in MK and surrounding areas.  In fact the glossy picture (which they have never done before) took up the whole of the front cover.
Take care

Secrets, Eights and Subterfuge in MK statuaryChurch targeted by satanic graffiti


The town of Milton Keynes, with the notorious initials (MK) is set to hold a satanic festival.

Devil’s disciples coming to Sanctuary ~Sent in by F, thanks

(MK has many roads and places named after ancient centres around Avebury etc. The Sanctuary is one of them.)

So the devil is about to (openly) cast his net around Milton Keynes. The big problem here is that people will think that this is ‘just a bit of a laugh’ – especially youngsters. IT IS NOT.

The date chosen is 25th October 2003 -the beginning of Samhain (Halloween). The New Moon rises that day at 12:50pm. A new moon has clearly been chosen, because the instigators hope this will be the start of something new.   The numerology reveals a 333 (9) and a 22 day. Both 9  and 22 describe the completion of a cycle, but a cycle about to begin again, this time more potent. 22 is the number of the Great Destroyer (Satan), 9, especially composed of three 3’s is a magical number.
Holly & Jessica Questions  Comments Holly & Jessica  Rachel Manning  Eyes Wide Shut  Pulborough to Beamish
People are so un-educated, so completely unaware of how spiritual (i.e., and, or occult) energy works. I know people say that there is no such thing as the Devil. I used to think that – until I wised up. The Devil is a real being. Abramic religions have created him. What one conceives, one creates. The Devil is now thousands of years old. It’s no good just ignoring him or refusing to acknowledge him, that won’t make him disappear. Continual focus, worship and fear feeds the monster. Now you know he’s real, concentrate on love, peace, harmony, consideration and care – and advise others to do the same. Possession is more than a possibility, it is a certainty, when you involve yourself with any selfish, dogmatic, addictive (Especially drugs, alcohol to excess, pornography), depraved, fearful or amoral behaviour.
Please get smart quick. Your life and the lives of your loved ones depend upon it.
You dance with the devil mate, he’ll do more than tread on your toes. BE WARNED!!!

Biography of Stanley Kubrick

How I tracked down Stanley Kubrick ` originally an article from The Guardian

From an email to this site:

“Milton Keynes is built on claypits, plenty underground streams, and also the Grand Union Canal goes right thru the town, and was always known as halfway to nowhere(anywhere)…(underground streams in fengshui – did a diploma in that too –  means illness-leukemia etc ms.) ”


The best review I’ve read so far:
Introducing Sociology – A Review of Eyes Wide Shut
“The slice of that world he (Kubrick) tried to show us in his last–and, he believed, his best–work, the capital of the global American empire at the end of the American Century, is one in which the wealthy, powerful, and privileged use the rest of us like throwaway products, covering up their crimes with pretty pictures, shiny surfaces, and murder, ultimately dooming their own children to lives of servitude and whoredom.”

The Kubrick siteMind Control Links

More Mind Control Links (Official CIA etc) from 9-ll.co.uk

Mind Control Forum


No suggestion that this is a satanic orgy, but extremely interesting nonethless:
Top Tory aide is king of the urban swingers 
“A journalist who attended a Fever party on behalf of Arena, the men’s lifestyle magazine, said: “As I stood admiring the sight of undulating prime UK flesh that was even more spectacular than I had imagined, it suddenly struck me that nobody was going to believe any of it. But it’s all true.”


Ellis Taylor
Copied and pasted from Wayback Machine. (5-Feb-2004)


More on Eyes Wide Shut – from a reader


Since this article was posted there have been many other articles written about EWS. They are easily discovered on search engines.


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