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Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Staged by US-backed Terrorists…..
Peter Ford Dropping Truth Bombs on BBC Radio Scotland…..
Inside Menwith Hill…..
Top secret spy agency GCHQ to set up huge base in Manchester and put the city ‘at heart of UK security’…..
Cover-up council knew for nearly 30 YEARS about Rochdale school sex abuse – and Cyril Smith should have been prosecuted before he died says bombshell report…..
Max Igan “Why We Need To Act Urgently On Social Crediting, Internet Of Things & 5G.”…..
The aim of gang stalking and targeting individuals…..
Barge Inn Co-operative Group on BBC Wilts Radio…..
North East Accounts, Derbyshire Moorland Beast, Bi-pedal Figures and Snarls…..
Are the Welsh the lost ten tribes of Israel?…..
Zuckerborg, Israel, & War — Fifteen Minutes of Flame…..

On January 25, 2013, CyberwarNews published the story of a Malaysian hacker called JAsIrX who posted hacked emails to various file sharing websites from the UK-based private military contracting company, Britam Defence. A note included from the hacker said the company had “…killed Arabs in Iraq and [planned] to invade in Iran and Syria.”

The Wikispooks website (which like Wikipedia, can be edited by anybody) claims that the authenticity of the emails is in question, due to anomalies in the sent dates which suggest that the email headers had been tampered.

The Daily Mail published this story online at the time but Morphonios says the intelligence community got them to take it down. It is archived here.

The Daily Mail additionally claimed that the Obama White House approved backing Syrian rebels to carry out a false flag chemical weapons attack on civilians to be used as a justification for US military action against the Syrian government. The emails outlined an exact playbook for what we’re witnessing now.
Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Staged by US-backed Terrorists


Peter Ford on BBC Radio Scotland (who obviously didn’t get the memo on keeping him out) outing the ‘monitors’ of the alleged attacks. The interviewer tried for about ten seconds to talk him down but Fmr. Ambassador Peter Ford ploughed on and dropped several truth bombs. Fortunately it was live.


The narrow roads are quiet and winding, surrounded by rolling green fields and few visible signs of life beyond the occasional herd of sheep. But on the horizon, massive white golf ball-like domes protrude from the earth, protected behind a perimeter fence that is topped with piercing razor wire. Here, in the heart of the tranquil English countryside, is the National Security Agency’s largest overseas spying base.

Once known only by the code name Field Station 8613, the secret base — now called Menwith Hill Station — is located about nine miles west of the small town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Originally used to monitor Soviet communications through the Cold War, its focus has since dramatically shifted, and today it is a vital part of the NSA’s sprawling global surveillance network.
Inside Menwith Hill: The NSA’s British Base at the Heart of U.S. Targeted Killing

Just so you know, considering that this is an obviously prime target in Darkness-derived conflicts (which they all are), and how every atrocity the Darkness and its agents commit is ritually replete, Harrogate derives ‘Harrow Gate’. A harrow is an altar, a gate a portal. (You might remember that weapons inspector, David Kelly’s ritual murder involved Harrowdown Hill. Harrowdown actually means Harrow Hill, ‘Hill’ after Harrowdown is a duplication, or a mirror!) – Ellis


A former council leader ‘shamefully’ claimed he knew nothing about the sexual abuse of young boys in Rochdale, a bombshell report concluded today.

It also found the late politician Cyril Smith used his high standing to put pressure on people to keep quiet about abuse allegations and avoid prosecution.

Pupils at Knowl View residential school were sexually exploited in the town centre, the bus station and at public toilets across the road from the borough council’s offices over a 20-year period.

Authorities in the Greater Manchester town showed a ‘total lack of urgency’ to address the sexual exploitation of boys at the council-run school who were regarded as ‘authors of their own abuse’.
Cover-up council knew for nearly 30 YEARS about Rochdale school sex abuse – and Cyril Smith should have been prosecuted before he died says bombshell report.


Not unexpectedly, Manchester is getting spookier:

Top secret spy agency GCHQ is to set up a huge new base in Manchester, the M.E.N can reveal.

The exact location of the new listening post – which will work closely with MI5 and MI6 to combat terror threats, including online – has not been revealed, but chiefs say it will place the city ‘at the heart of the nation’s security’.
Top secret spy agency GCHQ to set up huge base in Manchester and put the city ‘at heart of UK security’




The famous, very popular, Barge Inn is up for sale and the local community group need investors:


A researcher and filmmaker Chris Turner Youtube Channel, who whilst busy with his new film Elusive, a documentary on the British Bigfoot, was contacted by a fellow Youtuber who had some experiences he wanted to share, Chris then kindly passed them over to me here at British Bigfoot.  The young man in question is making no claims here, he is merely sharing some strange experiences whilst out wild camping with friends that have happened to him and others over the years.

Witness Statement: My first experience with what has become known as the North East Derbyshire Moorland Beast was in the August of 1984. I was bivouac camping with my cousin at a place called Blackamoor, Totley just outside Sheffield.
North East Accounts, Derbyshire Moorland Beast, Bi-pedal Figures and Snarls


For over 35 years, historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have been making the case for the real history of the Britons to be taught and studied, fighting against what they describe as a London establishment obsessed with stopping the true history of Britain from being divulged.

For those increasingly sceptical about how a version of the history of Wales, Britain, and much of the world has been pushed by London-centric establishment bodies and academia, it’s an area ripe for scrutiny.
Are the Welsh the lost ten tribes of Israel?



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