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7s & 1s and a palindrome. Quo Vadis

Hardtalk with George Michael…..
George Michael RIP: Now you know why the media told you what they did…..
9/11 Reincarnation Stories: Children Who Claim Having Been at the WTC…..
Comment by Ellis
The Fairyist: Fifteen Classic Questions about Fairies…..
Where Fairies Live in Wales…..



It sickens me no end: I realise now all these lewd stories about George Michael may well have been total fabrications by the Zionist media. It really is a case of ‘don’t mess with us. We’re bastards & we will screw you’ & this most definitely applies to stars & celebrities. I mean they deliberately lied about Iraq, Libya & a host of countries. Millions have died as a result. No sorry; no nothing & THEY STILL LIE THEIR ARSES OFF!
George Michael RIP: Now you know why the media told you what they did


911 Reincarnation Stories. It was a terrible day for humanity: There was fire, fear, and lots of pain on September 11, 2001, in New York City where an attack performed by radical groups killed thousands of people and still creates much controversy. But what if somehow these people who lost their lives there, were reincarnated? These days there are reports of children giving full details of what happened that September 11 at the World Trade Center, in a way only someone who was there would know. We’ve learned before about children remembering past lives. Are these children, reincarnated 9/11 victims?
9/11 Reincarnation Stories: Children Who Claim Having Been at the WTC


wellgnomeFolklore everywhere recounts how ‘secret words’ are capable of moving immense heavy objects or radically changing scenes, appearance, and one’s location. Here in these ancient accounts lays the ancient wisdom of our forebears, long suppressed: that the expertise of composing energy, frequency, and vibration into specific formulations is what holds the persuasive hallucination of matter-reality together. I’ve known this all of my life, it’s as fundamental to me as breathing; and like breathing and other ‘givens’, I’ve never felt the need to explain its workings, it just is. I’ve taken this principle for granted and it’s why I’ve never been as alarmed as people expect when otherworldly beings appear in my environment and engage with me, or found myself in strange environs. No doubt this is true for many others. For some reason the short-circuiting of human perception is not efficient with everyone. – Ellis


Fairy and fairyist questions can be addressed to fairyinvestigationsociety AT yahoo DOT com. Here though, for starters, are the fifteen most commonly asked fairy questions. We’ve limited ourselves to a dozen words for those on a coffee break. All, though, deserve longer more careful answers and these you can find following the link to relevant fairy question pages.
The Fairyist: Fifteen Classic Questions about Fairies


Their habitations were universally believed to be underground, in dimly lit regions, with the entrance to them under a sod, near one of their circles, by some ancient standing stone, under the bank of a river, away on the open moor hidden by bushes, or in the ruins of an old castle, as on Ynys Geinon rock.
Where Fairies Live in Wales

4 thoughts on “7th January 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. Really interesting HATM collection, Ellis! The Fairyist site looks like a fun place to explore (bookmarked!). It reminded me of a book I have. Back in the early 90’s I read a editorial blurb in the local paper w/ a quote credited to this book. I tore out (and still have) the clipping. A few years later I decided to look up this book online and found it to be out of print, but saved my search on this book site. ANOTHER year or 2 later, I got an email that a copy of his book had been located …. for $250!!

    I hesitated, but on whim, I decided to order it. I’m not a ‘collector’ and back in those days was not very apt at using the internet. When the book arrived, the old, collectable and nostalgic, 1911 copy I thought I had invested in, was actually a modern, new, paperback edition. LOL!!!! At that time in my life the financial faux pas was not earth-shattering. I still have the book and the original newspaper editorial tucked in it (and the $250 shipping receipt). A story I wouldn’t expect to be all that endearing or amusing to anyone but myself, but it will live out my days with me, hahaha!

    Several times recently, various things (like your sharing the Fairyist blog) have brought this book to mind. I’m chomping at the bit to unpack dozens of boxes of books from my last move, I can’t wait to see it again. The entire, rather long, book is available online as a .pdf now, but I rather prefer my piles of pulp … books and notebooks full of handwritten material and files full of torn-out magazine and newspaper articles as opposed to digital ilterature any day! ~Sandy


    • Thanks Sandy. Blimey that was a bad experience there. I would have chased that up. I wonder if it’s too late to?
      Thank you for the link I’m sure it’ll be of considerable interest to many.
      Hope you get to your books soon.


      • Ellis, … Less than 10 minutes ago I was rummaging through a stack of notebooks I’d stacked on the floor recently, in a very unZen-like manner. I picked up a crumpled piece of old newsprint in the corner just next to the stack … it was a decades-old editorial about the Druids. I know it was in one of those notebooks, but I can’t figure out how it go crumpled in a ball NEXT to them. I thought it was the newsclipping about the Fairy book I linked in my comment on your blog (but I knew that was still tucked IN the book, which is still packed in a box somewhere). This was still fresh on my mind 5 minutes later when your email popped up.

        I think it has to do with my comments about coveting good ole paper and ink material, which I miss and my energy needs to shift back to. I’m going to snap a pic of the damn thing, hope it sends. You’re a fabulously creepy, wonderful little man, Ellis. LOLOLOL. xo, Sandy

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