The Epic of Kokoro

The Epic of Kokoro by Neil Hague

priest-of-manu-faceNeil Hague’s extraordinary visionary epic of humanity’s struggles with powerful off-world, inner-world and otherworld adversaries is wonderfully presented in his unique, vibrant and compelling artistic style.

It tells of the intrigues and great battles that rage between arch villains intent on claiming our Earth and enslaving its custodians, humankind, and the mighty and valiant heroes that stand as our champions.

These are the unseen wars that have ravaged the energy-scape of Creation and the cosmos for aeons tearing and devastating time-lines and blighting our world and others.

These are mainly pictorial stories for adventurers; with text and images to inspire their imagination, encouraging
them into quests to discover the hidden keys to winding paths spiralling through forests of realisations; that if successfully travelled will evoke in the hero or heroine deep and ancient memories of Earth’s human history and help to make sense of why this current world is like it is.

This is the epic story from the Dreamings and Journeys of a natural and gifted shaman; the journal, in many ways, of his profound wanderings through esoteric lives and encounters.

neil-prifile-picNeil Hague is an exceptionally gifted and eloquent communicator, passionate, outspoken, witty, and insightful. Art is his prime medium but he is also a speaker of high calibre too.

His previous written works include ‘Journeys in the Dreamtime’ and ‘Through Ancient Eyes’; both of them wonderful introductions to those who are exploring humanity’s inner worlds and environment. All of his work is meaningful and like every shaman he aims to encourage his audience to ‘higher’ perceptions, with subtle inferences and startling statements.

For visionary quests the written word can be a trigger but once fired the vibrancy of exquisite  and unbound images and colour sail us through time-less worlds, magnificent recognisable and unworldly landscapes till what we ‘see’ and feel is more real than the ‘waking world’. Purity, Truth, infinite evolving perceptions, moving, climbing, flying all become part of the experience. Everything is possible and eventually, if we persevere, we reach the answer to our question.

lions-and-velonsNeil’s gift of being able to present intricate and myriad stories in a very entertaining, yet profoundly meaningful expression through colour, art, archetypes and symbolism, so evident and enthralling to anyone with ready and awakening consciousness, is presented in his recent two books (to be a trilogy, I understand) Kokoro and Moon Slayer. He is also about to publish a book to compliment and explain the characters in the cast of his epic:  Lions & Velons – The Bestiary of Kokoro & Moon Slayer.


This, to my mind, is such a glorious and inspiring, compellingly rich saga that it is only waiting to be translated into a film.


Ellis Taylor,
10th October 2016


The website of visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Neil Hague’s books and art


4 thoughts on “The Epic of Kokoro

  1. Hey Ellis
    Your man Peter maxwell slattery had this vid on his site. this guy james gilliard has some very amazing insights to the original people here in australia and the glyphs set in stone. James and Peter met with an original guy Brendon Murray who is from the raven tribe and describes him in this int.erview. ihave often wondered why mostly australia has been left out of the world conflict and not mentioned in most doom and gloom ww111 scenarios. i have a feeling that the ptb have big plans for australia in maybe all landing here when it all turns to shite. just saying. anyway,, thought i would share this rather interesting interview with you and i will also link the interview with Brendon Murray the original guy that i have mentioned above…..

    Cheer Ellis
    Hope you find these interviews of some value my dear.



    • It’s been known and written about, sometimes by me too, that Australia is a battleship being terraformed a dark-side and non-human bolt-hole Julie. Haven’t watched the video yet but never had a good feeling about Mitchell. Cheers.


  2. Hey Ellis
    Brendon Murray again interview with Peter and James and the crows come flying in ,,,amazing,, filmed in australia in a bush setting…

    Julie xxx


    • I’ve linked before an interview Pete did with Brendan Murray. Yes, he says some interesting stuff. Funny how the wildlife tried to drown him out at the end when he was talking about getting finance for that land.


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