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Aboriginal Memories of Inundation of the Australian Coast Dating from More than 7000 Years Ago…..
Unexplained Stone Structures Found Off Australia’s Coast…..
Gallipoli Dowsing: When Falling from a Great Height, Try Flapping Your Arms…..
Real Conspiracies and Conspiracy Stories that Sell – Part 1…..
A Little Known Nessie Sighting…..
Eerily Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Vanished Children…..
The Mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke Island Vanished, Leaving Behind a Strange Message…..
Ancient mega-virus that does not resemble any virus on Earth is set to be revived…..
Astonishing new species of ancient human ancestor found in burial chamber…..


australiaolder-shores270Stories belonging to Australian Aboriginal groups tell of a time when the former coastline of mainland Australia was inundated by rising sea level. Stories are presented from 21 locations from every part of this coastline. In most instances it is plausible to assume that these stories refer to events that occurred more than about 7000 years ago, the approximate time at which the sea level reached its present level around Australia.

Aboriginal Memories of Inundation of the Australian Coast Dating from More than 7000 Years Ago



dampier-rock-artArcheologists with the University of Western Australia have discovered a mysterious set of stone structures not far from the Dampier Archipelago in northwestern Australia. If current theories about the structures are confirmed, they could potentially rewrite much of Western Australia’s early history, not to mention human history.

Unexplained Stone Structures Found Off Australia’s Coast


If it hadn’t of been for my Great Uncle Ashley’s skill at water-divining huge numbers of livestock and possibly people in the south-west of Australia would have been without fresh water.
A friend, during the 90s, who was a director of one of Britain’s largest construction companies told me that most times they preferred dowsers to explore potential construction sites because they were more accurate and reliable than technology.
Several times I have been asked to locate electricity cables, gas and water pipework – where the plans were wrong, lost jewellery, all kinds of things…and succeeded in finding them. Dowsing has kept me safe on occasion, got me home on others and been a wonderful skill to employ in many of my exploits. Dowsing tunes one into the environment and I’ve found the more I use it the less I need any rods or sticks etc, though on occasion I would use them for confirmation…but you do have to keep practicing for this aid-less ability to continue (though I think it might explain why, in my childhood I could find anything misplaced or lost that nobody else could).
Anyway here’s a great article on how a Kent-born Anzac, Sapper Stephen Kelly, saved the lives of thousands in the hell-hole of Gallipoli with dowsing:


sapper_kellyWorld War I’s Gallipoli campaign pretty much sucked for everybody involved. The initial point was to secure the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkish Thrace, allowing Allied navies access to the Black Sea, hopefully opening a pathway for the capture of the Ottoman Empire’s capital in Constantinople. In what was initially a bold series of amphibious landings, the Allied forces quickly bogged down under tenacious Ottoman defenses and counterattacks, and the campaign dragged on for eight months of nasty trench warfare, dwindling ammunition, supply and logistics nightmares, and an astonishing numbers of casualties. Gallipoli was considered one of the worst fighting fronts where British and Commonwealth forces were deployed during World War I due to the fierce battles, plague of flies (due to all the putrefying corpses), rations that consisted purely of unappetizing biscuits, jam and tinned bully beef, weather that alternated between blisteringly hot and dangerously cold (punctuated by torrential rain), lice infestations, dysentery epidemics, inhospitable rocky terrain, and the near complete absence of available fresh water.
Gallipoli Dowsing: When Falling from a Great Height, Try Flapping Your Arms


I attended a symposium a little while ago on UFOs, parapsychology, and other related topics. The symposium was attended by first class researchers and writers, and it made me think a lot about the notion of conspiracy in the UFO world. The two notions of UFO and conspiracy are inextricably linked to one another, particularly in the United States. One must be aware, however, that it is much less the case outside the U.S., even in neighboring Canada. In Europe and elsewhere, research on UFO tends to focus on the new physical science aspects, the social dynamics, and to a lesser degree on the paranormal dimension.

This post is looking at what we actually know about conspiracies, and how this knowledge could be helpful to make an assessment of UFO conspiracies, which are otherwise opaque in nature, and their place in framing our understanding of the phenomenon.
Real Conspiracies and Conspiracy Stories that Sell – Part 1


highland-year-macnallyI got an email from Phil, who follows this blog and sent me some scans from Lea MacNally’s 1968 book, “Highland Year”. Lea MacNally was an expert in Highland wildlife, with the emphasis on deer as he was a deer stalker. However, it turns out he was also a believer in the Loch Ness Monster and has a sighting to tell off in his book which I reproduce below. I don’t think this report made it into the “records”.
A Little Known Nessie Sighting






mystvanchildAlthough many people throughout history have vanished without a trace, the cases surrounded by the most tragedy are when the victims are children. Among the cases of children who have seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth there are those that stand out as particularly bizarre, surrounded by odd details and circumstances that propel them beyond mere missing persons to firmly lodge themselves into the realm of the bizarre. Indeed, there is a disturbing tendency for some of the stranger vanishings to be those of children, and in many of these cases we find mysteries and puzzles that go deep. Here we will take a look at some of the weirder cases of children who have vanished under odd, often sinister circumstances, and who were often found in situations that only further served to envelope them in shadows and the specter of the strange.
Eerily Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Vanished Children


roanoke-island-croatoanThe early English settlers of Roanoke Island in the New World established homes and lives alongside indigenous populations, but then they vanished completely, leaving behind a coded message for other colonists. If there were survivors of the mysterious events of their disappearance, where did they go? What was the fate of the vanished English colony on Roanoke Island?
The Mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke Island Vanished, Leaving Behind a Strange Message


Evoking visions of mad scientists, French researchers are set to revive a mega-virus dormant for 30,000 years that they discovered in the permafrost of the Russian Arctic.

The researchers, from the French National Center for Scientific Research, say they will take precautions to revive the specimen under safe laboratory conditions. They published a paper detailing their research in the journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . The group of researchers is headed by Jean-Michel Claverie, who runs a laboratory at the French center.
Ancient mega-virus that does not resemble any virus on Earth is set to be revived


new-species-africaA major discovery out of South Africa is set to change our whole understanding of ancient human ancestors and evolution claim scientists. The bones of new species of human relative have reportedly been found in a burial chamber in South Africa. Dubbed “ Homo naledi ”, the hominins are believed to have buried their dead—an advanced practice thought to have been limited to modern humans.

Astonishing new species of ancient human ancestor found in burial chamber

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  1. This amazing man Gary Yourofsky is so articulate please watch to the end and go to the q&a at the end. even though he is all about veganism he also understands the big picture regarding religion, the so called circle of life, and the whole mind control corporate agenda.he stands alone does not sell anything,which he explains in the q&a section. i feel that he totally comes from his heart space. this vid is not for the faint hearted i found it impossible for me to watch the animal torture without sobbing. the vids are very disturbing but necessary how else do you get the message across to people. but as gary says if you cant bear to view these vids with your eyes, why do you think its ok to eat the suffering of these animals and then consume through your body. He has a point right.
    Cheers and all the best Ell
    Thanks again
    Julie x


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