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The podcast of Brian Allan being interviewed by Ben Emlyn-Jones…..
Harald Kautz Vella on Anti-Natural Assimilation Agenda…..
A shift in the weather…..
9 bits of bad news that got buried on the last day before Tory party conference…..


I hear there’s been a heatwave…not here. I’ll settle for this one for now:


Ben Emlyn-Jones conducts a highly recommended interview with our Brian Allan:

brian-allanThis week on the HPANWO Show: Brian Allan, a veteran paranormal investigator, journalist and lecturer from Scotland. This interview focuses on his new book Strange Skies- Strange Eyes:
Programme 204 Podcast- Brian Allan

Brian Allan has written several articles for this website over the years, some of which can be found here:

Brian’s articles on this site.


hvella“This is an excellent and scientifically informative interview with Harald Kautz Valla on Pateo TV with Johann Oldencamp, PhD. Harald begins the interview with an overview of how Earth Biosphere life and elements came into being via natural progressive transmutation. He also mentions the origin of the natural Earth crude oil, “black goo” that contains the sentient consciousness of Mother Earth. He compares this black goo to the “alien black goo” which came to this planet from meteorite impacts about 16,000 years ago. This alien black goo contains the essences of the destroyed planetary biosphere and souls of another alien consciousness, a Binary one. This alien consciousness is unnatural to our own Biosphere form of life which is multi-chakra, essentially a Trinary system. This meteoric impact thousands of years ago served as a kind traumatic, alien-consciousness infection of our Biosphere, which caused our innate harmonious connectedness to our own biosphere/Earth and to each other to be separated into individual consciousness where it resulted in more of a “free will” mental consciousness.”
Harald Kautz Vella on Anti-Natural Assimilation Agenda


Veteran mainstream reporter Billy Cox, known for his against the grain serious articles on UFOs, writes a farewell piece:

billy-cox-b-smlDue to professional circumstances beyond my control, I have been reassigned to a new job here at the Herald-Tribune, a beat which involves a steep learning curve and my undivided attention. As you know, newspapers are undergoing a radical downsizing transition, and no one is immune to these pressures. So at least for now, and for the foreseeable future, I will step away from De Void, which I started writing in April 2007. Excuse me, hello? Did you hear what I just said? Is this microphone working? I said I’m stepping away from – ahh whatever, never mind.

Anyway, by serving up a combination of reporting, analysis, industry criticism and a few other quirks in between, I had hoped I might be able to make a difference in the way my colleagues in traditional media cover UFOs. And in fact, the last nine years have provided some remarkable opportunities for the MSM to rethink its strategy in the way it approaches The Great Taboo. But that was the flaw – assuming there might actually be a strategy in play.
A shift in the weather


Mayday mayday

teresamayIt’s the last day of Parliament before MPs swan off for their party conferences.
And would you believe it – the Tories seem to be taking out the trash.
There’s been an avalanche of documents in what is often claimed as an attempt to leave the public snow-blind.
Regulators, independent bodies and government offices also happen to have done the same today.
With so much to sift through, it’s hard for MPs, journalists and campaigners to keep up.
9 bits of bad news that got buried on the last day before Tory party conference


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