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UK orphans sold to paedophiles as sex slaves by traffickers snatching children in care
My 9 Tips To Cut Down On Exposure To Computer Radiation
Reducing The Effects Of Electromagnetic Pollution Naturally
Effects of Microwaves
Gypsy moves
New paranormal TV show with real hauntings (The Supernatural Files)

Paedophile-sex-gangs-464683Unscrupulous men are targeting orphans and other youngsters in children’s homes before hiring them out to the highest bidder – with some never seen again.

With profit in mind, the children in care are also being sold on to become servants, look after cannabis farms or act as drug couriers peddling heroin and cocaine up and down the country, said Barnardo’s.

The children’s charity said in 2015 around 1,000 children in the UK were referred to the government as potential victims of traffickers, but this figure was just the “tip of the iceberg”.
UK orphans sold to paedophiles as sex slaves by traffickers snatching children in care

Well, most people reading this have been aware for years that this is going on. I notice the banner image displays a run-down area so the Express, to me, is suggesting that this is only a disease of the  lower echelons of society. It isn’t, as well we know. Also we’re hearing that it’s ‘unscrupulous men’, which is again not accurate, it is men, women and other children who are among the perpetrators – but at least this  epidemic of darkness is being highlighted – Ellis


emfWho doesn’t use a computer today? I happily live without a cell phone but I’d find it very hard to get by without using a computer – especially for writing this blog!

But computers are not as harmless as they might seem.

All computers emit radiation or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on many different frequencies. These EMFs can be extremely harmful to your health. Cancer and other serious diseases have been linked to these exposures – studies indicate pregnant women and small children are particularly vulnerable.

In this article I explain what you can do to minimize your exposure to these harmful EMFs.
My 9 Tips To Cut Down On Exposure To Computer Radiation


groundingIs earthing, or grounding really a cure for inflammatory diseases, back pain, headaches, arthritis, electrical sensitivity and other diseases?

I decided to try it myself to find out if it really works.

Dr. Sinatra: “Some of the most radical ideas are really the most simple. I mean, you look at grounding for example or earthing; putting your bare feet on the ground soaks up lots of electrons because the earth is negatively charged and our bodies are so full of free radicals from anything from heavy metals, to air pollution, to trans fats.  Our bodies are being inundated with a firestorm of free radicals so you have to put the fire out. And you can put the fire out in many different ways.

Reducing The Effects Of Electromagnetic Pollution Naturally


An excellent, very insightful and informative interview.

Richard D. Hall talks with Barrie Trower who campaigns on the issue of microwaves. The damaging nature of microwaves was known about decades before mobile microwave technology was introduced. Only now are governments beginning to accept this. The list of health problems that can arise due to exposure of microwaves is vast. Not only are domestic products dangerous to health, Trower describes microwaves as “the new atomic bomb”. A much more effective weapon than an atomic bomb because it is almost impossible to trace them back to their source. Their effects as weapons is varied ranging from causing cancers or heart attacks, mind control and a whole range of psychological and physiological effects. Microwave technology, according to Trower, is employed in satellites which can be used to effect the performance of individual Olympic athletes. (3 videos)

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3


A little boy said something very sad to me last week. He said “Boys don’t dance.”

Joaquín Pedraja Reyes “JOAQUIN CORTÉS” (born 22 February 1969) is a classically trained ballet and flamenco dancer from Spain of Romani origin.


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