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Public Service Broadcasting – Go!…..
China officially orders citizens to prepare for World War 3
Get up Stand up…..
Who Killed Bob Marley…..
Amazing Grace…..
The Neolatin genius of Nicola Tesla…..
Sunshine and shadows…..
Artificial Telepathy 101…..
Max Igan talks with Sherri and Gillian on The Green Eyed Monster…..
The laying of hands on Donald Trump…..
Breakdown of dogman pictures…..
When Heroes Fall…..
Along Came a Gardener…..

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Can anyone confirm this story?

chinauswarThe Chinese Defence Minister, Chang Wanquan, has now warned its citizens to prepare for the coming World War III. China has also vowed to take measures to defy the 12th July ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) and to protect its sovereignty. In a post Brexit world it has also been reported that China and Russia will become the worlds super powers.
China officially orders citizens to prepare for World War 3



bob-marleyMarley knew the drill – in Jamaica, at the height of his success, when music and politics were still one, before the fog of censorship rolled into the island, old wounds were opened by a wave of destabilization politics. Stories appeared in the local, regional and international press downsizing the achievements of the quasi-socialist Jamaican government under Prime Minister Michael Manley.

In the late 1970s, the island was flooded with cheap guns, heroin, cocaine, right-wing propaganda, death squad rule and, as Grenada’s Prime Minister Maurice Bishop described it three years later, the CIA’s “pernicious attempts [to] wreck the economy.”
“Destabilization,” Bishop told the emergent New Jewel Party, “is the name given the most recently developed method of controlling and exploiting the lives and resources of a country and its people by a bigger and more powerful country through bullying, intimidation and violence.”
In response to the fascistic machinations of the CIA, Marley wove his lyrics into a revolutionary crucifix to ward off the cloak-and-dagger “vampires” descending upon the island. June 1976: Then-Governor-General Florizel Glasspole placed Jamaica under martial law to stanch the bloody pre-election violence. Prime Minister Manley’s People’s National Party asked the Wailers to play at the Smile Jamaica concert in December. Despite the rising political mayhem, Marley agreed to perform.
Who Killed Bob Marley by


Excellent documentary on the unworldly musical genius Jeff Buckley:

I love this version of Hallelujah:


Unfortunately the wounds in the Darkness Invisible’s ravaging of the people in this part of the world are still raw and sore and the jingoism shows in this article and the comments, but the information in it is not widely known.

NicolaTeslaGiacomo Scotti complaint about the “croatization” of Italian literature in Venetian Dalmatia ( http://www.comunitachersina.com/TestoItaliano4_26_03/GiacomoScotti47_3.html ) has prompted me to do a research about the disappearance of the neolatin people in the territories that were part of romanized Illyria …. and I found many interesting and unsuspected things.

One of these is the neo-Latin origins of one of the greatest scientific geniuses of the last centuries: Nicola Tesla.
The Neolatin genius of Nicola Tesla


sunshineandshadowsOur shadow is something that is always with us – in days of beautiful sunshine more distinct than on others, and always there – long, short, sharp, soft, sunlit or moonlit.

The phrase ‘shadow of a leader’ has much relevance today as when it originated a few years ago.  It helped me realise the shadows cast by the sun or moon are not our only shadow –it is the impact that I create wherever I am – consciously, and most often,  unconsciously.  Our words create a shadow, so too do our actions, our mood, our thoughts, our mindset; what we pay attention to, what we don’t. We all understand what someone means when we hear ‘s/he cast a dark shadow over proceedings’.
Sunshine and shadows


artificialtelepathyThe experience of “Artificial Telepathy” is really not that extraordinary. It’s as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one’s head.

Indeed, most of the technology involved is exactly identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The “receiver” is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It’s a human brain.
Artificial Telepathy 101





Soren Drier observes the lessons and fall-out from the Zen Gardner expose:

001-Fallen-HeroesThe standard wallpaper on my main computer is usually a beautiful high resolution artists rendition of our milky way galaxy as one would see it from an approaching starship.  I keep it there to help me keep my perspective if not wits about me in this darkening and fast paced world.  It’s been working overtime this last week.

Along with the usual circus of the presidential election year we have a real pair to draw to this time and they raise the crazy bar on a daily basis.  While Clinton is on her deathbed according to some sites, we have Trump openly suggesting that some of the “second amendment people” make sure she doesn’t recover.  Once again; the ‘law & order candidate’ is clearly advocating even more violence.  This time against his opponent. ~Hero Worship~ When Heroes Fall


Ida Lawrence sees an opportunity for everyone to examine and heal the hurts in their own lives:

garden-990x556But we have to become real. We might even end up being grateful for all those who helped us break it apart.’

On this journey, life gives us scenarios that ask us to ‘live up’ to ourselves. When we decide to live up we change, and we go back and clean up our mess. For example, if you realize you harmed your children emotionally, if you failed to protect them, tell them that you have realized how you harmed them and invite them to talk about the pain it caused. Feel the pain it caused. It is an open heart that creates a space for forgiveness… if not now, some day. Stay there until it’s time to go. And then be on call to help them. There is redemption in this.

By the way, seeing as how we are evolving, we’ll go through hurtful experiences; we’ll cause hurt and we’ll be hurt. The good thing is… we have survived it and we can go back and repair what needs to be repaired. We can be truthful. We’re still in the body… still here. We can return to experiences and infuse a different energy.
Along Came a Gardener

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