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Black history: Alexandre Dumas Master Metaphysician…..
The Disappearance of Silence…..
13-year-old Maxwell Loughan on God, physics, dimensions and universes…..
Tintagel Castle and Merlin’s Cave, Cornwall…..
The Stranglers: No more heroes…..
What you’ll never read about virus-research fraud…..
James Bartley interviews Tom Montaulk: Occult Mimicry of Alien Contact…..
National Bank of Romania’s huge blunder? All of Romania’s gold in London…..
Under the guise of conservation is a depopulation agenda in Romania in progress?…..

This is brilliant:

alexandre dumasDumas stories, while on the surface are tales of courage, romance, and adventure are also masterfully woven with transcendent symbolism that applies to every man, woman, and child on the planet.

We are going to take a break from the usual script of people discussed during Black History Month (Much respect to MLK, Marcus Garvey, George Washington Carver, etc) and place the focus on black people around the world who have flown under the radar of most. Our focus will be on the contributions of black people in the sciences of the mind.

Who better to start off with than Alexandre Dumas? He has created many timeless novels that have been adopted into plays and movies. No matter what your age is you have been exposed to his work through cartoons, literature, television, and movies.

Black history: Alexandre Dumas Master Metaphysician

cf my article To be or not to be in yesterday’s post. – Ellis


…and so apt is this too:

SilenceSilence is a word pregnant with multiple meanings: for many a threat; for others a nostalgic evocation of a time rendered obsolete by technology; for others a sentence to boredom; and for some, devotees of the ancient arts of contemplation, reading, and writing, a word of profound, even sacred importance.

But silence, like so much else in the present world, including human beings, is on the endangered species list.  Another rare bird – let’s call it the holy spirit of true thought – is slowly disappearing from our midst.  The poison of noise and busyness is polluting more than we think, but surely our ability to think.
The Disappearance of Silence



Max Loughan. . . about physics, Nikola Tesla, and a new definition of God related to a children’s book I — Richard Greene – wrote on the subject. www.TheNewDefinitionofGod.com.



A conversation with 13 year old physicist Maxwell Loughan at the United Nations



Tintagel Castle and Merlin’s Cave, Cornwall.

tintagel castle and merlins cave


For Rachael:


virus-fraud-mainThere are very few investigators on the planet who are interested in this subject. I am one of them. There is a reason why.

In many articles, I’ve written about the shocking lack of logic in the curriculum of advanced centers of learning. When I attended college, I was fortunate to have a professor who taught logic, and taught it in a way that appealed to the minds of his students. In other words, for those of us who cared, we could not only absorb the subject matter, we could think with it; for example, we could approach an area of knowledge and track it back to its most basic premises. And then we could check those premises and see whether they were true and correct. If they were incorrect, we could then challenge many accepted notions that followed from those basic untruths.

That is one of the payoffs of being able to deploy logic.

With this introduction, let me bring up the issue of disease-causation. How do researchers decide that a given virus causes a given condition?
What you’ll never read about virus-research fraud


Tom Montalk discusses how non-corporeal discarnate entities pretend to be aliens for purposes of energy harvesting and soul manipulation. He differentiates between real alien abduction and occult entity mimicry.


Thank you to my contact for the information on this Romanian situation and their insights in the posts below. – Ellis

That was the great secret of the Romanian National Bank was not aware until now that Britain has decided to leave the European Union.

More than half the gold reserves of the National Bank of Romania (60%) remained deposited abroad, mainly in London in each of the years 2010 to 2016. In late May 2016, the gold reserve was 103.7 tonnes. The change in international prices, its value was located around 16 bln. Lei (3.62 bln. Euro). International reserves of Romania (foreign currencies and gold) on 31 May 2016 were 36.3 bln. Euro. NBR has the largest gold reserves in Central and Eastern Europe, 104 tons, although never bought gold in 2000, according zf.ro.

“What does Brexitul? Financial market banking in Romania is the most important in the world. The decision that we took 15 years ago when Romania was not yet in the European Union,” said Adrian Vasilescu from BNR to RTV.

Translated from this page using Google Translate:
National Bank of Romania’s huge blunder? All of Romania’s gold in London


Under the guise of conservation, is a depopulation agenda in Romania in progress? Has it been designated a playground and bolt-hole for those loyal to the Darkness? (Perhaps similar to a giant Bohemian Grove?) The lowest wages in Europe are causing more and more people to leave the country. Is pay being kept artificially low to cause this mass emigration?:

To try and stop the loss Conservation Carpathia has started to buy land with money donated by foreign donors from a number of countries. Founded in 2009 the organisation already has 16,000 hectares and aims to hit 100,000 in the next few years. The project has won the backing of Prince Charles. The prince, who has a keen interest in Romania and owns two properties in the Transylvanian hills, meets members of Conservation Carpathia each year to learn about their work.
Romanian forests for sale in bid to save wilderness

Prince Charles keeps (secretly) buying more and more Romanian land with forests, covertly, through his Carpathia (FCC) Foundation (reportedly, aiming for 250,000 hectares, and counting).



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