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Anyone who is awakened to the worldwide horrors the US, ISIS and their allies are imposing on the rest of humanity knows that the thing that makes these horrors worse is the accompanying deceptive mainstream media 24/7 lies. There’s nothing worse than seeing Western mainstream media continue to portray ISIS as if they are the “enemy” of the US, while the US military and Western-backed nations like Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia continue to support ISIS. As a result, the ongoing bold lies and the obnoxious propaganda is further repelling awakened humanity from mainstream media and driving a permanent wedge between the freed human mind and the entire concept of Western propaganda. The whole thing is sickening and repulsive, and I believe freedom-loving humanity is responding to this worldwide.
Awakened Humanity is Thankfully Breaking Free From Mass Media


David Attenborough Narrates Black Friday Shopping


As America struggles with a ‘legal’ drug addiction like no other nation, are we missing something fundamental about how the body realizes true health? If we look at ancient teachings – those which have been around since well before the fairly new invention of ‘modern,’ allopathic medicine, which has only been in existence really since the 19th century, and the dawn of ‘germ theory, ’ instead of relying on the advice of an industry which has grown swollen with greed, might we not discover simple, profound measures to heal the body, once and for all?

Since the rise of western medicine, influenced by the ancient teachings of Greece, but somehow divorced from the more insightful teachings of that time, we have tried to sanitize the world to pieces. We remove limbs and organs with multiple surgeries, blast cells with radiation and chemotherapy, and treat our natural immune system like a four letter word. We give more vaccines than ever , yet somehow various ‘germs’ and ‘super bugs’ have taken over. We now have the first generation in history that will likely not outlive its parents.
The True Origin of Vaccines Might Shock You, and the Remedy for True Health – Even More Stunning


From the 1960s up to today, some scientists have made astounding claims about the high level of intelligence and sensory capabilities possessed by plants. Their findings raise questions about what it means to be “sentient” and what defines “consciousness.”

Professor Stefano Mancuso at the International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology at the University of Florence talked to the BBC this month for a special exploring the intelligence of plants. He said, “We are convinced that plants are cognitive and intelligent, so we use techniques and methods normally used to study cognitive animals.”
Are Plants Conscious, Intelligent?
Yes, of course they are.


Back in 1982, a man named Cliff Twemlow wrote a horror-novel titled The Pike. It was a cryptozoologically-themed story of a giant, man-eating northern pike lurking deep in the waters of England’s Lake Windermere. It’s certainly not the greatest example of its genre, but it’s an entertaining story filled with blood, guts, and characters who you just know aren’t going to last too long. The back-cover blurb will give you an idea of what’s in store:
Not Quite Nessie – Much Worse!


Lately I’ve been reading Russell Miller’s fascinating biography of L. Ron Hubbard, Bare-Faced Messiah, in which he touches on Hubbard’s interest in what might be termed “black magic.” It’s no secret that, in the mid-1940s, prior to laying the groundwork for Scientology with the publication of his bestselling book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (1950), Hubbard spent a period living with the rocket scientist Jack Parsons, at his mansion in Pasadena, California, where the two engaged in occult rituals of a sexual nature aimed at creating a “moonchild”—a child born of a “scarlet woman” into whom the goddess Bablon would incarnate.
Does Scientology Have Its Roots In “Black Magic”? – Part One




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