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The Syrian crisis has just seen a drastic escalation in the potential for what could essentially turn into World War 3 with the NATO bloc engaging in direct military confrontation with the Russian alliance. Only hours ago, Turkey announced that it shot down a Russian jet, a claim confirmed by the Russian government shortly thereafter.
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet; Emergency NATO Meeting Called


Andrew Johnson joins Richard to discuss his latest research. Dr Wood’s book, “Where Did the Towers Go” shows that the twin towers were disappeared using an energy weapon. One of the peculiarities of the 9/11 aftermath was the presence of iron micro-spheres. These are tiny spheres of pure iron found in the dust, which, if the official story is true should not be there. Iron micro-spheres of about the same size have also been discovered in the ground by scientists where crop circles have formed. Is it possible there is a link between the creation of unexplained crop circles and the energy weapon used to destroy the world trade centre? Further evidence also points to a possible link between the 9/11 weapon and crop circle formation. Could this link provide a long awaited explanation for many of the non planked (sometimes called “genuine”) crop circles?
Rich Planet. Richard D. Hall talks to Andrew Johnston: 911 and crop circles


wayland explosion crop circleWhen Chris Turner, his cameraman, Noel, and I visited Wayland Smithy, near the White Horse Hills, to do some filming for the doc on my experiences, there were police there. The farmer told us that an unexploded bomb had been unearthed in a field near to it. On 8th July 2006, a huge crop circle was discovered in an adjacent field that many people thought resembled an explosion.



A 26-million-year-cyclical pattern has been linked to periodic motion of our solar system through the dense mid-plane of the Milky Way galaxy.
“Death from Above” in Earth Mass Extinctions



Mysterious disappearances aren’t new. For whatever reasons, some people just seem to vanish without a trace, never to be seen again. Yet, as bizarre as these cases may be, there seems to be an even stranger type of disappearance out there; people who vanish in full view of others, under circumstances where it seems impossible that they could have even gone far, let alone totally disappeared. These are the cases in which people were there one moment and gone the next, seeming to have just literally faded from existence, leaving us baffled and perhaps even questioning what we think we know about this mysterious world of ours. Let’s take a look at the history of some of the more curious accounts of these spontaneous vanishings of people who by all indications seemed to have just ceased to exist.
Bizarre Cases of People Who Spontaneously Ceased to Exist


Life is not a fairy tale. There isn’t a handsome prince waiting to emerge from the beast. The princess is just a pawn in the game of thrones, and a means to secure dynastic succession. Grimm’s collections, when not properly sanitized for the modern rug rat and their hyper-sensitive parents, are awash in blood and depravity. The fairy tale of ages past was history, philosophy, and cosmology all rolled into one, a warning that at any time, the universe may conspire to befuddle your much vaunted powers of logic and rationality, demanding adaptation to overcome a descent into insanity (or being eaten). We still tell ourselves fairy tales, but they are resounding litanies of social mundanity where the protagonist must enchant themselves into transcendence.
The Pied Piper of Transylvania: Tripping Over Fairy Tales

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