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In these countries, where the day is celebrated today, we wish all the mums, mams, moms and mas A VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY:

Anguilla : Antigua and Barbuda : Aruba : Australia : Austria : Bahamas : Bangladesh : Barbados : Belgium : Belize : Benin : Bermuda : Bhutan : Bonaire : Botswana : Brazil : Brunei : Canada : Cambodia : Cayman Islands : Central African Republic : Chad : Chile : China : Colombia : Congo, Dem. Rep. : Congo, Rep. : Cote d’Ivoire : Croatia : Cuba : Curaçao : Cyprus : Czech Republic : Denmark : Dominica : Ecuador : Equatorial Guinea : Estonia : Ethiopia : Faroe Islands : Fiji : Finland : Gabon : Gambia : Germany : Ghana : Greece : Greenland : Grenada : Guyana : Honduras : Hong Kong : Iceland : India : Italy : Jamaica : Japan : Kenya : Latvia : Liberia : Liechtenstein : Macau : Malaysia : Malta : Myanmar : Namibia : Netherlands : New Zealand : Pakistan : Papua New Guinea : Peru : Philippines : Saint Kitts and Nevis : Saint Lucia : Saint Vincent and the Grenadines : Samoa : Singapore : Sint Maarten : Slovakia : South Africa : Sri Lanka : Suriname : Switzerland : Taiwan : Tanzania : Tonga : Trinidad and Tobago : Turkey : Uganda : Ukraine : United States : Uruguay : Vietnam : Venezuela : Zambia : Zimbabwe

Spoil your mums anyway, wherever you are.



Reignite Democracy Australia:

I talk about my case tomorrow, but I also address some clarifications needed after my video a few days ago about ‘RDA closing down?’.

I feel very nervous and vulnerable at the moment. I am so grateful and blessed to have people by my side 🙂

In the last 24 hours, the courtroom and time have changed and it appears to have no live stream link available, this makes me more nervous. However, I did some digging and MIGHT have found a live stream link that will work tomorrow.

I will likely be too busy tomorrow to update you, so it’s all in this link so you can find it without me – https://shor.by/monicacourt



The Brythonic Pantheon: The only woman to lead a medieval army against the advancing Normans. But there is more to this amazing woman a real “Robin Hood” character hiding out in the woods and leading raiding parties against the Normans. This is the story of Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd and her early years. A princess she was born but the life of a brave warrior woman she lived. We look at her life and the events leading up to her death. In December 1135 Henry I died leaving the throne disputed between the Emperoress Maude and Henry’s nephew Stephen. This resulted in the period known as the “Great Anarchy” and the “Welsh Uprising” started New Years Day 1136 with The Battle of the Gower at Garngoch.

Gwenllian the Early Years – The Welsh Uprising – The Battle of the Gower – The Great Anarchy


Me, the Song of Ffraed: A Brand new video.

Walking with Holy at the Bishop’s Palace, St. David’s


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Me, the Song of Ffraed: New video

Walking with Holy from Trevine to Rehoboth



The Murujuga rock art, the world’s largest and oldest collection of petroglyphs, has survived 40,000 years or so out in the open on a finger of land extending from Australia’s northwestern coast. “Murujuga is the most important rock art site in the world,” says Michel Lorblanchet, an archaeologist at CNRS, the French national research agency, who is noted for his work on European cave art.

It may also be the most threatened. Scientists and the First Nations custodians of the site are warning that acidic emissions from a nearby petrochemical complex are etching away images densely spread across the 30-by-6-kilometer Burrup Peninsula and on nearby islands. And the pollution is about to get worse. Last month work began on a new fertilizer plant, and a new natural gas processing facility is in planning.

World’s largest collection of ancient rock art threatened by Australia’s petrochemical plants



Richard Vobes: The rubbish that is coming down the line is all predicated on one big lie. We much push back against this nonsense and set foot toward the life we really want.

It’s lies, all lies!


New Culture Forum Annual Conference: NCF Founder & Director Peter Whittle delivers his closing speech at the New Culture Forum’s annual conference, which this year was held in Birmingham on the St. George’s Day weekend 2023.

Say No to Blasphemy Laws, Britain Haters & Woke Attacks


English Woodsman:

I Don’t Blame the Animal at All !! We Need to Remember I Was Wild Camping in an Urban Nature Reserve. So This Means I Was Sleeping in the Animal Home ( Nature )

NEVER BEEN SO SCARED!! bivvi bag wild camping.


The New Yorker:

On April 19th (Esta climax – Ellis), the Madison County Sheriff’s Office published a Facebook post about “the death and mutilation” of six cows. It was an unusual story for the farming community, a hundred miles north of Houston, where police reports tend more toward traffic violations and stray livestock. The news travelled quickly, racking up seventeen thousand shares on Facebook; within a week it had gone international. Much of the coverage lingered on the unnerving details highlighted in the Facebook post: that the cows, found in six locations, had their tongues and part of the flesh of their cheeks precisely excised, with no apparent signs of struggle. “No predators or birds would scavenge the remains for several weeks after death,” the sheriff’s department wrote. A seventh cow was discovered soon afterward, in a similar condition. Alarmed Facebook commenters variously blamed “some cult,” “satanic rituals,” “chupacabras,” “a serial killer in the making,” and “aliens.”

The Enduring Panic About Cow Mutilations

It’s a topic that can get a researcher into all sorts of deeply stressful bother, especially when they start mentioning how human bodies are turning up in the same odd circumstances and with the same injuries. One very level-headed researcher I know is suspicious that the extremely strange disappearance and re-appearance (deceased) (basically in a puddle – a shallow, calm stream) of a woman near Manchester fits the criteria. ‘Authorities’ are behaving oddly.

Even that this incident became headline news is worth wondering about. Many thousands vanish every year, children, women, men, animals, never to be seen again. Why was this lady singled out for media prominence from the off? Why any of the ones that are, and nearly all others aren’t? Yes, some misfit with a string of offences that the judiciary seems to have been curiously lenient about, gets offered up and put away for the baying gullibles. Anything to keep the herd quiet but even the most brick-hearted and headed surely sense there’s more to what they are being shoved to accept.

Certainly, higher authorities than the police, and their more clandestine allies and agencies, are acutely aware of the endless Yah Boo! to mandated “laws of physics” incidents that go on all over the world every day. In many cases, most probably, they have no capability at all to affect any measures against the perpetrators and their actions. Not only does this highlight their incompetence, it challenges their perceived status in the minds of those they wish to dominate and subdue – humans…and they can’t have that!

Some abductions and murders are committed by them, we know that, but this diabolism also serves to confuse and hide what is really going on. A dark, dangerous and efficient predator moves in this world taking out humans and animals at will. It isn’t averse to taking out one of these forsaken God servants of the Darkness too when it is roused, despite their regular sacrifices of expendables, the beast is impossible for them to satiate. Every funeral of every one of this predator’s ministers on earth (up to and including royalty and presidents) is a sacrificial rite claiming the remains and aimed at milking and sucking the life out of those entranced by it. Oftentimes it isn’t flesh or/and blood it craves, it’s other elements like adrenaline- adrenochrome etc and the powerful frequencies of ecstasy, fanaticism, fear and mental electricity, not forgetting the delectable snacks it enjoys of pharisaism, duplicitousness, arrogance, avarice and imprudence in the character.

Death threats are and have been common too against mutilation whistle-blowers and researchers. There are as well, often indirectly, but directly intended, operations to shut them up by twisted laws and twisted snakes in media and made-up law, where they find something to coil around and confabulate that doesn’t touch on the real reason these soul-ed out stiffs and their charmers have ambitions to silence them.

Rich Planet episodes on Mutilations

This predator is not the Darkness Invisible, that is ‘Satan’ and It is no longer invisible, for people with their heads on, but combating It, negating It, overcoming both is achievable in the same way. Don’t look to worldly governments, any worldly ‘authorities’ and their agencies, they are worse than useless, far worse; they are servants of the Darkness that the Divine allows to have influence here. Your salvation is through remembering that you are an eternal spirit, a beloved aspect of the Divine. As this you are unconquerable, indomitable. You have come here, into the prince of this world‘s world to gather experiences, discern and then to die, to die having cleansed your soul through challenging the Darkness, and defying It, with all your might and courage, Its attempts to convert and divert you. Everything that is made manifest will pass away, every thing, every one…but your spirit is eternal and the opportunity is there for every one to incarnate again, here or somewhere else. And a better world awaits for those whose frequencies have been refined enough to be up to it.

John 14:26-30


This may get into some of what I’ve written above…I don’t know though. I haven’t listened to it yet.

Richard Sauder, David Whitehead, Truth Warrior:

Is there more to this planet of ours than we realize? What mysteries lie beyond our comprehension, or even underneath our feet? This episode is dedicated to the work of Dr Richard Sauder and explores a few different theories about underground bases, tunnel systems, classified government programs, criminal networks and even break-away elite societies.

-What is the “deep state” and just how deep is it?
-Deep underground/undersea military/private bases/tunnel systems
-Hidden in plain sight?
-Ancient tunnel systems
-Human trafficking
-Organ harvesting trade
-Underground prisons
-The criminal underworld/overworld
-underground tunnel systems worldwide
-The extraterrestrial question
-Human breeding programs
-Missing persons
-Private military forces
-Black budget Ops
-Satanic cults
-What’s happening in Ecuador
-The secret space program
-The battle between good and evil
-Thoughts on God and the Devil

Part One: https://wayofthetruthwarrior.podbean.com/e/hidden-underground-empire-truth-warrior/

Part Two: https://wayofthetruthwarrior.podbean.com/e/hidden-underground-empire-pt-02-a-very-deep-conversation-with-dr-richard-sauder/

On Rumble: Part One  Part Two

On YouTube: Part One  Part Two


tvbeYond by Kai Muegge:

The beginning of PM is quite often experimenting with table phenomena. In the Video we accompany the work of Prof.Dr. E. Kruse with the Physical Medium K.F. Muegge. Even though originally in Kais table-séances many different phenomena are occurring the group is focussing exclusively onto the phenomenological highlight of a table séance: the full levitation of the table by supernatural means. In this video varied dynamics of table levitations become visible …

English subtitles:

Physical Mediumship – Physikalische Medialität



Jordan Neely’s death EXPLOITED by AOC!


Double Down News:

The BANNED Video Israel Doesn’t Want You To See




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