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Me, the Song of Ffraed: A Brand new video.

Walking with Holy at the Bishop’s Palace, St. David’s


Unique Spirit portraits by visionary artist, Neil Hague:


Me, the Song of Ffraed: New video

Walking with Holy from Trevine to Rehoboth



Church of England revs with a difference Jamie Franklin and Daniel French sit down to talk about the week’s top stories. This time: – What does the coronation tell us about modern Britain and the Church of England? Was it a grand affair or simply a reminder of the divided nature and lack of identity within our society? – David Starkey once again courts controversy by saying that Prime Minister is “not properly grounded in our culture”. – Fraser Myers and Andrew Bridgen face off on GB News over the safe and effective treatment and related issues. Who won the debate? – A surprisingly large amount of Canadians would like to see homeless people euthanised by the state. And much much more as always!

Show notes & watch on Odysee: Episode 124: Coronation Malarkey



Now that the undead ghost of Mengele has inserted into most everyone working in the world health web, what are we going to do about it and them?

Clayton J. Baker, MD, The Brownstone Institute:

Though it may be difficult to believe in the aftermath of COVID, the medical profession does possess a Code of Ethics. The four fundamental concepts of Medical Ethics – its 4 Pillars – are Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, and Justice.

The Four Pillars of Medical Ethics Were Destroyed in the Covid Response


Ahmad K Malik, TCW: This is the second part of a discussion by a consultant surgeon of the damage done by the government’s irrational Covid policies. You can read Part 1 here. Part 2 focuses on the betrayal of informed consent.

It isn’t enough to get permission from a patient before you carry out an intervention. For consent to be valid it has to hold up to certain preconditions. Patients must be properly informed of all their options, including not having any treatment. They must be warned of the pros and cons of each choice. It has to be voluntary with no coercion, no intimidation and no threats. Patients should be allowed to ask questions. For example, what is in the vaccine? What are my individual risks of having it? (From Pfizer’s own data, serious adverse events were later reported at 1 in 800.) What is my absolute risk reduction from the intervention?

Covid: The destruction of medical ethics and trust in the medical profession, Part 2


As soon as Pfizer rears its behemothian pock mug to cheer for something, you know what it likes ain’t good.

Rebekah Barnett, Dystopian Down Under: Pfizer has weighed in on an upcoming referendum in which Australians will vote on whether to change their constitution.

Australians will be asked to vote YES or NO to the following question:

“A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?”
If the YES vote wins, the Australian constitution will be altered to formally recognise the First Nations Peoples, and an Indigenous advisory body will be established to speak to the Parliament on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This would be equivalent to the US constitution being amended to formally recognise the First Peoples status of Native Americans, with a separate advisory body being established to represent this group to Congress.

RED FLAG 🚩 Pfizer advocates for constitutional change in Australia


Angry North & Boris’s Bitches:

We See That You Agree


Just the ticket for the emotionless knocking off of annoying human beings conveyor belt that’s being built (better).

Evgenia Filimianova, Epoch Times: Smart technology can provide better and faster care for the elderly, while easing pressure on staff, according to Health Secretary Steve Barclay.

Ahead of his trip to the G-7 Summit in Nagasaki, Japan, Barclay spoke about the role of robots and AI technology in supporting patients in care homes across the UK.

AI and Robots Could Ease Pressure in Care System, Says Health Secretary




Fairy Encounters: It’s amazing how much we can know about Fairy from a single tree: the ancient and powerful Hawthorn tree. It’s long known and well believed that Fairy consider Hawthorn trees to be sacred places, places they are known to dwell, where their music and dancing are heard. And… fair to say, they resent anyone who interferes with them. 3 incredible true stories will show you just why meddling with a Hawthorn Tree could prove deadly…

Never Touch a Fairy Hawthorn Tree! REAL FAIRIES!


The Brythonic Pantheon: This is the true story of the princess Gwenllian who fought against the Normans on new years day 1136 a mile North of Kidwelly. She was captured along with her son and was beheaded by the Norman Lord Maurice de Londres.

The True Story of Princess Gwenllian, The Normans and Kidwelly Castle (Welsh History and Mythology)


Laura Perrins, TCW: The Times said yesterday that food prices are on the way back down: ‘Supermarkets have told ministers that food prices have peaked and will start falling significantly in the coming months.’

Does anyone really believe this? Anyway, even if they do, prices are never going to reduce to pre-pandemic levels. I have no doubt that I will be paying £2.99 for a block of cheddar at Lidl for a long time yet.

The Times report continued: ‘The Treasury held a call with leading supermarkets after Andrew Bailey, governor of the Bank of England, blamed the “very big underlying shock” for stubbornly high inflation. The Bank raised interest rates for the twelfth consecutive time, from 4.25 per cent to 4.5 per cent, increasing mortgage costs by hundreds of pounds for millions of people. Ministers are concerned that food price inflation has proved more “sticky” despite falling energy prices.’

Thank you, Tories, we’ve never had it so bad


Demosthenes, TCW: JUST when you thought the Tories couldn’t appear any more pathetic, out comes Kemi Badenoch with a written statement outlining how even the modest attempts at purging our statute books of EU laws has been abandoned, apparently to placate pre-emptively the legions of unelected Europhiles infesting the House of Lords.

This news was met with rejoicing from the usual suspects: Isabel Hardman at the Spectator said it was a good decision, one that will only upset ‘hardcore Brexiteers’ (an adjective which was later dropped, presumably due to the outraged comment section).

She went on to say that ‘giving ministers the ability to scrap laws at whim and without scrutiny wasn’t really an example of MPs taking back control. It was an executive power grab.’ Someone at the Speccie should really take Ms Hardman aside and explain that the laws to be scrapped were imported on to our statute books by direct fiat from unelected Brussels bureaucrats with no scrutiny whatsoever in the first place.

By caving in to the Remainers without a fight, Sunak seals his own fate


Brilliant Bird Buddies:




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