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Not suitable for Truth Deniers


Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again : The Angels Live Melbourne 1988

Well are we humans?


Look at yourselves now Melbourne!

You need that fkn Andrews out!


Ontario Educators for Medical Autonomy and Freedom of Choice: Educators from Ontario, Canada share personal messages as they are forced to either undergo a medical procedure or lose their jobs.





Simone Gold: We have lost many of our Constitutional rights.

Freedom of Religion? Only if you follow the Religion of Public Health.

Pastors, Priests, and Rabbis bowed down to the false god of government when tyrannical governors prohibited or limited in person religious events.

Free Speech? Not anymore.

Controlled and censored speech is the order of the day. Critical thinking is mocked. Doctors are threatened by the medical establishment for asking scientific questions about COVID early treatments and vaccine related illnesses.

Free Press? Wiped out.

The Religion of Public Health





…and in the early day:


and later, before Doc Neeson and Chris Bailey passed away in June 2014 and 4 April 2013, respectively:



More to follow



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