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An open letter to every Aussie:

Perhaps you have noticed that an unbearable and accelerating tyranny that is tearing away everything you hold dear in life, disguised as fighting a lethal pandemic on the scale of the Black Death (where is it?) has been unleashed upon the world and that Australia is, as most always, the  unfortunate and too compliant testing ground for every ‘western’ governments dreams of oppression and abuse of its population.
This will not stop unless we stop it. Hundreds of thousands of Australians have been holding the line for you – waiting for you to join them – taking the bullets and the beatings, the pepper sprays stranglings and tasers, the murderous shots. Our forebears, uncles, aunties, gramps, papas, nannas, cousins, stood up when they were called…and they beat back the tyranny when it came for them. Now it comes for you. Are you really just going to go along with it?
– Ellis


Reignite Democracy Australia: Over the last week, the team at RDA has been contacted by thousands of people from all over the country, both employees and small business owners, looking for assistance with the recent mandatory vaccination directions. While we are unable to provide legal advice or assistance with each individuals situation, we have put this webpage together with links to resources and support you can use to #HoldTheLine and #JustSayNo.

There’s no doubt, we are going through the fight of our lives and we appreciate you standing up for your rights. Every time someone succeeds in preserving their liberty, we get one step closer to gaining our freedoms back as a nation. You are on the front line of this battle, and we can’t begin to imagine the stress you’re under. Please, stay strong. They want to wear us down and make us feel defeated…which is exactly why we must do the opposite…stay strong and hopeful!

You Are The Front Line   including Information and Resources for Employees

In the above link, you can “anonymously sign your name to commit yourself to HOLD THE LINE.
In return, we will provide resources to help you through this tough time.”


Petition Reason Every Australian child, adult and the wider community are the Australian citizens who run this country. The politicians were elected to serve us to govern this country as a Free and United democracy.
Petition Request We therefore ask the House to condemn the recent direction of public policy regarding vaccination and the public health officials scapegoating the unvaccinated as being responsible for disease outbreaks when vaccine failure provides a more plausible explanation.

More: Petition EN3411 – Condemn Public Policy Vaccination Program for All Australians


Media Release
21 October 2021
One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson will today introduce legislation making it unlawful to discriminate against Australians who exercise their right to choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I’m bringing this legislation to the Senate because I see no other alternative for halting the pandemic of discrimination that has been unleashed in Australia against individuals who don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19, regardless of the reason why they don’t,” Senator Hanson said.

“These individuals are Australians just like the rest of us but they’re demonised by governments and scorned at by compliant media. They face a bleak future in which they are treated as second-class citizens, not allowed to earn a living or cross a state border to be reunited with their families. Many have already had their livelihoods taken from them for standing for the right to choose. There’s no protection even for those people who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons. They face unacceptable discrimination too.

Hanson Acts To End Pandemic Of Discrimination


Reclaim the net: Google heavily editorialises its search results by shadowbanning and suppressing some stories, letting one perspective dominate the search results for some topics, and “fact-checking” its search results.

Use a search engine that’s not controlled by the tech giants.

Private search engines




The Richie Allen Show Thursday October 21st 2021: Richie is joined by Max Igan.

Max is a broadcaster, writer and researcher. He has just left his home in Brisbane Australia and moved to Mexico. Max believed that if he didn’t get out of Australia he would forever be banned from travelling unless he accepted a covid-19 jab. He now believes that he may never see his homeland again.
Max shares his extraordinary story with Richie. Do not miss this show. For more on Max Igan visit www.thecrowhouse.com

The Richie Allen Show Thursday October 21st 2021


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