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Happy Samhain…..

If You Think You Know How To Love Me – The Australian Smokie Show…..

The Australian Smokie Show – Sounds of Smokie…..

Y Galwd (The Calling): Welsh Song by Ceredwen…..

Why China’s rise exposes Australian vulnerabilities…..
Fires of old churches go on and on for decades. Why?…..
The Targeted Destruction of Abel Danger: Field McConnell Predator or Prey?…..
The Media’s Use of NLP & Mind Control…..
Dangerous Cowards & Useful Idiots – Australia…..
Leanan Sidhe…..
Fears shark is lurking off British coast after dolphin found ‘bitten in half’…..
Truly Outlandish Encounters with Insectoid Mantis Men…..
Gary McKinnon & Those “Non-Terrestrial Officers”: Real or a Game?…..
The Universe Is Made of Tiny Bubbles Containing Mini-Universes, Scientists Say…..

Maybe- performed by Thom Pace- The theme song of TV series ” The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” with lyrics…..


Sunset today in the UK, depending upon where you are, is somewhere around 4.30pm GMT. This begins Samhain Eve which climaxes very soon after at 5.14pm GMT, coinciding closely with ‘last light’. The period between sunset and last light is an potent liminal time.



Authentic 2019 Equinox, Solstice & Cross-Quarter Moments

Sunrise and sunset where you are in UK


Happy “Nos Calan Gaeaf”, “Oidhche Shamhna”, ”Oie Houiney”, ”Nos Kalan Gwav”, ”Samhain” to you and yours, wherever you are.


Sagittarianfella, The Australian Smokie Show: West Australian Smokie tribute band playing the 1975 Smokie song “If You Think You Know How To Love Me”:



Ceredwen, Mad about World Music:



Kerry Brown, BBC News: Australia and China continue to trade accusations and placations in an escalating row with far-reaching consequences. But amid criticisms of Beijing, Australia has long failed to properly scrutinise itself, writes China-Australia expert Kerry Brown.
Why China’s rise exposes Australian vulnerabilities


Forbidden Knowledge: Field McConnell, a career military and commercial pilot, a figure in the 9/11 truth community and co-founder of the alternative news website, Abel Danger was arrested on Monday in Wisconsin, where he resides. He’s awaiting extradition to Broward County, Florida, where he will be held without bail on three felony charges until trial, which could mean several months.
The Targeted Destruction of Abel Danger: Field McConnell Predator or Prey?


Global Vision:




Amazing Polly: The people that enable sociopaths are worse than the sociopaths themselves. To win we have to fight them directly. Call them what they are: cowards:


Kitty, Encounters with the Good People: Leanan Sidhe – Vampiric Muse or Divine Messenger? Leave your teenage vampire love stories at the door, Kitty is here to talk about the real Leanan Sidhe of The Good People. Faerie of traditional Irish Faerie Folklore are old, clever and can be really inspiring. They are all around us and watching, always watching. But what are they thinking? Can they relate to the vanity of our selfie generation or do they despair at our self-loving superficiality? Do we irritate them, should we fear them? In this episode, Kitty wonders if Leanan Sidhe’s interaction with Humans serves a higher purpose. Perhaps it’s about more than art! So, bin all romantic thoughts of bloodsucking, we’re going to take a no nonsense look at how and why Leanan Sidhe have inspired Humans through the ages and ask: Is she just a bloodthirsty vamp with a penchant for Human blood? And does this explain why struggling artists are often pale, sickly and tormented? Does she give inspiration to particular creative Humans out of lust or affection? OR… Is it possible Leanan Sidhe’s ‘gift’ benefits the Good People? Does her inspiration allow artistic Humans to relay profound thoughts/feelings on behalf of the Good People? Could our most extraordinary artists have acted as a conduit for the Faerie? We will ponder what John Keats, Marvin Gaye, Christy Moore and John Lennon might have in common and celebrate Leanan Sidhe and the Good People in song and poem.


Mirror Online: A shark may be lurking the British coast after a dead dolphin washed up – which looks like it was bitten in half.

Gruesome pictures show the bottom half of the dead dolphin is completely missing and on the upper half there appears to be bite marks from huge teeth.

On-lookers said they believed the sickening state of the dolphin’s remains on Harlyn Bay near Padstow, Cornwall, could have been the result of a attack by a shark.

Rumours of a Great White Shark stalking Britain have been rife for years and earlier this year fishermen from Devon said they had seen them stalking the South Coast.
Fears shark is lurking off British coast after dolphin found ‘bitten in half’


Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe: Going back to just about as long as encounters with strange alien entities have been around there have been many types of beings that are most commonly described by witnesses who have seen them and people who claim to have been abducted. There are the “Greys” perhaps most well-known in popular culture and which are probably the first image that springs to mind for most in the mainstream, but there are also commonly reported encounters with reptilian beings, and even odder still are those describing something insectoid in nature. Here we will look at a selection of such encounters in recent years, but these are really just the tip of the iceberg, and it seems to be a phenomenon that is firmly entrenched in the world of the paranormal and UFOlogy. These reports are the strange of the strange, so get on your tin foil hats, because we are going for a ride into the furthest reaches of the utterly bizarre.
Truly Outlandish Encounters with Insectoid Mantis Men

I knew a lady in Perth, Western Australia, Elizabeth Robinson who wrote a book on her experiences with mantis beings. It was published in 1998, and well promoted – she was interviewed by top shock-jock Howard Sattler on 6PR radio, who was surprisingly respectful to her and what she had to relate. The book was called Secrets, Truth & Destiny. Elizabeth Robinson (who used to sign her name Elizabeth R) and Mary Rodwell began the Australian Close Encounters Resource Network together. For a time, not all that long afterwards, Elizabeth went to live in America and during her time there I was told she stayed for a while with Professor John Mack. – Ellis


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: Gary McKinnon is someone that most people with a deep interest in UFOs will have heard of.  As I’m sure you will remember, he’s the guy who, in the early 2000s, chose to do something that was (A) extremely reckless; and (B) absolutely stupid. He did nothing less than hack into the systems of various agencies of the U.S. government. The purpose for this crazy decision? McKinnon felt that by doing so  he just might be able to find some of the government’s most classified data on UFOs and alien life. Well, it didn’t quite work out like that. In fact, McKinnon found himself plunged into the heart of what became an ever-growing nightmare. Author and journalist Jon Ronson said of McKinnon: “Basically, what Gary was looking for – and found time and again – were network administrators within high levels of the U.S. government and military establishments  who hadn’t bothered to give themselves passwords. That’s how he got in.”
Gary McKinnon & Those “Non-Terrestrial Officers”: Real or a Game?


Carly Minsky, Vice: ‘Spacetime foam’ might just be the wildest thing in the known universe, and we’re just starting to understand it.
The Universe Is Made of Tiny Bubbles Containing Mini-Universes, Scientists Say

…Now, where have I heard that before? – Ellis


Thom Pace, maf939:



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