30th September 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

Maybe you are noticing that humans are existing in Changeling Times and among Terra Forming and nature replacing operations – falling for the slick and managed fables. Only a mentally compromised species would allow this alien takeover.


Founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, Discussing the Hoax of ‘Man Made’ Climate Change…..
Boris Expresses Concerns Over 5G & Al at UN … !…..
Green Killing Machines: the impact of renewable energy on wildlife and nature…..



The Bigger Picture
What is the Global Action Plan?

Saturday 12th October 2019

Mark Windows  of Windows on the World
Piers Corbyn ( brother of Jeremy – astrophysicist and climatologist)
Sandi Adams Journalist

Maes Hyrfryd
St Dogmaels
SA43 3ES


Time 12 noon to 6 pm
Cost: £10
Concessions: £7

Download a flyer: the Bigger Picture St Dogmaels

More information: windowsontheworld.net






I realise this is like someone with a degree in stating the bleeding obvious but I’m regularly surprised at how few people ever consider this:

Do you ever ask yourself why there is such a race to force immunisation on humans while quick-smart introducing smart this and smart that and 5G technology which can only end badly for the human species and earth’s nature? How keen are governments on providing for the least able in our societies now, let alone when there are next to no jobs for anyone because of AI and robotisation? Err, what do you think is in store for humans?

Wake the fuck up!



One thought on “30th September 2019: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. (John Coleman is argumentative and rude. Not to mention mostly wrong imho.)

    As we know. Humanity’s actual weather data only goes back a few hundred years. What science knows about climate before then has evolved to where it is today. Studied in sediment, rocks, ice, literature, other historical record. True – science gets funding for research by what the powers that be want published, true or false.

    In our control – and more to the point of climate change, what must stop is poisoning the planet. There is no valid argument about that except from sociopaths usually in the business of destroying the environment, for profit.
    Disaster capitalism, carbon credits, futures on the stock market, corrupt and phony, most of them just in it for profit again at the expense of humanity and our precious planet’s crust.

    Not in our control – cosmic changes and the Sun and it’s cycles have a lot to do with changes in our climate. Solar Maximum, and Minimum. Would they give us a head’s up if we were actually about to be going into a Grand Solar Minimum? Probably not. As we don’t know.

    Enjoy your posts, Ellis, thank you.

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