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In a quantum first, physicists put 2,000 atoms in two places at once…..
You won’t believe what’s in the vaccines being discussed for mandatory vaccinations…..

Chris Rea – The Road To Hell …..
Meet the Volunteers and see Highlights from the HOWA July 2019 Minivan Build…..
Albert de Rochas, the Father of Future Life Progression…..
David Bowie – Heroes…..

Global Warming Petition Project…..
Your Brain Chooses What to Let You See…..
The Sun Also Warms: Dr. Willie Soon Shows the Sun-Climate Connection…..
Steve Hughes – The “Lefty” Liberal Mentality – ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!…..
British Armed Forces surrender?…..
Take Brexit away from MPs! BBC QT audience member’s brilliant plan for anti-remain vote…..
‘Didn’t fight two world wars to be shackled to EU!’ Brexiteers rage at ‘propping up’ EU…..
A KGB Assassin, the CIA, and Strange Powers of the Mind…..
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas…..
Bobby Kennedy’s son names ‘real killer’ 50 years after US politician’s horror shooting…..
Richard Dolan & Grant Cameron. Ufology Unplugged…..
The Super Nova of 1006 in Culhwch and Olwen. Appendix 1: The Very Black Witch Daughter of the Very White Witch…..
How to Use Our Natural Mental ‘Magic’…..
Ghost Hunting and the X-Box Kinect…..
The Luck of The Irish ☘️…..






The Bigger Picture
What is the Global Action Plan?

Saturday 12th October 2019

Mark Windows  of Windows on the World
Piers Corbyn ( brother of Jeremy – astrophysicist and climatologist)
Sandi Adams Journalist

Maes Hyrfryd
St Dogmaels
SA43 3ES

Time 12 noon to 6 pm
Cost: £10
Concessions: £7

Download a flyer: the Bigger Picture St Dogmaels

More information:



You might be familiar with the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment, where the eponymous feline in a box can be both alive or dead at the same time, often used to illustrate the multi-state paradox of quantum mechanics.

Well, now scientists have managed to apply that theory to huge molecules made up of 2,000 atoms.
In a quantum first, physicists put 2,000 atoms in two places at once


As government continues to speak about things we’ve not authorized them to be dealing with, namely mandatory vaccinations, a brief report has come out by Families 4 Vaccine Choice that illuminated us as to what is in vaccines and RNA.  If you have a weak stomach, brace yourself.

In a report posted earlier this year, the group pulled from a few sources, including the Center for Disease Control’s own website to provide the following information.

“What exactly is RNA and what does it have to do with vaccines? To understand this, we must first understand that vaccines are considered a biologic,” the report reads.

They then cite Biotechnology Innovation Organization for how a biologic is defined.
You won’t believe what’s in the vaccines being discussed for mandatory vaccinations

You have no rights or say in what goes into your body or into your childrens’. Hopeless humans for eugenics…Eat your dog! Oh, and how’s the vegetarianism and veganism going?


Numerosymbology investigates personal frequential patterns infused in the numeric and letter programmes in names and birth dates. Letters abide by the numeric frequencies according to their alphabet position. Ultimately Numerosymbology seeks the most meaningful of those frequencies. These are indicated by repeated numbers, which are known as ‘Intensified Numbers’, such as what you see here:

William = 6  Henry = 6  Gates = 6

A Numerosymbological outcome of 666


Birthdate: 28/10/1955  (Add the numbers together) 28 = 2+8 =10 = 1+0 = 1    10 = 1+0 = 1

19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1     55 = 5+5 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

A Numerosymbological outcome of 1111

If, let alone the fulfilment of ‘the Beast’ prophecy here, you can’t clock something very strange in the proliferation of the same numbers in the frequential pattern of a person who has had such a profound impact on the minds and bodies of humankind and through those dispirited souls, this planet’s health, then I can’t help you.

I tried to tell the world but it was too busy looking at pictures of fluffy cats and their latest dinners. – Ellis



In today’s video we see highlights and meet some of the volunteers from the Minivan Build put on by Homes on Wheels Alliance (HOWA) in July 2019. I think you will love the before and after shots of a plain vanilla Ford Windstar daily driver transformed into a cozy, practical, tiny home on wheels! We installed nice flooring, built-in a bed, kitchen across the back hatch where you can cook from inside or out, a nice shelf unit along the side and installed a complete 200-watt solar power system including a battery. It’s already to move into and live happily ever after!!


EsoterX: Occasionally, the rabbit hole goes deeper than one expects.  I was doing a little research on a particularly odd experiment by the famous French parapsychologist Eugène Auguste Albert de Rochas d’Aiglun (1837-1914), and discovered that he is uncredited with spawning what looks to be something of a modern industry, that is, “future life progression” (FLP).  Google the term.  There seem to be a virtual army of hypnotherapists out there offering this service.  According to the Future Life Progression Academy (and one assumes they would know), FLP “combines, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and Meditation. It is a guided therapy which enables your energy to align to the correct vibrational frequency to glimpse your future and bring forth that which is for your greatest good”.  Perhaps I don’t have the proper vibrational frequency to understand what the hell they’re talking about.  At any rate, people seem to be making money doing this.  Whatever floats your goat.  Yet, I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due, thus onto our friend Albert de Rochas.
Albert de Rochas, the Father of Future Life Progression



The petition referred to by John Coleman in the CNN interview referred to in the previous Howlin’:

31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs
Global Warming Petition Project


Jordana Cepelewicz, Quanta Magazine: Last week, Quanta reported on the filtering mechanisms that allow us to focus our attention on stimuli of interest — that let us tune out the music in a room to listen to a nearby conversation, or disregard greens, blues and yellows in a crowd when searching for a friend wearing red. That kind of processing, which involves the suppression of some sensory data to highlight signals that are more relevant, is directed by a goal.

But other processes operate well below this level of awareness, filtering out information that the brain deprioritizes without our willing it, or even knowing it. In these cases, our focus is directed not by a goal but rather by particular properties of the stimuli, like their brightness or motion — properties that we’re seemingly hard-wired to consider important. “It makes sense from an evolutionary perspective,” said Duje Tadin, a neuroscientist at the University of Rochester. “If something is moving, it’s often fairly important to your survival.”
Your Brain Chooses What to Let You See


Astrophysicist and climate scientist Dr. Willie Soon gave this presentation titled “The Sun Also Warms” at the Friends of Science 16th Annual Major Event on April 10, 2019 at the Red & White Club in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Soon probed the long history in the quest to understand Sun-climate connections. He presents clear evidence of a strong urban heat island effect that contaminates the government temperature data sets. Using a rural temperature data set, he shows strong correlations between the sun’s energy and temperatures. The sun’s irradiance varies much more than sunspots.


Steve Hughes, Tom Rhodes, Bull Brand: Steve Hughes is an Australian comedian that has his finger on the pulse when it comes to Lefty Liberals/SJW’s and their shit! In this rant, Steve breaks down what is happening in the West and the constant attack on our way of life. Taken from an interview with Tom Rhodes, this is an edited version just using Steve’s side of the conversation.

Thanks J


This issue was raised by Lord James of Blackheath in the BILL 06 debate
i.e. “Is it really true that the Government have entered into private
agreements with the European Community that they will, on completion of
remain or whatever it is to be, transfer to the European Union in
Brussels the entire control of our entire fighting forces, including all
their equipment? ..

It goes beyond this.

They are to take control of our intelligence services, the whole core of
Five Eyes.

They will have MI6 and the Cheltenham monitoring centre, and we will be
completely excluded from it under the new arrangements and have no
access either to the

He is interrupted by Lord Blunkett whom mouthed… ” I wonder whether
the noble Lord would be prepared to give way just for one moment.

I appeal to him to conclude, because it is not in either his interests
or the interests of the Committee for him to continue.” Lord James
responded ““ I thank the noble Lord. It is, however, in the interests of
the British public, who, in the end, will have to vote blind on this issue.

They need to be informed but nothing has been done to bring that about.
I beg to move.” …. .Hence
E258510FD926/EuropeanUnion (Withdrawal) (No6)Bill passed through the House
of Lords

Thanks J


A frustated Question Time audience member told the BBC panel that Parliament had taken “too long” to decide Brexit after more than three years of deadlock. The man said he was fed up and urged Boris Johnson to “absolve parliament of full responsibility” over Brexit matters. He also suggested that the Government put forward a Brexit-only second referendum tor resolve the division – without an option to stay in the EU.
Take Brexit away from MPs! BBC QT audience member’s brilliant plan for anti-remain vote


Brexiteers (more honourable Britons – Ed) have expressed their rage at Britain still being “shackled to the EU” after voting Brexit with one passionate Leave voter telling “we didn’t fight two world wars” for this to happen.
‘Didn’t fight two world wars to be shackled to EU!’ Brexiteers rage at ‘propping up’ EU


Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe: History is full of strange and enigmatic individuals who have passed through the ages to leave behind fascinating stories and leave their mark on time. Larger than life, these people have managed to create an indelible legacy and to create a wake of mystery, and one of these was a KGB assassin and spy who would have a life of drama and intrigue and go on to become an important player in the study of psychic powers and phenomenon. It is a tale of spies, international espionage, and ESP, and remains a rather bizarre journey through the life of a man who left behind a legacy that is still talked about to this day.
A KGB Assassin, the CIA, and Strange Powers of the Mind


Greg Reese, through Forbidden Knowledge: It’s the two-year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting and Greg Reese shares the many discrepancies found in the public domain that negate the official story, as well as new details I had never heard before along a theory of what really happened.
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas


More nut-shuffling distraction technique with the added bonus for the Darkest Ones of a bit of Palestininan demonisation – note too the timely/untimely death of Cesar and the linked close call for Sirhan:

RFK’s own son Robert Kennedy Jr is demanding a new investigation and making an extraordinary claim: that the real killer got away – and can finally be identified.
Bobby Kennedy’s son names ‘real killer’ 50 years after US politician’s horror shooting


Part 2


Arthur said, ‘Is there anything now that has not been got of the things hard to find?’

One of the men said, ‘Yes, the blood of the Dark Black Witch, Daughter of the Bright White Witch from the Valley of Grief in the uplands of Hell.’
Arthur set out towards the North and came to where the cave of the witch was. And Gwyn son of Nudd and Gwythyr son of Greidawl counselled to send Cacamwri and Hygwydd, his brother, to fight with the witch. And as they came into the cave, the witch rushed towards them and took hold of Hygwydd by the hair of his head and struck him to the floor beneath her. And Cacamwri took hold of her by the hair of her head and pulled her off Hygwydd to the floor, and she turned on Cacamwri and thrashed the two of them soundly and disarmed them, and drove them out whooping and hollering. And Arthur grew angry at seeing his two servants nearly killed, and he sought to rush towards the cave. But then Gwyn and Gwythyr said to him, ‘It is not fair and not pleasant for us to see you wrestling with a witch. Send Long Amren and Long Eiddyl to the cave. And they went. And if the trouble was bad for the two earlier, worse was the trouble of those two, so that God knew not one of those four was able to go from that place, except that the four of them were set on Llamrei, Arthur’s mare.
And then Arthur rushed towards the entrance of the cave and from the entrance he threw Carnwennan, his knife, at the witch and struck her through the middle until she was as two tubs.

The Super Nova of 1006 in Culhwch and Olwen. Appendix 1: The Very Black Witch Daughter of the Very White Witch.


What is psychokinesis (PK)?  It’s the ‘magical’ part of our minds. By magical I don’t mean stage magic but the power of the mind to make things happen directly.  A grandiose example from the Bible–God said, “Let there be light; and there was light.” Clearly, a very high form of word magic. The same ancient text says that we humans are made in the “image and likeness of God.” That means we too must have some of that miraculous creative energy, normally ascribed to God.
How to Use Our Natural Mental ‘Magic’


Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe: Ghost hunting in recent times has become an increasingly popular pursuit, largely fueled by such well known shows as Ghost Adventures and others. Far from the bumbling, stumbling Scooby-Doo type investigators many may envision, modern ghost hunters are often very well equipped with all manner of gear to make their jobs easier and to collect that evidence they so desperately seek. Some of this ghost hunting equipment is special made, some of it marketed as such, and others jury-rigged out of whatever available, and showing the ingenuity of ghost hunters is the increasing use of a video game gadget that has become increasingly valued for its ability to pick up ghosts.
Ghost Hunting and the X-Box Kinect


Bealtaine Cottage: As luck would have it, Lorenzo stalled just off the west coast of Ireland, ensuring that, for the most part, we emerged relatively unscathed!



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