My, the dark-side is suddenly very, very, terrified by human beings’ innate ability to dowse i.e. discover for themselves what is hidden.

As per usual the real charlatans and footpads have disguised their assault and alarm by provoking people to be outraged at a different target. This time it’s water company employees, who a system-scientist and fawning media are charging them with wasting their customers’ money (picking their pockets) by using  “witchcraft” to find leaks. Inciting people’s predictable long-conditioned reaction – to dismiss something that is uncomfortable or perilous to the system and its programmes – has become all too familiar. No mention was made of why, time after time, year after year, generation after generation, the workers are resorting to diving rods. Could it be because they work? Of course…but this lot are not keen on mentioning that.

One can recognise a dark-side operation when a subject that is usually given little serious attention is suddenly blasted into the maw of the condemned as the song-sheet of widespread media coverage and disparaging.

There’s always some programmed tool or fool trying to make a name for themselves who wittingly or unwittingly jumps into the role. In this case it’s a mawmet called Sally Le Page, “an evolutionary biologist interested in fly sex and behaviour” being platformed and quoted. A thoroughly unscientific and ignorant offering (“zero evidence they work?) by a system-promoted scientist on something she has witnessed but cannot bring herself to make sense of; instead relying on what she’s read in system rags and reports. Of course this one-sided crock has been greedily swallowed and spewed out by endless  other slaves of State largesse and conditioning. Le Page is someone though that the closed system deems to be a proper ‘scientist’.¹

In 2017, UK water companies still rely on “magic”

Being stuck in the web is an ideal place for studying flies but there’s no future in it.

Does she really believe that human beings dug and battered their way through bedrock (often for many days) any old where for their wells? If you need a pick axe and spade to dig “Let’s be honest, in the UK, you don’t have to dig very far to reach water regardless of where you look” Le Page, let me know. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a crowd of people, even proper scientists, watching you and measuring and marking your progress.

I’ve mentioned before my great uncle’s renown for finding suitable drinking water in outback south-west Australia for farmers and town-sites. He’s not alone, diviners have been locating water and other quarries in inhospitable places all over the world for aeons, and they still are. I could relate very many instances of successes with dowsing and I’m just one out of very likely millions who could do the same. I’ve alerted archaeologists of no end of sites dowsing has led me to but of course they run the other way; no doubt, in large part, because they’ve swallowed the fated misinformation of their found-wanting peers regarding dowsing and other immaterial skills. As for the article Le Page refers to about finding graves: on my Dragon-tracing journey I met a gravedigger who successfully uses dowsing all the time. I know and have known loads of farmers, builders, road-workers, engineers, cable and pipe-layers, electricians,  and other trades who use dowsing and swear by it –  again, because it works.

Dowsing can find anything, and that, I strongly suspect is the most system-disturbing reason behind this tactical assault. The system and its activities are dark and deceptive by nature and intent.

You don’t even have to look very deep to see how divining is obviously something that big business would want to discourage humans from. Technical equipment is expensive and it can be loaded with secret tracking facilities. There’s massive amounts of dosh to be creamed from manufacturing, licensing, selling, hiring, and up-keeping such equipment, whereas a forked twig or divining rods cost nothing – and they also easily elude tracking and micro chipping. As well, the innate human ability to dowse doesn’t entail paying for University degrees and their associated costs, so no takers there from alert sensitives who would prefer to not have their naturally-attuned minds mortared and doctored.

It’s a dangerous skill if it is aimed at things that the casting directors of governments and their paymasters don’t want humans to know about.

Yes, yes, I know there have been studies that reckon results as being no better than chance. How could they be expected to be anything else?

I remember being told by this raging sceptic, a one-voice gallah, that they and a team had held a dowsing experiment in a field. He said that  they buried buckets of water in it and packed some dowsers off into it to find the water. They weren’t successful he gleefully reported.

I obviously can’t remember the exact words but the gist of it went like this:

‘Did you monitor them while you watched?’
‘Yes, of course’.
‘From the edge of the field?’
‘Yes, but we had to have our chaps stay close as well, to observe them properly.’
‘The protocols demanded that we had to keep a close eye.’
‘Do you not think that would be unnerving?’
‘If they were as good as they claimed to be that wouldn’t make any difference.’

A worthless experiment then. We went on to another subject after this for which he gave an equally idiotic suggestion for another observational study.

Unlike the know-it-alls, I don’t know why dowsing works; all I know is that it does. What we all know surely is that any pursuit that requires intense psychic-sensory focus is perturbed and hampered by pressure and distractions. Someone hawking one’s shoulder watching and recording your every move is pressure by anyone’s language.

As Quantum Science shows anyway, observation affects the experiment.  So whatever ‘properly conducted scientific tests’ are, they are not what has been done to dowsing and its practitioners. (And always look at who funds any ‘studies’. Much the same as drug companies, and media that don’t voluntarily report bad things about themselves or their owners or big advertisers. Evidence shows that both will promote their ordered causes without blinking no matter how duff or dangerous it is.

The words of the fence jumping ( and so inevitably viciously attacked and censored) physicist Russell Targ are much more sensible:

Proof is evidence so strong that you can’t statistically or reasonably deny it…You can’t prove scientific things in the laboratory the way you prove mathematical theorems. You prove things in a laboratory by piling up so much evidence that it is simply unreasonable to deny it.

– Russell Targ

Two videos I’ve made of sites I’ve discovered through tracing a Dragon current through Pembrokeshire – by dowsing:

Dragon sites 1:  https://vid.me/c5dJv

Dragon sites 2: https://vid.me/bg1Kd


Dowsing has an ancient and very long history because over all that time it has shown itself to work. That’s what proof is. Its resulting benefits easily and bountifully overflow with evidence of its efficacy. What Russell Targ says (with admiral tact and patience) applies to dowsing:

“It is simply unreasonable to deny it”.

23rd November 2017


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Science is broken: Perverse incentives and the misuse of quantitative metrics have undermined the integrity of scientific research is the full title of an article published in the on-line journal AEON . I learned of it through a friend who was interested in part because the authors are at the university from which I retired some 17 years ago.

The article focuses on the demands on researchers to get grants and publish, and that their achievements are assessed quantitatively rather than qualitatively, through computerized scoring of such things as Journal Impact Factor and numbers of citations of an individual’s work.
Science is broken


This article is actually related to much more than it appears. Note the name quoted twice and how it rubs against the premise, and possibly the genetic pressures, of the author of the hit-piece on dowsing:

I remember well the last days of high school. There was a general sense of apocalypse combined with the hopeful ideal that we will all soon be moving on to a better place. At this similitude of death and rebirth, it seemed like there was a frantic polarity between a desire to move on, and one to grasp everything that you have ever loved and never let go. Then, right at the center of all of this, we created artifacts of the moment, by signing each other’s yearbooks. I remember happy but desperately clingy signatures such as, “let’s keep in touch,” “call me this summer,” and “I’ll always remember…” But there was one theme, interspersed throughout many of these from-the-hip memorials and epitaphs, which shocked me. For whatever reason, this idea was quite popular for yearbook signatures that year, and it populates many pages of my yearbook. It was the loving, yet damning, request to “never change” and “stay who you are.” Never change, I wondered? Why on earth would I never change? What could possibly be so precious about my 18-year-old self that I ought to solidify it into an eternal self-ness? This threw me into deep thought on what it is that we all think we are, and why we fear change. This is a thought process which I’m not entirely sure I’ve recovered from. Can I say that I know what I am? Can we know what we are? Or does it only matter what we do? I’m not even sure if these questions are significantly different, yet it speaks to a question which hits on so many aspects of life. What is my identity? Or in other words, are we what we are, or are we what we do?
What Quantum Physics Can Tell You About Your Identity


This wannabe celebrity person, who hasn’t a clue, issued a challenge at the Weird 09 Conference in Warminster for someone to dowse for an object that had been hidden. A young lad called Jamie Basil answered the challenge and dowsed straight to it. She’s just written this article:



1: A quoted and system-promoted scientist is someone who, or something that, abides by the system’s script and dictates. Can be misguided human beings or those under duress of some kind or another.

The system includes anything that is funded (and so therefore controlled) by and for corporate interests. These include, but are not limited to, governments and all their departments – education, health etc, science and technology, commerce, financial institutions, law, media, space agencies…on and on. All of them are increasingly outing themselves as predators, parasites and deceivers; anti-human, anti-peace, anti-freedom, anti-individuality, anti-justice, anti-human culture, anti-health, anti-compassion, merciless, without morals and with no sense or comprehension of the fundamental spiritual essence of what a human being is. They are bodies, just bodies, no feelings, no souls…corporations.


Definition of ‘corporation’:
From Corpus. Latin: Body.
Corporal: belonging or related to the body; material, not spiritual.
“a united body; the authorities of a town or city; a legal, municipal, mercantile,, or professional association, authorised to act, plead, or sue, as a single person, governed by its own by-laws, and electing its office-bearers from its own body.”

– Collins Dictionary


“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

– Michael Ellner

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