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Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program!…..
Addressing the Alien-Human “Hybrid” Issue…..
Bizarre Cases of Teleporting Animals
Nessie sightings on rise: American tourist ninth person this YEAR to spot ‘Loch Ness Monster’ poking out water…..
Hell is for Railroad Telegraphers…..
Four Tops :Still Waters Run Deep (1970)…..
Earth Angel Scene – Back to the Future 1985 HD…..
Percy Sledge – Take Time to Know Her (Mountain Arts Center 2006)…..

My laptop has been hit again for the second time this year, even more seriously. It began with the screen flickering and the laptop becoming unresponsive. It settled down but problems with programmes became obvious. I set about repairs but then a kind of a sharp bang from the area of the hub accompanied by a surge which knocked out the green light on the surge-protection cord. The laptop flickered but stayed on however it had obviously been affected. I ran virus and malware scans and picked up a few which the programmes couldn’t delete. I took to the internet and tried other fixes and while doing this a deep male voice came through the computer’s speakers, “I’ve put a spell on you. You are mine.” They are slightly changed lyrics from Nina Simone’s song, ‘I put a spell on you‘, without the first word, ‘Cause (because). It’s creepy but it’s probably something that is attached to whatever infection, or infections, that came in. Techies I’ve spoken to have suggested that it was an attack targeted on my I.P. address.

I’ve under-reported the numerous attempted attacks on me over the years but I’ve written about a few of them. I know the names of four suspects involved (but there are many more involved)   – three I know for definite have security services connections, Mossad, ASIO and one of the British Intelligence agencies. The other is a Targetted Individual themselves. I’ve also reported incidents where agents have come into my home when I have been away. On one occasion I arrived home unexpectedly (for them) one night to see the silhouette of a man in my house, I’d left the light on. When I went inside nobody was there, all the windows were shut properly and the doors were locked.

I also have the constant hum in my ear – usually my right ear, that lasts for up to about a minute. This doesn’t happen often but it has been for several years now. It happened when I was trying to fix my laptop on this last attack through my laptop connection, I can’t remember if it happened on the earlier one.

I know I am also attacked by people making up lies about me. I can name three of them as well but there are probably other Targeted Individuals and other agents as well. One Targeted Individual, who I tried to help after they had been cruelly abused, attempted to assassinate my character on Arsebook but fortunately a long-time friend saw it and alerted me. They too have associations with security services. Whenever I have thought about them I see them in a white lab coat. I wrote and asked the person why they had done it and they accused me (to others) of threatening them with legal action. I didn’t say any such thing. On three occasions that come to mind people who I’ve known through the internet for a long time suddenly sent me abusive mail that made no sense and gave no reasons. I do have evidence from friends who were sent emails trying to destroy my character – they wasted their time there. These are friends I’ve known well for a very long time.

One man who began to help me with his tech expertise suddenly died of a heart attack. He was only 40. Another old friend, who unbeknownst to me I found out worked for the Rothschilds and their ilk in later years (admittedly we had lost touch for a number of years) died suddenly. He too was in his 40s when he passed away. They were good people. There is massive protection now around everyone I hold dear.

Agents of the Darkness come from every background, every age and every race. They can also be non-human, other-dimensional, or humans with techno-enabled capabilities to be invisible. I’ve been watched, filmed, photographed, sonically targeted, poisoned, threatened with a syringe, slandered, my car has been tampered with, vehicles have attempted to run me off the road, stolen from…and I’ve had missing time, many times. On none of these occasions have I been told why. I have also had time stop that has saved my life. Perhaps some of the missing time incidents have been for the same purpose, I don’t know. I’ve probably forgotten about most of the incidents because I don’t dwell on any of them. I’m not a dweller, I have 7s all over, so not only will dark antics not get to me I’ll be going when the Infinite decides it’s time for me and not before. I’m not naive enough to be blasé but I am confident of my security, even if circumstances get close to the edge sometimes. They have merely been demonstrations, lessons and tests of character.

Every deed and action is noted by the Infinite. There is no hiding place, even in the Darkness, for anyone that cosies up to It or even allows any of It‘s abuse, murder and mayhem to go unchallenged.

None of us are perfect, we are imperfect beings in an imperfect world, but while we are here we have the opportunity always to make ourselves better, and to encourage improvements in what we are drawn to and responsible for.

On many occasions other people have been with me or witnessed these surveillances and assaults. Unsurprisingly few friends are up for travelling in a car with me, but on a particular stretch of road in mid-Wales someone unseen always jumps in the car with me for a couple of miles. A good friend was with me on one such occasion but this began the first time I drove that way, a year, maybe two, previously. I was approaching a bend in the road that skirts up against a granite cliff so you cannot see what is around the other side. About 200 yards from the bend, suddenly this little white ute pulled out in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes hard. About another 50 yards, or so, on the ute turned up a track on the same side of the road. Of course I launched a few choice words  at the bloke and his idiotic driving.

I’m almost on the bend now and from the other direction comes a massive truck right in the middle of the narrow road. If the guy hadn’t have pulled out and caused me to almost stop I’d have been killed, no question. Ever since then I have been accompanied when I get to this area. I can’t see him, he doesn’t speak, but I can sense him, and there is a strong smell of tobacco. He gets out when I’m past the huge rock and down the road a bit. I thought it was a ghost hitching a lift at first but now I realise he is there helping to look after me.

Amongst the people reading this will be many that know everything I have reported is true. Some of them have been with me when these and other attacks and stalkings have occurred, others will be the perpetrators.

The next words in the verse of the Nina Simone song are ‘You better stop the things you do, I ain’t lyin’ No I ain’t lyin”.

Well, I’m not going to stop. I’m doing what I’m here for. The only reason I haven’t named you publicly is because you too are victims in this, Targeted Individuals, human beings over-shadowed and played, even if you haven’t realised it. I truly hope you do now. Your names are known, the evidence is in the hands of people (and not just people) I trust and who I know will do something about it should it become necessary. I’m not still here by luck. Walk away.

This inhuman and satanic targeting is rife, happening to countless people everywhere. Please see the video below to get a clear understanding of its operations and prevalence.

– Ellis


Anonymous former private security firm employee claims he worked on the program to gang stalk harass targeted individuals, until he himself could not accept how evil it was, turned whistle blower, and became a TI himself. In this video put together by TyrannyUnmasked channel this former gang stalking employee does a very good job explaining how society is now split between those on the “right” side of the technology weaponization, (i.e. voice-to-skull, directed energy weapons), and those on the “wrong” side, which is those who will not go along with the evil. *Also the original source video was from the “Builder Rejected” channel.


As the investigation of the alien abduction phenomenon has shown, more than a few alien abductees report being taken to rooms that are in stark contrast to the sterile and clean – and almost obsessively so – environments aboard UFOs. In these particular cases, abductees enter an environment in which what are known as “hybrid children” are given toys to play with. It’s as if a concerted attempt is being made to humanize the hybrids even more. Whether this is done from a positive perspective of inter-species cooperation and inter-breeding, or if it’s done to ensure that the hybrids can more successfully infiltrate human society in a sinister, hostile fashion, very much remains to be seen. It’s also very dependent on which side of the fence you stand. Possibly, you may well be of the opinion that the whole issue is complete and utter nonsense. Or, just the stuff of fiction.
Addressing the Alien-Human “Hybrid” Issue


A staple of science fiction, teleportation has long captured the imagination, the idea that someone could travel from one place to another instantaneously and alluring one, yet there are many cases lying outside of the realm of pure fiction of this supposedly actually happening in real life. Such strange reports paint a picture of a bizarre world in which people, objects, and animals seem to inexplicably blink in and out of existence to teleport for reasons and by means that remain unknown to us. I have covered such cases with people on several occasions and also objects here at Mysterious Universe before, but not animals, so here we will look at the mysterious world of animals that seem to have teleported from one place to another, further showing that this is a truly unique facet of the world of the weird.
Bizarre Cases of Teleporting Animals


Diana Turner from Michigan recorded the sighting after spotting it on the Loch Ness webcam, as officials reveal ‘number of sightings is the most we have had this century’
Nessie sightings on rise: American tourist ninth person this YEAR to spot ‘Loch Ness Monster’ poking out water


“Is it a fact—or have I dreamt it—that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time?” – Nathaniel Hawthorne, The House of Seven Gables

This morning I was perusing the Miscellany section of the 1902 edition of The Railroad Telegrapher over coffee.  You know, like you do.  The Order of Railroad Telegraphers was a 19th Century American labor union, and existed until roughly 1965, when it changed its name to the Transportation Communications Employees Union, as the telegraph had long been supplanted by fancy technologies like the radio and phone.  By 1969, their 30,000 members merged with the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees, and by 1985 merged with the International Association of Machinists, as the revived Transportation Communications Employees Union which according to their official website now boasts 46,000 “people from many different backgrounds, doing many different jobs…clerks, carmen, auto technicians, computer programmers, skycaps and redcaps, on-board service workers, secretaries, supervisors, government workers, truck drivers, accountants, yardmasters, inter-modal workers, police officers, reservations agents, transit workers and more”.  Not a lot of telegraphy going on there, but back at the turn of the century they had their own magazine devoted to the exciting world of radio telegraphy.  And occasionally it veered into the creepy.
Hell is for Railroad Telegraphers






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