Happy Gwyl Ffraed

Happy Gwyl Ffraed or Gwyl Sanffraed, or Fraed’s Day, St. Ffraed’s Day, Bride’s Day
or Imbolc.



If you are in Western Australia, then Happy Lughnasadh.

2017 Equinox, Solstice & Cross-Quarter Moments

Wherever you are, wishing you the very best of days.




We’re at 15° Aquarius at 15:27 UT today; and tonight is the Maiden Moon. Nature is stirring from Her winter slumber.

Some info on the Goddess and Saint. As per usual the real history of humanity’s indigenous knowledge has been concealed and vast amounts of it destroyed. She was more than a compendium of Irish saints and the date indicated is just as much Romanised, but there’s some good information on the Goddess here.


These focal moments are opportunities for us all to reconnect meaningfully with the power of the Creative Universe and to awaken to our true gifts and to our roles as divinely charged custodians of this rare jewel of a planet, our home, our inheritance and our onward legacy. We, the spirit of each of us, and together, are here because we have pledged to this great engagement. Today we can honour that by doing more than we usually do for others, and less for the machine thats wicked ways and agents connive to entrance us.


Much love,

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