As you may know, only recently I joined Facebook. Last night I couldn’t get on to it. I had a message saying that it appears I’m a business, something else or a public person and so I have to have ‘a page’ instead.

Well, despite huge reservations and concerns with Arsebook, on the plus side, I’ve had friends requests from lots of interesting people and many more have become acquainted with my stuff. These days it’s a wilderness outside social media and for someone like me who is attempting to share the kind of information I do, hopeless without it, I’ve discovered.

However, it is a machine world totally devoid of choice in any meaningful way. The whole system runs on dictates ignored by those who grease its grinding mills with their life energy and personal data, and time.

Why do I have to have a page? Because Arsebook says so. I’d slipped into the abyss far enough but it wasn’t enough for the machine. Do I have a choice? Yes, I can leave it.



2 thoughts on “Bamboozled

  1. My friend, you are a pioneer – not a follower. I agree that social media is a soulless experience. Could you not seek and create other ways to reach people? I think a regular radio show would be wonderful. Honestly, I prefer listening these days, as radiant screen culture is depleting.

    Power to you.


    • JM, thank you very much for your very kind words and support. Besides me not being very good at radio interviews, and the tech issues that have beset most that I have done, I’m too much of a loose cannon for even the alternative media, with a very few exceptions. What i have to say comes when it’s ready to be said, and not to order, which is what all mejah wants, of course. I’m always open to ideas though.

      I like what you’ve done with the text on your page:
      that’s a creative way to ‘bamboozle’ the programme. Excellent.
      Thanks again. Ellis


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