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A little more on the Australia Day tragedy in Perth.
Demons of war…..
Wongi My Bardip….
Racism in a Global Context…..
A Powerful Message Every Student & Parent Needs To Hear: Grades Do Not Determine Intelligence…..
Lost Dark Ages Kingdom of Rheged Possibly Found in Scotland…..
Panic in the Woods with Steph Young…..
Seeing Double: Strange Cases of Bilocation…..
Why “first contact” with extraterrestrial beings may WIPE OUT humanity…..


Demons of War

A little more on the Australia Day tragedy in Perth that took the lives of Peter Lynch and Endah Cakrawati, and traumatised thousands:

In the previous Howlin at the moon (28th January) I wrote this: “Between 9/11/2001 and 27/1/2017 there are 5617 days. 5617 has only one factor besides 1: 41 x 137. 137 is the 33rd prime, matching the major number 33, and this was the 33rd Skyshow”.

The number 137 when the numerological value of the day, 9 (27 = 2+7), is included forms the square and compass in what is known as the Freemason’s Magic Square. This magic square is anciently known as the Saturn Square.



I have also referred then, and in the past, to the rune ‘Perth’ (P-earth) and its staple involvement with the occult agenda at large in this most isolated city and its illumination by 33rd degree Freemason, John Glenn, as ‘the City of Lights’, in 1962 (another 9), almost 55 years ago. The rune, ‘Perth’ is astrologically linked to Saturn, and its element is water. It has to do with childbirth and pregnancy as well; the formulation, conception or materialisation of someone or something.

fgThe plane was a Grumman G-73 Mallard (adds to 9), which Mr Lynch had bought in the USA, in 2011. Of course its apparent that another two of the model numbers feature here too: 7 and 3, but as well there is the the capital G (often seen with the square and compass), which has a Numerosymbological value of 33. Number 3 is associated to the element of air. In Numerosymbology, Perth is a 3. (7 is water.)

The name Grumman also begins with a 33-G. In Numerosymbology, Intensified Numbers (they are tardevcalled Master Numbers in numerology) at the beginning of a calculation are known as a track. A track is the confined environment (e.g. the stage, scene, the limits, focus of activities) which the following numbers have to deal with and/or negotiate within. ‘rumman’ totals 80, which is 8 (a Saturn number), systems, machinery, binding, stress, blockage, control, injection, turning, moving between one environment, dimension, realm, and so on, to another, etc ;however ‘rumm’ equals 65, which adds to another Intensified Number, 11. Bringing 33 and 11 together we discover an alternative track, 44. (Number 4 elemental associations are earth and water.) The letters a and n, add to 15, which is the same as the resulting totals of every direction in the Magic Square, and one of the Saturnian figures in the Tarot, the Devil. Numbers 1 and 5 equal 6, the number of service but also the fall and turn; it is another Saturnian associated number, and yet another component of the Magic Square design.

To be clear, I am not casting aspersions at Freemasonry, but I do suspect that dark forces, far more cognisant of the deep and secret structures and workings of this world, are pointing at them. My strong suspicion is that this fatal and heartbreaking plane crash was otherworld commanded and this world orchestrated and managed. Something to do with circulation, perhaps a fuel problem or blockage is likely to be blamed.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to everyone who has been stricken by this horrible tragedy. – Ellis


Note in this video Robert’s mention of Kaardiyup (also rendered, Mooro Katta and Kaarta Gar-up), renamed by the invaders as King’s Park and Mount Eliza. Always revered by the Nyungars it, and the banks that encircle the global influencing energetic vortex of the Swan River basin, have been commandeered by the Darkness and its cohorts as their sacred hill and power centre, their harrow, and is littered with their monuments, instruments and ceremonial sites. It is a location that features many times in articles on my websites.


Some content in this speech is the same as the first one but further information and Robert’s personal experiences are also included:


How many times have you finished an exam only to remember the answers to some of the questions an hour or so later? Did you have the knowledge in your mind? Yes. Do you understand the important concepts that go along with a subject but maybe haven’t memorized the less useful details? Yes.

“How many times have you remembered something 5 minutes just after the teacher said: “Stop writing,” only to receive your results a month later to realize that you were only 1 mark short of the top grade? Does that mean remembering 5 minutes earlier would’ve made you more qualified for a particular job?” – Suli Breaks

Why Do We Pedestal The Exam & Grades?
So why is the EXAM the one thing that is put on a pedestal beyond everything else? Why are we letting our grades, which are ultimately the tools by which people determine how well we have learned any given material, tell people what we understand? In my view, herein lies the absurdity of how we measure our knowledge.

In the video below, Suli Breaks delivers a powerful spoken word piece drawing attention to not only exams but the entire school system. He sheds light on the fact that as a society we are simply repeating methods of learning and doing that are based off of inherently faulty ideals.
A Powerful Message Every Student & Parent Needs To Hear: Grades Do Not Determine Intelligence


This is the kind of thing that makes archeology exciting. While looking for something else, researchers in Scotland recently discovered the location of the lost Dark Ages kingdom of Rheged, the mysterious sixth century land ruled by King Urien, made famous in early medieval poetry and long believed to have been located near Carlisle and Cumbria. This exciting new discovery and interpretation of carvings puts it instead over 100 km (60 miles) away at Trusty’s Hill Fort in Galloway.
Lost Dark Ages Kingdom of Rheged Possibly Found in Scotland


In this show we talk about Steph’s upcoming podcast, which will be partially distributed by Where Did the Road Go? and Deprogrammed Radio. Then we get into one of her newer books, Panic in the Woods, where we find a couple of very strange deaths, A couple of guys pursued by some strange people, weird stuff in Rendlesham Forest, Werewolves, and a missing couple along the Colorado River. Creepy stuff. Enjoy.
Panic in the Woods with Steph Young


It is a common saying to say that one can’t be in two places at once, but what if that was not necessarily true? Throughout history there have been decidedly bizarre accounts of mysterious individuals who have done just that, somehow managing to bend and subvert the laws of reality to literally exist in two places at the same time. I am not talking about teleportation, or the phenomenon of doppelgängers
Seeing Double: Strange Cases of Bilocation



One thought on “31st January 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…ellisctaylor.com

  1. mmmm …… spinning globes, big bangs and survival of the most vicious; there’s 3 misconceptions for a start. Evidently a proportion of our species has gone insane and there are too many damaged by them who follow their dictats; there are also many who profit from playing this extinction game. It was not always so, it is very recent.

    I’m immersed in the works of Fomenko and revelations contained in New Earth’s channel which aid and complement such. Some is new information, otherwise this information makes sense of what was otherwise nonsense about the mainstream history and chronology. We’ve already had ‘first contact’. Unfortunately we were bulldozed by an invasion force, 2nd contact which destroyed Atlantean world culture.

    I don’t trust the health ranger beyond some of the health advice his site provides and am no longer a subscriber. Dr Mercola is a better source and I’ll bet he’s not turning ‘prophet of doom’.


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