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Two posts from the site I’m building for my books:

In These Signs Conquer by Ellis TaylorThe first is from my book, In These Signs Conquer, first published in 2006. Where’s that 9 years gone?

All sorts of fads, fashions and baubles are offered to us: music, films, books, clothes, diets, cosmetic surgery, and technology in exchange for the real wealth every human being came into this realm with. We are told that we must be hip, fashionable, thinner, perfectly formed and intellectually with it all of the time. People spend huge amounts of time, energy and money attempting to stay on the ride as it hurtles around faster and faster. It’s laughable really because the trick is to slow down and get off. Human bodies are physical manifestations of mental energy. Your inner self will always be mirrored on your outer self. Human bodies wear out through constant physical, conscious and emotional mental exertion so obviously surely the very best way to slow down the ageing process is to daydream, contemplate and meditate to give your physical apparatus a rest. At the same time this will allow your essential self to come to the fore. Your unconscious mind where your true wisdom rests will relish the challenge and inevitably your truth will emerge.

Slow down…and laugh

The second is from my book, Dogged Days, first published in 2008:

doggeddays200x302I lay down to sleep on the sofa and was just drifting off when the clock chimed loudly. ‘I hope that it doesn’t keep me awake all night,’ I thought. Then immediately I heard this loud scratching noise coming from the back of the room, either the patio doors or the back window. ‘Oh, go away!’ I grumbled to myself, ‘I’m not up for this tonight, I’m too tired.’ The next thing, directly behind me, I could hear several objects moving about on the coffee table, scraping along the surface; and through my closed eyelids I saw bright lights flashing around the room. Next came some garbled voices… what they were saying I could not comprehend. Then quick as a flash something shot right into my head, it felt like my brain was being squeezed, and it bloody well hurt! By this time I could not move, I felt paralysed and I had the sense that whatever this was it was trying to read my mind. I saw visions…A great long bridge that spanned a bay, which could have been the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, although after looking at photos of this, it was much longer than that. I think it was symbolic. Right now I cannot remember what the other visions were but what happened next left me with evidence that what was happening was very real.

A most terrible night


In the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode on Gaiam TV, Corey Goode makes some startling claims about sleeping giants located in stasis chambers hidden all around the world. He says that during his down-time in secret space program assignments (1987-2007) he would review information on “smart glass pads.” The pads were a Wikipedia-like repository of information that personnel in the Solar Warden and other secret space programs could access about various aspects of ancient Earth history, extraterrestrial life, advanced technologies, etc. Goode described seeing information about giants that once lived on Earth, now sleeping in stasis chambers.

Sleeping giants in stasis chambers ready to awaken whistleblower claims

Well, whatever it is there’s a very strong energy coming off that second video. – Ellis

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