Ellis is available for both on-line and in-person Numerosymbology consultations. More info coming soon.
About Ellis and Numerosymbology
Ellis Taylor has been developing, studying, refining and practicing this exceptional new character and objective analysis technique since 1996.
Innately, he is an otherworld traveller, who has journeyed, quite naturally, between realms. Through his experiences and visions he has gained insights that have enabled him to, among other things, develop Numerosymbology.
For a number of years he studied and practiced tarot and numerology until it was made clear to him that these, together with their cousins, symbology and etymology (which he had also been studying) and his natural psychic inclinations, empathy, and experience, would form one combined application and service. Ellis styled this new modality, Numerosymbology.
Since 1996, Ellis has written articles for newspapers, lectured at conferences, appeared on radio and T.V., and written four books. Among other current projects he is formulating Numerosymbology courses, editing two books, advising on others, and taking part in two documentaries.
Please visit to learn more.
An interview with Peter Maxwell-Slattery where I discuss numerous incidents and topics, including Numerosymbology:


A clip from a documentary being made by film-maker, Chris Turner, about my life and experiences.


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