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Bob Moran: ‘Let Them Fly’ original artwork


Dublin MEP Clare Daly dropping Ukraine truth bombs into the EU Parliament.



Right Now – Medical Researcher Stuart Wilkie Exposes State Murder in the Uk


The Bernician: Here lies an effortlessly incendiary letter by my brother in arms, Dave Laity, which was served yesterday upon Steven Crombie, Senior Manager Customer Services at Lloyds Banking Group, in relation to the myriad of institutionalised frauds the directors stand accused of.

This follows Dave’s now world famous appearance at the Lloyds AGM, where he secured to agreement of the entire Lloyds board to comply with our decade long demand to cooperate with our criminal investigations into the fraudulent operations of every UK bank.

Lloyds Directors Beaten, Bruised & Bloody After Letter From Dave Laity


RT News, via Truthbook News: New centers of power have emerged, the unipolar world order isn’t coming back, and the “colonial” way of thinking has failed, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday, in what the Kremlin described as an “extremely important” speech.

1. The old world order is gone with the wind

The Old World Is Over: Key Takeaways From Putin’s First Major Speech Since Russia’s Military Offensive in Ukraine


In the Interests of the People: Events in the global economy continues to evolve at lighting pace. New news is coming out by the hour which explains where the global economy is going and it is not a good place.

Given what has happened in the past few days it is again important that Adams and North come back and provide a further update on critical events happening in the global economy.

It is imperative that our viewers understand the concept which Adams and North outlined two shows ago about the dichotomy between inflation/interest rate versus liquidity and credit risk. It is imperative that viewers look up the meaning to ensure that they understand the different between a default on debt and when a entity or market has insufficient cash or an inability to convert assets into liquid cash.

God Help Us! The War has been Surrendered!


Jane Barthelemy, Jane’s Healthy Kitchen: Stevia is marketed as a healthy sweetener. But surprising new evidence indicates all stevia sold in grocery stores is highly processed with methyl alcohol or other toxic chemicals. Healthy Solution: Look for natural zero-sugar sweeteners. Is your stevia pure? Or is it mixed with other sweeteners and chemicals? Do you wonder how your stevia is refined? What does “natural” mean, if anything? You deserve to know what’s hidden in your stevia. It is essential for your health to learn how stevia is processed, and decide for yourself. This article strips away the marketing hype, with clear evidence that’s very surprising.

AVOID! The Toxic Truth About Stevia



My heart is beating fast in the Midlands


Childrens’ Health Defense: In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Hayley Lopez, who developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome at age 29 after her first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, can no longer work at the job she loves because she can’t pass the required medical tests.

Exclusive: 29-Year-Old’s Career Came ‘Crashing’ Down After Pfizer COVID Vaccine Injury




  • COVID-19 is clearly no longer an emergency. The real emergency now is the continued use of the COVID “vaccines,” because they’re creating injuries on a level that is truly alarming and unprecedented. VAERS data reveal the COVID jabs have caused more harm in 18 months than all other vaccines on the market, combined, over the past three decades
  • Raw data from the Pfizer trial also show the shots were associated with an increased risk for death from the start, and both Pfizer and the FDA knew it
  • Data also show highly “vaccinated” and boosted nations are now experiencing record case and death rates from COVID compared to countries with low injection rates
  • We’re now finding the COVID shots have negative efficacy, meaning, if you have received the shot and are exposed to COVID, you are more likely to get sick, not less likely, compared to someone who is unvaccinated
  • The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has developed a protocol for those injured by the COVID jabs called I-RECOVER, which you can download from covid19criticalcare.com in several different languages

FLCCC Treatment Protocol for Vaccine Injured


‘Tea Time’ Episode 37: Post Vaccine Syndrome Protocol With Dr. Pierre Kory + Dr. Paul Marik


The News & Why It Matters: ‘Where’s the PROOF?’ Rand Paul GRILLS Dr. Fauci on Vaccines


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle: One of the things that ayahuasca showed to my good friend, Greg Caton, before he left this “Earth” realm for another realm, half a year ago, was that there was going to be a major, prolonged, intense, National Uprising in Ecuador in 2022.

In my experience, ayahuasca does not lie, at least not for those who have the fortitude to see the truth and not look away, as unpleasant as it may sometimes be.
So it is that events of recent days in Quito, and all over the country, indicate that the 2022 National Uprising in Ecuador has apparently now begun, or the preliminary stages of it, at any rate.

Ecuador Erupts In Large Protests


Zeee Media via Truthbook News: The MSM reports this is over food, unemployment and fuel. Alternative media reports the people are protesting the suppression of their civil rights.

Protestors in Ecuador Are Blocking Key Roads and Barriers Across the Country. The MSM Reports This Is Over Food, Unemployment and Fuel. Alternative Media Reports the People Are Protesting the Suppression of Their Civil Rights


Rod Culleton’s “Great Australian Party”:

New World Order In Australia !! 2022:


Amazing Polly: I ramble on about the World Economic Forum’s horrible narrative and vision for the future. They act like it’s inevitable – but it is NOT!

Their Terrible Narrative – Freeform Friday:


Pete Townshend On How He Got His Trademark Windmill Move | Letterman


Andrew Lawrence:

Councils to cut kids’ funding.


Deborah Hatswell #BBR: Miss St Denis decided to pack her things and made her way out of the station. Glancing back, she was horrified to see that the man was now following her. She quickened her pace and started to whistle in order to appear unconcerned. It was now twilight and the path had taken her to a remote spot surrounded by cliffs and disused quarries.

– see video description for more

The Wolfman of Snowdon & A Strange Collection of Bones, Some Human, Some Animal


Ellis Taylor: Several times other people have shared my experiences. This is one of those occasions; it happened on the evening of 8th April 2012 and it refers to a past life of mine that I was not aware of.

She came one evening, I was with two female friends.
She said that she came because of me. Merlin had allowed it. She said that I knew her in a past life in 1200 (AD). She was an Inca from a tribe called Massa…something…that I called her ‘Misty’. Her real name in her language meant ‘The one with clouds in her eyes; she who dreams alone’.



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I’ve been using Proton Mail and it’s proving to be better than the others I’ve used.

I’ve joined their referral programme.




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