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Cleo Smith search: The valuable clues that can help unlock mystery

I sense a woman.


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News: If I were an atheist materialist who believed all humans were nothing more than biological machines, the practice of delivering an infant whole and alive, through Caesarean Section, and then cutting out his heart and removing tissue for medical research would still make me turn away and want to forget I had ever heard this was happening in the world.

If I were an atheist materialist biological machine


Dr.SamBailey: In this video, we look at some human experiments which claimed to show the first “coronaviruses”. What went on at this facility and why were there so many human guinea pigs?



Reignite Democracy Australia: Tasmania Just Lost Hundreds of Health Care Workers



United Australia Party October 2021 Members Update – Reignite Democracy Australia:

United Australia Party October 2021 Members Update


Senator Gerard Rennick, Reignite Democracy Australia: This evening I sent the following letter to the Prime Minister advising him that I will withhold my vote from the Coalition until a number of issues are dealt with.

To summarize briefly, people who have suffered injuries from the vaccine need immediate financial support. Some employees may get support from Workcover but this won’t cover everybody who has been injured.

The indemnity scheme needs to available immediately rather than start next year. Furthermore it should kick in from the first dollar and be open to anyone who has incurred an injury not just those who spent a night in hospital. This is important because people are being turned away from hospitals.

Vaccine mandates need to be lifted immediately. They should never have been implemented but they are going to cause so many issues including labour shortages, endless legal lawsuits, loss of livelihoods, discrimination etc. Most of all, people who have suffered injuries from the first jab should not be forced into getting a second jab. This is unmitigated cruelty.

Losing Votes – Senator Gerard Rennick’s letter to the Prime Minister


Reignite Democracy Australia RumbleChannel:


Amazing that it is news that someone in the Federal Senate has noticed the dictatorship being built back better in Victoria. When do the others get the bucket of cold water?

Tyrone Clarke, SkyNewsAustralia: A Federal Senator has lashed Daniel Andrews’ proposed pandemic powers labelling the bill “absolutely insane” and an example of a “dictatorship here in Victoria”.

Senator Sarah Henderson: Daniel Andrews’ ‘horrendous’ pandemic powers is an example of a Victorian ‘dictatorship’


Canadian Paralegal Gives Good Advice on Vaccine Mandates. Worth Watching.


Mike Ryan, Asia Pacific News: Dr Shankara Chetty’s “8th Day Protocol” deserves urgent global attention. He achieved 100% success with over 7,000 patients, no oxygen needs developed, none needed hospitalisation and none died.

Children’s Health Defense: On the latest episode of CHD.TV’s “CHD Weekly Q&A” hosts Polly Tommey, Brian Hooker, Mary Holland and Megan Redshaw invited Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, president and CEO of the RIMLAND Center for Integrative Medicine, to talk about the unvaccinated experiencing COVID vaccine adverse reactions when exposed to people who took the vaccine.

Are Vaccinated ‘Shedding’ COVID Vaccine Side Effects?


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News: It’s always so wonderful to see so many of you again on these Sundays, when we gather and worship. As your minister, I try to guide you on the path to salvation.

As you know, in our Church we come from fear.

That is our watchword. When we experience the impulse to step out on the stage of deep commitment, we pull back. We sense the danger. This we all understand.

When the lockdowns were ordered last year, we closed our doors. We avoided risk. We prayed online. Not long ago, when the mandates were announced, we complied.

Out in public, we obey the rules.

We are a branch of the State. We respect things of this world.

We will never challenge Earthly authority on behalf of God.

Welcome to the Church of Fear and Blindness



RamolaD Reports: Dr Helen Tsigounis Australian Illuminati Blacklist Targeted Individual





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