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Not suitable for Truth Deniers

Are you a now liable to patent, genetically modified human organism, who will be breaking the law if you attempt to have children without written consent (if you are still physically capable of it)? It’s not too late to inform yourself, without indoctrinated prejudice, for the sake of alerting other spirits, who, like you, were divinely gifted the experience of being human, but who are still as unadulterated as the divine intended, to not take the blighted path to di-soul-ution that you were tricked into taking. 

A Letter to the Unvaccinated

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public health officials, the news and social media, and fellow citizens.

Control over our bodily integrity may well be the ultimate frontier of the fight to protect civil liberties. Read the letter below or as a PDF here.




Thank you for everything YOU are doing, despite the massed dark forces rained against us, to bring truth to the world.

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Symbols of Consciousness & Blueprints of Control – The Story of Orion’s Influence Over Humanity

by Neil Hague

Orion’s Door explores the enormous influence one star system has had over humanity. For aeons, Orion and his key stars were worshipped all over the ancient world. Through alignments with earth’s ancient monuments, to its appearance on corporate, military-industrial-political logos – Orion is everywhere! It’s as though Orion’s presence provides a ‘blueprint’ for our hierarchical structures. Read more

684 pages

430 Illustrations in black & white.

ISBN 978-1-8381363-0-7





The People’s Truth, is now available for free online streaming at CHD Live. CHD will also be hosting a live Q&A about the film and other issues of the day on Thursday, August 19, 1 p.m. PST/4 p.m. EST. Sign up now to attend. VIDEO




The Plan

But…“providers are running out of people who want to be euthanized…”



From: 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother)

I was sent this link to the film, THE ROAD – visit at your own discretion: http://www.streamlord.com/watch-movie-the-road-1570.html   Yes, post inspired by John Waters article earlier in the week: The Road through Hell


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I am very busy with personal commitments and stuff, research and preparations for a new book and hopefully a documentary. I have also been approached to present some of my work on Y Ddraig Ffraed Project to an academic and history-based audience in the near future. Consequently I have been, and am still, struggling to keep up with answering emails and updating this blog. For those who don’t know, as well, my former email provider unseen.is karked it and along with lots of emails, archives and contacts, many emails never arrived.
I will do what I can to read reply to any outstanding emails I have received.
Please do keep checking in but be aware that there will be some days when I will not be able to update this blog. Many thanks for your patience. – Ellis


14th August – 21st August

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21st August


More to follow…..


20th August

James Delingpole talks to Professor Mark Crispin Miller…..

BREAKING: “Disinformation Dozen”: A ‘Faulty Narrative’ With No Evidence, Says Facebook, Despite 16,000 News Headlines…..


The July 19th virus super spreader…..

Afghanistan War Comes Home to Roost – #NewWorldNextWeek…..

Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells…..

Vaxxed Bus Down Under – Cathy’s mum died 23 days after receiving AstraZenica…..

No Organ Transplants for Unvaxinated (Mirrored video from Tracey O’Mahony)…..


19th August

Intentionally Blank…..

Spiritual Barricades…..

CENSORED: COVID Vaccine Injured Who Regret Their Decisions to Get the Shot and Their Message to You…..

Mass Psychosis — How to Create an Epidemic of Mental Illness…..

Lawyers worldwide submit new evidence to International Criminal Court alleging World Leaders & Scientific Advisors have used Covid-19 & the Injections to commit Genocide and Crimes against Humanity…..

INSANE: Australians Are Being Rounded Up And Put In “Health Hotels”…..


18th August

From: 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother)


Australia Now the Disgrace of the World: Police Attacking and Pepper-Spraying Young Children for not Wearing Masks!…..

The Covid silence that drove a nurse to quit…..

Vaccine & Blood Analysis Under Microscope Presented By Independent Researches, Lawyers & Doctor…..

Chickenpox Parties and Varicella Zoster Virus?…..

Ad-hoc 15 – Where to find the isolate?

Susan Sweetin, Founder & CEO of FTA, will be talking to Cambridge University educated, Solicitor David Adelman, aka The UK People’s Lawyer…..

How to Meet Like-Minded People – #SolutionsWatch…..

Standoff Outside The Testing Centre…..

The Road through Hell…..

La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles…..


17th August

Covid-19: Dr Sam FAQs 2…..

Massive fraud in reporting vaccine injuries; withheld data, pretense of “safe and effective”…..

Trust the experts, even though the experts suck…..

Dr. Zoe Williams stopped from explaining vaccine induced blood clots on Good Morning Britain…..

Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution For Mass Murder…..


16th August

Katie Hopkins Breaks Into Australia & the nonsense of quarantine…..

The BBC’s vaccine cheerleader Jeremy Vine gets his comeuppance…..

The catastrophic catalogue of vaccine reactions…..

Can someone tell Jeremy Vine that Paralysis, Cardiac Arrest, & Death have all been suffered as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines by children as young as 2-months-old?…..

Australia – Permit required to leave home to work, curfew, and face masks no longer allowed to be removed outside to drink alcohol despite just 5 people being in hospital…..

Katie Hopkins on Afghanistan – so sorry for our lads……

Epstein, Gates & Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence…..

To Begin Again…..

The Myth of the ‘Pandemic of the Unvaxxed’…..

AA-John Waters discusses Gemma O’Doherty, COVID, Censorship, the Catholic Church & more…..

James speaks with his brother, Dick Delingpole…..

Covid-19 Information Antidote…..

More to follow…..


15th August

“Graveyard of Empires” Claims Another Victim…..

France’s long-time vaccine policy chief: Covid policy is “completely stupid” and “unethical”…..

Protest held in Paris over COVID passes…..

Quick Note On The Taliban Defeat of the Pentagon…..

James Delingpole talks to Dan Liddicott…..

The Truth About The Tuam Scandal with David O’Reilly (Fixed Audio)…..


14th August

The Pathology of Normality…..

A Seer In Albion…..

Full interview with Chris Turner. Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1…..

More interviews with Ellis…..


‘Historic Win’: CHD Wins Case Against FCC on Safety Guidelines for 5G and Wireless…..

Undecided about the mRNA “Vaccine” Shot? Watch this video…..

Covid-19 Vaccinations: Deaths & Injuries…..

Covid 19 coronavirus: Anti-vax group Voices For Freedom advertising removed from Auckland billboards…..

Off grid lifestyle outlawed? How far will the Covid vaccine mandate go?…..

Exposing The Deep State Octopus…..

UFO Activist & Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer Passes Away…..

One of the Strangest Alien Abduction Cases Ever: Kidnapped in the 1950s…..


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I am DEFINITELY NOT recommending any mass meditations but the rest of it is worth listening to.  It is a psychically dangerous activity. – Ellis


The Delingpod, Mark Crispin Miller is a Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. He is the author of several books. Miller’s essays and articles have appeared in many journals, magazines and newspapers throughout the nation and the world, and he has given countless interviews worldwide, appearing in many documentaries.



GreenMedInfo: In an unexpected turn of events, Facebook has called out The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) for manufacturing a “faulty narrative” without “any evidence” against the 12 individuals it has repeatedly defamed and labeled as the “disinformation dozen.”

BREAKING: “Disinformation Dozen”: A ‘Faulty Narrative’ With No Evidence, Says Facebook, Despite 16,000 News Headlines


How can a Human Rights Watch site think it is ok to force visitors to subscribe to them? Hopefully its a mistake and not a data gathering exercise. I’ve tried to contact them but the contact page is blocked by the same un-passable demand to subscribe. Will link if and when this obligation is removed. A great human move by Western Australian police officers nonetheless. Good for them.



Politico: The July 19th virus super spreader:



New World Next Week, Corbett Report: This week on the New World Next Week: Afghanistan comes home to roost as false flag domestic terror looms; scamdemic babies are suffering cognitive development difficulties; and the CHD win an important case about RF against the FCC.

Afghanistan War Comes Home to Roost – #NewWorldNextWeek



Dr. Charles Hoffe, a family physician from Lytton, British Columbia, told health officials that his patients were suffering adverse effects from the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines
Hoffe was quickly accused of causing “vaccine hesitancy” and local health authorities threatened to report him to the licensing body
The spike protein in the vaccine can lead to the development of multiple, tiny blood clots because it becomes part of the cell wall of your vascular endothelium; these cells are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly, but the spike protein means there are “spiky bits sticking out”
Hoffe has been conducting the D-dimer test on his patients to detect the potential presence of blood clots within four to seven days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine; 62% have evidence of clotting
The long-term outlook is very grim, Hoffe said, because with each successive shot, it will add more damage as you’re getting more damaged capillaries

Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells


Vaxxed Down Under: Vaxxed Bus Down Under – Cathy’s mum died 23 days after receiving AstraZenica:


Computing Forever: No Organ Transplants for Unvaxinated (Mirrored video from Tracey O’Mahony):



Philosophers Stone: Intentionally Blank:


Thomas Sheridan: Spiritual Barricades:



Almost every day I receive word of vaccine-killed and seriously vaccine-injured human beings.

Here some of the still alive covid vaccine damaged speak out:

Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News: The COVID-19 experimental shots cause serious side effects, including death.

This fact is not in dispute.

However, when the corporate media covers a story of someone who has suffered a serious side effect from one of the emergency authorized shots, they only interview people who still believe in the COVID Vaccine Religion.

No matter how much these people have suffered, even if they have seen a loved one die after getting one of the shots, they will still claim that they believe in the “vaccines,” and encourage everyone to go out and get one.

If they didn’t say this, the corporate media would not publish their story, because according to them and the “health authorities,” these reactions are “rare,” and they want you to believe that the “benefits” to the shots “outweigh” the risks.

However, there are untold numbers of people who have received one of the COVID shots and are now disabled or severely injured, and they regret their decision. Not only do they regret their decision, they want you to know what the true risks are, and warn you.

These people are being CENSORED in the corporate media, and Big Tech social media sites. They don’t want you to hear the “other side,” because it does not fit their narrative, and to question their authority is now to be considered a potential “domestic terrorist.”

Some of these people who are now injured after taking a COVID shot used to attack and criticize those who don’t trust the shots, and when encountering information that goes against the corporate media narrative, they used to believe these were all “conspiracy theories.”

But they don’t believe that anymore, now that their lives are ruined.

These are the voices of those who regret their decisions, and their voices are being heavily censored. The “health authorities” don’t want you to listen to them.

CENSORED: COVID Vaccine Injured Who Regret Their Decisions to Get the Shot and Their Message to You

Videos in the article:


EXCLUSIVE: Our Voices Matter – Stories Of COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Australians (Short Documentary)



Mass psychosis is defined as an epidemic of madness that occurs when a large portion of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions
The witch hunts that occurred in the Americas and Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, when tens of thousands of people, mostly women, were burned at the stake is a classic example of mass psychosis. The rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century is another
When a society descends into madness, the results are always devastating. Individuals who make up the affected society become morally and spiritually inferior, unreasonable, irresponsible, emotional, erratic and unreliable. Worst of all, a psychotic mob will engage in atrocities that any solitary individual within the group would normally never consider
The psychogenic steps that lead to madness includes a panic phase, where the individual is frightened and confused by events they cannot explain, and a phase of psychotic insight, where the individual explains their abnormal experience of the world by inventing an illogical but magical way of seeing reality that eases the panic and gives meaning to the experience
Menticide is a term that means “killing of the mind.” It’s a way of controlling the masses by systematically killing the human spirit and free thought. It’s a system through which the ruling elite imprints their own delusional worldview onto society. A society is primed for menticide by the intentional sowing of fear and social isolation

Mass Psychosis — How to Create an Epidemic of Mental Illness


Daily Expose: New evidence, including sworn affidavits from leading experts such as Professor Luc A. Montagnier, has been submitted to the International Criminal Court by lawyers in several countries alleging Government’s across the world and their advisors are complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

Attorney Melinda C. Mayne, and Kaira S. McCallum submitted a 27-page ‘Request for Investigation’ to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague back in April 2021 alleging the UK Government and its advisors were complicit in crimes against humanity in the name of Covid-19.

On the 28th of April 2021, the pair received a formal acknowledgement from the ICC and were assigned a case number – ‘141/21’. Since then the pair have been gathering new evidence to use in their ICC claim and have established connections with lawyers and research scientists from around the world.

A new press release released on the 17th August, which can be viewed here, confirms that the pair have received sworn affidavits from leading experts including research scientist and nuclear cardiologist Dr Richard M. Fleming, the Nobel Laureate virologist Professor Luc  A. Montagnier, and Dr Kevin W. McCairn, a neuroscientist and expert on neurological disease.

Lawyers worldwide submit new evidence to International Criminal Court alleging World Leaders & Scientific Advisors have used Covid-19 & the Injections to commit Genocide and Crimes against Humanity


Mike Nificent: INSANE: Australians Are Being Rounded Up And Put In “Health Hotels”::



Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News: Earlier this month we reported how quickly Australia had descended into tyranny, basically becoming a medical police state with martial law. Even China has criticized their authoritarian measures, and we showed video footage of police arresting the elderly and seniors in parks for simply not wearing masks.

Well it would seem that things have descended even further, going from bad to horrible, as video footage is now circulating of police actually attacking young children for simply not wearing masks, throwing them on the ground to cuff them, and even pepper-spraying a 12-year-old girl.

And amazingly, several of the police themselves are not even wearing masks! Watch the footage below in the video report I put together. It starts out fairly quietly with a young girl explaining that her sister had just been arrested for not wearing a mask, but then more police arrive and the situation quickly deteriorates into chaos – thanks to the police.

I have to admit that my blood was boiling as I watched these big brawny men fully armed throw around young harmless children.

If this is what it ta

Australia Now the Disgrace of the World: Police Attacking and Pepper-Spraying Young Children for not Wearing Masks!



A reminder:

The Conservative Woman: This is a letter of resignation from a nurse addressed to the executive board of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

I write to you today as a highly experienced nurse with 27 years’ service to inform you that when my registration expires on [date given] I will not be renewing it and therefore I am resigning my registration and leaving the profession.

The Covid silence that drove a nurse to quit


Watch and share EVERYWHERE!!!

Immediate wreckage of human bodies following injections:

Tim Truth: Vaccine & Blood Analysis Under Microscope Presented By Independent Researches, Lawyers & Doctor:


An argument put forward by those who are trying to come to terms with one of the revelations humans are now being shown with this corona vi-ruse tyranny, ‘there is no such thing as a virus’, is the perfectly reasonable and seeming ‘ big elephant in the room’, how do you explain the racing mostly childhood illness called “chicken pox?” Dr. Sam Bailey explains:

Dr. Sam Bailey: Why did Chickenpox parties go out of fashion? What causes Chickenpox, is there a virus and what’s the deal with the Varicella vaccine?

Chickenpox Parties and Varicella Zoster Virus?:



The Corona Committee: Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people.

Ad-hoc 15 – Where to find the isolate?:


The Corona Committee Q&A


Freedom Talks  provides a platform for our Natural Freedom Audience to listen in on conversations between our officers and special guest(s):

Freedom Travel Alliance: This week Susan Sweetin, Founder & CEO of FTA, will be talking to Cambridge University educated, Solicitor David Adelman, aka The UK People’s Lawyer.

He turned his back on conventional work and office incarceration as a young man, to explore life through experience. He has recently published a book: School – No Place for Children which was inspired by his childhood experience in the UK educational system.

David provides guidance, training and talks on Universal Law and on protection from medical tyranny, law enforcement tyranny and so much more.
His aim is to upgrade people’s general sense of their own power.

Covid cut David’s nationwide tour on education short right after he gave the  keynote speech at the Glastonbury Symposium in July 2019.

We are delighted he will be joining us.

THURSDAY, August 19th 2021

8:00am PST | 11:00am EST | 4:00pm UK



The Corbett Report: Forming community with like-minded people has never been more important . . . and it has never been more difficult. As the gatekeepers of our increasingly disconnected world try to close the door on our various options for finding community, today James explores some ways to meet sane people in your area, from the technological to the old-fashioned.


Auditing Britain: Standoff Outside The Testing Centre:


In yet another beautiful and descriptive piece of writing, Jon Waters reviews the post-apocalyptic film, The Road. – The road that all of humanity is being force-marched to along right now.

(First published, February 5th 2010, The Irish Times)

John Waters Unchained: On Tuesday I went to see  The Road — with some trepidation, having been repeatedly told it was ‘not as good as the book’. It was, they said, ‘depressing’, the voiceover all wrong, the ending unhinged from the author’s intention. Several people said they had walked out within minutes. The movie is bombing, they said, and rightly so.

The eponymous Cormac McCarthy book has been declared Novel of the Noughties. Although I haven’t read every other contender, it strikes me as a plausible conclusion. The Road reveals why it is still worthwhile to write stories about things that might have happened but didn’t — yet.  McCarthy maintains an unflinching gaze into the unthinkable: a world all but ended, where human civilisation is in rewind and love must meet its final, terrifying test.

The Road through Hell


For the record:

Orwell City: In program No. 63, La Quinta Columna (biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano) shared some of the many photographs of the analyses that the team of researchers with whom they work have obtained after subjecting the substance to different techniques to determine each of its components.

As promised, they have delivered; the results are mind-blowing. Their theories about the presence of graphene oxide in the vials have been confirmed: there is definitely graphene oxide in the vials. All the suspicions they had about it have been allayed.

La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles


Where compliance without common sense and questioning has got our kids.
Read the comments. You are not alone.

Katie Hopkins: AUSTRALIA. please watch. Mass ‘vaccination’ of children


Pssst…A message to the contaminated and fans of doint it: Instead of taking your kids to have an experimental, dangerous concoction, stuck into your children, to forever threaten their well-being, why not watch this:

Dr. Sam Bailey: Covid-19: Dr Sam FAQs 2


Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News: ONE: A bombshell. Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter, August 6: “Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot, according to an internal report from a company that helps Moderna manage the reports.”

“That figure is far higher than the number of side effect reports about Moderna’s vaccine publicly available in the federal system that tracks such adverse events.”

BOOM. 300,000 vaccine adverse effects NOT reported to VAERS, the federal database.

Massive fraud in reporting vaccine injuries; withheld data, pretense of “safe and effective” 


Little Apostate: Trust the experts, even though the experts suck:



Dr. Zoe Williams stopped from explaining vaccine induced bloodclots on Good Morning Britain.
From https://twitter.com/Elanders_Voice Thanks.



The Bernician: Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution by the Trustees of the People’s Union of Britain [PUB], alleging mass murder by UK Government policy, which will be served by recorded mail and email upon Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for the Department of Health and Social Care, can be read in full at the PDF linked below.

Notice of Intended Private Criminal Prosecution For Mass Murder


Dave Cullen: How is This a Thing? 17th of August 2021:



I thought I’d linked this a few days ago…anyway, for the record:

Katie Hopkins Breaks Into Australia & the nonsense of quarantine:


The BBC’s vaccine cheerleader Jeremy Vine gets his comeuppance


The catastrophic catalogue of vaccine reactions


Daily Expose: They’re coming for the children. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has issued advice to Sajid Javid’s Department of Health and Social Care, stating that children with disabilities and 16-17 year olds should be offered a Covid-19 vaccine, despite the fact real world data shows that children as young as two-months-old in the USA have suffered paralysis, cardiac arrest and death after being given one of the experimental jabs.

Can someone tell Jeremy Vine that Paralysis, Cardiac Arrest, & Death have all been suffered as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines by children as young as 2-months-old?


Daily Expose: Melbourne, Australia is currently in its sixth lockdown despite a grand total of 5 people being in hospital due to the alleged Covid-19 disease in the whole state it resides in, Victoria. Now the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews has announced new stricter lockdown measures in response to the public finding loopholes in the current tyrannical rules.

The rules around donning face coverings will tighten even further as Premier Daniel Andrews announced that Melburnians will no longer be allowed to remove their face masks if they’re out of the house and drinking alcoholic beverages in public.

Australia – Permit required to leave home to work, curfew, and face masks no longer allowed to be removed outside to drink alcohol despite just 5 people being in hospital


Katie Hopkins on the spineless politicians leaving our lads feeling kicked in the b*llocks – and worse.

Katie Hopkins on Afghanistan – so sorry for our lads.


Russell Brand: Epstein, Gates & Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence:


Thomas Sheridan: To Begin Again:



According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House and most mainstream media, what we have now is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” with 95% to 99% of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths being attributed to the unvaccinated
To achieve that statistic, the CDC included hospitalization and mortality data from January through June 2021. The vast majority of the United States population was unvaccinated during that timeframe
January 1, 2021, only 0.5% of the U.S. population had received a COVID shot. By mid-April, an estimated 31% had received one or more shots, and as of June 15, 48.7% were fully “vaccinated”
Natural immunity offers robust protection against all variants, whereas vaccine-induced immunity can’t. The reason for this is because when you recover from the natural infection, you have both antibodies and T cells against all parts of the virus, not just the spike protein
According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Delta variant is both more transmissible and more dangerous than the original virus and previous variants, but real-world data show it is actually weaker and far less dangerous, even though it does spread more easily

The Lies Behind the ‘Pandemic of Unvaxxed’


John Waters: Have our revolutions all been contrived? Were what we long thought of as breaks towards idealism and freedom-seeking merely illusions that caused us to let our guard down? Were those initial decades — centuries — of freedom simply a ruse to lull the people into a false sense of complacency, so that in a matter of months, the essence of their lives could be taken away?The evidence of something we have incorrectly understood mounts and mounts.

We have arrived at another revolutionary moment, when the skills and creative resources of the people are about to be plundered by the elites, thus denying the people the dividend of what might have been their liberation from the alleged drudgery of work.

There is a war against humanity, conducted by a tiny rump of renegade humans.

The former forces and institutions charged with upholding and guarding our democracies have gone over to the other side. The artists have become puppets of the Combine. Media and pop culture celebrities are on the side of the people’s manifest enemies. Journalism, once society’s watchdog, has become a criminal profession,

Already we can hear the drumbeats reverberating under our feet.

Can the trance be dissolved before it is too late? What might that take? Is the moment of truth upon us?

John Waters, John Age: The Official Anomic Age Channel: AA-John Waters discusses Gemma O’Doherty, COVID, Censorship, the Catholic Church & more:



The Delingpod: After way too long – ‘the guest’ is back.

In this episode, the boys cover Dick’s shed, English countryside, the current overton window, Christianity, Jeremy Vine’s unwelcome off message caller and much much more…. (and maybe even a little bit of the yes/no game)…

James speaks with his brother, Dick Delingpole:



Infrakshun: This post comprises a selection of key documents and videos which precedes an introduction that was written at the beginning of the scamdemic. Much of what was written in March 2020 has come to pass. There is a concentrated propaganda onslaught in the media and across the internet crushing independent, scientific, geopolitical and economic analysis. Elements within the British government, British Intelligence and Psychological Operations Army unit 77 Brigade are fully involved in making sure critical analysis of the COVID-19 vaccinations and lockdown measures are prevented and/or ridiculed.
This false narrative extends to Wikipedia, so-called “fact-checkers” and deluded individual commentators who cannot bring themselves to question this pretext because it would mean questioning everything else. Not many people are prepared to do that, which is why we are in the mess we are.



Corbett Report: The war in Afghanistan is over! Long live the war in Afghanistan!

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, the US Armed Forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan at the end of the month, and NATO’s “Resolute Support” mission—which took over from the NATO combat mission that ended in 2014—will wind up at the same time. And now, exactly as predicted, everything is chaos.

And by “everything,” I mean everything.

“Graveyard of Empires” Claims Another Victim


UK Column was recently able to interview top French vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne on the subject of Covid-19 vaccines.

Professor Perronne is Head of the Medical Department at Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches, the teaching hospital for the University of Versailles-St Quentin near Paris. He was the University’s Head of Department for Infectious and Tropical Diseases from 1994 onwards, but was fired from that position a few months ago. He is a Fellow of France’s biomedical research centre of world standing, the Institut Pasteur, from which he graduated in bacteriology and virology and where he served as Deputy Director of the National Reference Centre for Tuberculosis and Mycobacteria until 1998.

France’s long-time vaccine policy chief: Covid policy is “completely stupid” and “unethical”


AP – a mainstream media bigshot! what’s going on?Protest held in Paris over COVID passes:


Richard Sauder, Event Horizon: The crushing defeat that the Taliban are putting on the Pentagon forces in Afghanistan right now cannot have gone unnoticed by Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and China, and surely not by countries that are military allies of the USSA, like the Ukraine, Taiwan, South Korea and more. The whole world is watching this.

Quick Note On The Taliban Defeat of the Pentagon


The Delingpod: Dan is the former Chairman of a Libertarian Party, he left and founded Independent Libertarians. Known as ‘LibertariDan,’ Dan shares important libertarian principles to guide us through turbulent times, why Conservatives and Libertarians alike have let us down during the pandemic, the link between Libertarianism and Christianity and what is coming for the world.

James Delingpole talks to Dan Liddicott:


The Truth About The Tuam Scandal with David O’Reilly (Fixed Audio):


Dave Knowles – A Filmmaker with a Passion for Food: Jack Hargreaves in this Old Country (previously Out of Town) programme shows why a River in Dorset became the home of so many villages and how one of the villages caused the river to loose its name. Jack Hargreaves unique story telling style (he never used a script or notes) brings the past to life as he shows us signs in the villages of times past. Jack also shows us the site of a leper colony in Dorset and how they attended church without ever entering the church itself.

Jack Hargreaves tells how a Dorset River lost its name:


M.K. Styllinski, Infrakshun, News from the Shadowsphere: The hope for the future lies in the correct education, nurturing and guidance of the next generation of children. Yet, what we find in the 21st century is that the exploitation of the world’s children is as ubiquitous as it is accepted.

“It is just the way the world is…”

The Pathology of Normality


Greg Kaminsky, Occult of Personality: Researcher, writer, truth seeker, and seer Ellis Taylor reveals some very important information that has been long forgotten – until now. The subjects of numerology, symbolism, etymology, mythology, and cosmology are treated reverently, but not in a heavy or overbearing way. With “In These Signs Conquer”,  Taylor has turned in a masterful tome that will raise your spirit and enlighten your mind.

A Seer In Albion


Latest Otherworld Journeys Odysee video: Part 1 of my initial interview with Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”.

Ellis Taylor, Otherworld Journeys: Ellis is interviewed by film maker Chris Turner for his documentary, “Don’t Mention the Reptilians”. Part 1

Full interview. Ellis Taylor Mentioning the Reptilians Part 1:

More interviews with Ellis


Whatchagunado?: Australia…People of the world, if you want this version of life, Freedom and joy, back then you gotta grab it. the Darkness ain’t gonna give it back to you. – Ellis

…and performing it all Live in Sydney – Remember when:


Full album:

Eurythmics – For the love of Big Brother (1984) – Full:


Children’s Health Defense: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit court ruled the Federal Communications Commission failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its determination that its current guidelines adequately protect against harmful effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation.

‘Historic Win’: CHD Wins Case Against FCC on Safety Guidelines for 5G and Wireless


We’ve linked this video on Howlin’ before yet far too many still do not have any clue about this vital information:

Infrakshun, News from the Shadowsphere: In the words of Dr. Gary G Kohls:

Here is a must-watch, totally-truthful, science-based, vaccinology-literate video for anyone who is considering getting a booster (or even an initial) dose of any of the still-experimental, still unproven for long-term safety or efficacy, mRNA Covid-19 inoculations.  and then quickly forwarded on to loved ones before one of the many powers-that-be finds a way to shut it down.

Undecided about the mRNA “Vaccine” Shot? Watch this video


Reports articles and maps. For all the latest deaths and injuries from the current vaccinations can be found here:

Covid-19 Vaccinations: Deaths & Injuries


Adam Pearse, New Zealand Herald: An organisation known for its anti-vaccine messaging has had its advertising pulled from one company’s Auckland billboards.

Voices For Freedom, the group behind a national leaflet drop containing disinformation about the Pfizer vaccine, paid to advertise its view on the status of free speech in New Zealand.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Anti-vax group Voices For Freedom advertising removed from Auckland billboards

What “disinformation” is that then, Adam Pearse? Please enlighten us, as you should have in your article. Well done ‘Voices For Freedom’ and everyone who supports them.


Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen: I have said before that the Covid vaccine mandates are all about control. We are seeing this already in places like New York. Off grid living might be viewed as “problematic” by certain people in the near futured. Will there be attempts to outlaw living off grid?

Off grid lifestyle outlawed? How far will the Covid vaccine mandate go?:


Corbett Report NewWorldNextWeek: This week on the New World Next Week: Apple invades privacy with new device scanning measures; the US government teases new 9/11 Saudi documents; and Media Monarchy launches the Octopus radio play.

Exposing The Deep State Octopus


Arjun Walia, the Pulse: Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of National Defense, passed away on August 8th at the age of 98. He lived a long and happy life, spending many of his years later in life campaigning for truth regarding what is now today quite evident, the reality of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

UFO Activist & Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer Passes Away


Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe: Evidence of serious, government concerns about the alien abduction phenomenon began in the 1950s. That was the year in which a young American soldier found himself caught up in a very strange saga that, to a degree, still disturbs him to this very day. It all went down on a chilly night in Utah’s expansive desert. Private Bernard Gerry Irwin was the man whose life took a turn of the decidedly unforeseen type. February 20, 1959 began as a regular day for Irwin, but, it most definitely didn’t end that way. At the time, Irwin was driving to Fort Bliss, Texas, from Idaho – the former being the facility at which Irwin was stationed, and the latter his home state. As night set in, something completely unforeseen and paradigm-shifting happened to Irwin. He was about to be confronted by the UFO phenomenon in spectacular and mysterious fashion.

One of the Strangest Alien Abduction Cases Ever: Kidnapped in the 1950s

This article and video have together reminded me of an incident that I don’t think I’ve reported since it happened, in 1996, in my back garden in Perth, Australia. It occurred during the 47 days, so, in April or May. One late night, a large, brilliant white ball of light descended at a shallow angle and flew smoothly and quite slowly over my head, in a north-ish to south-ish trajectory. From memory, and at a guess, about tree-top height, when above me. Although it made no sound, I too (like Gerry Irwin) thought it was an aircraft about to crash. I heard nothing of a crash that night and so, suspecting it to be something else, I reported it to the exceptional Western Australian UFO group, UFORUM and it was subsequently reported in their magazine. I can’t recall exactly now but it may well have been the same night that I inadvertently took a photo of an ‘alien face’ close-up looking straight at me (much like what is shown in the video graphics). Otherwise it’s hard to explain why I took the photo (of nothing in particular – just the back garden), unless it was to record the location where I had been standing late at night when a white ‘flaming ball’ of light zipped past the right-hand side of my head, east-ish to west-ish, over the fence and into next door’s garden. A little larger than golf-ball size, when I looked over the fence there was no sign of it.

I’ve photographed a crazy number of interdimensional incidents while in my, and other people’s, back gardens. I’m considering collating them in an Odysee video, either the Ellis C. Taylor channel, or the Otherworld Journeys channel – so please subscribe if you want to see them and more evidence of this amazing un-masked world….Oh, and not forgetting the videos of the ever-otherworldly sacred healing journey, on the Song of Ffraed channel. – Ellis


PERSPECTIVE “What is this centuries most dramatic achievement? Probably flight. In 1908 the Wright brothers announced to the world that they had invented a craft that would fly across the English Channel. Not one newspaper reporter or photographer turned up to record it. So don’t feel discouraged that what we are looking into, what we feel is of major importance, is being almost totally ignored.”

From A Personal History of The ASPR 1979 – 1994: Writer’s name not given, but possibly the lovely Morley Legg. If anyone knows different, please let me know.



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