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armageddon 230x129The reality for all of us is that we are members of a profoundly dysfunctional human species in very deep trouble, on a planet whose biosphere is dying and/or being killed, mostly by us, individually and collectively. I am sorry to say this, but it does look like a mass mortality event may lie just ahead for very large numbers of humans on this planet. I will have more to say about this below.

I was born in the USSA in 1955 and naturally am still in communication with people from that country. At this point my frank perception is that the vast majority of people in the USSA are in tremendously dangerous denial, about almost everything that is of any substantive consequence to the continued habitability of this planet by the human species, and most other complex, biological life forms.

I have written before about The Bone Lady who visited me in 1958, when I was a sickly little, three year old boy, and who gave me a broad overview of what was coming. For whatever reason, She clued me in to the great dying time that was coming, the time of unimaginable turmoil, death and woe, the time of great suffering and destruction, the unthinkable, inhuman, demonic time of incomprehensible horror.
September 2015 Reality Check

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