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Fourth January 2018: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (Live In Tokyo 1983) HQ…..
Journey’s Steve Perry at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017…..
Exclusive indepth interview with Former Met Detective John Wedger – Abuse, trafficking, satanic abuse of children cover ups…..
Former Met detective John Wedger exclusive in depth interview Part 2. Shocking information, not suitable for young people…..
The Fomorians: Destructive Giants of Irish Legend…..
What is the secret behind why numerology and Numerosymbology work?…..
Dad Believed in U.F.O.s. Turns Out He Wasn’t Alone….
Steven Greer Claims U.S. Intelligence Blackmailed Carl Sagan into Debunking UFOs…..
Episode 72. Ellis Taylor – The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show…..
Tamils and Sumerians Among the FIRST to Reach Australia and Antarctica?…..
Sea Serpents Galore! (1834 to 1849)…..
How LSD is making a comeback: Massive resurgence in Britons using psychedelic drug as a ‘brain booster’…..
The eco-friendly crematorium that wants to flush your loved ones down the drain…..
At Least 500 of Your Genes are MORE Active AFTER Death…..
Amy Winehouse’s father claims that the artist’s ghost often returns in the form of a ghost or as a bird…..
The Specials with Amy Winehouse…..
Life and the Afterlife Explained from the Other Side…..
What really happens when you mix medications?…..
Mysterious Cases of Famous Families Stalked by Sinister Curses…..

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