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11th November

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A thought came to me when the Bibi See played Big Ben’s clock striking 11 for the 2 minutes silence. Those who fought, were injured, and died in these wars would surely rather we spent those two minutes shouting at the top of our voices: “NO MORE WAR!” – Ellis


Redgum – I Was Only 19



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Ellis on FAR Radio: Friday, 7th August


I will be on Robert Phoenix’s Free Association Radio show, The Friday FARcast, today (Friday)

2pm CST   8pm BST   7pmUT


Due to the massive electronic interference my previous two interviews with Robert had suffered we agreed to record this one today.

It’s Lughnasadh, and the numbers in the timing of this show hold mysteries galore, even secrets, revelations and messages.

Will there be?

Listen to find out:

Don’t miss it. Set your alarm.