AMATTROC: The World Trade Centre and Pentagon Atrocities

Tears on Terra

Tears on Terra

(This is an article I’ve reposted for today. It was written and posted on my website, Looking Into the Dark Places, on 18th September 2001.)



I have been house-sitting for a friend whilst he has been on holiday. A lot has happened since he left on 2nd September.

Regular readers will be aware that although this site makes brief sorties into the world of espionage and the New World Order conspiracies its main focus is upon investigating crimes that appear to have an occult connection. The difficulty is that what is occurring in the world is so interlinked that it is impossible to confine one’s search to just this one area.

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13th September

News and features


I’ve written and talked about this before, but for new readers:

I can’t recall now exactly when it was but it was around now, probably earlier, 14 years ago. I was looking after a friend’s house while he was on holiday. Sitting in an armchair I closed my eyes and was soon transported…into the cabin of an airliner. Looking around, I could see lots of the passengers, hear the drone of the engines. Everyone was asleep, all of them. Something seemed odd about that to me.

I’ve flown long-distance many times. Never is everyone asleep. With dawning horror I realised that everyone was dead.

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