Stanton Friedman & the Reps

In July or early August 1998, Perth TV viewers, accustomed to ducking for cover from jarring salesmen shouting their iffy bargains at them were suddenly pounded by slick, on-the-button ads announcing an imminent and unmissable spectacular event. World-famous UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, Roswell expert, nemesis of sceptics everywhere, was coming to the once quiet (except for the tele’ ads) little city of Perth. Stanton was in possession of the goods, he’d recently routed Philip Klass, self-proclaimed know-it-all sceptic, with documentary evidence and this Canadian bulldog was taking no prisoners. The noisy-negatives, as he called the sceptics, when he wasn’t calling them de-bunkers, had nothing to fight back with and holstered their smugs.

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News and Features

17th November 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

The story of the first woman in Wales to be hanged for witchcraft…..
“Full of Ritual”…..
Aeon Rising – The Battle for Atlantis Earth…..
British Cryptids Conference 2018…..
The Saga of Ireland’s Ghostly Animal-Man…..
Britain’s Bigfoot: A Big Beast and Big Problems…..
‘I believe in fairies, you should, too’…..
Beware Of The Little Folk…..
Christopher Crellius and the Savior of the Swamp…..

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News and Features

31st January 2017: Howlin’ at the moon. News & Features…

A little more on the Australia Day tragedy in Perth.
Demons of war…..
Wongi My Bardip….
Racism in a Global Context…..
A Powerful Message Every Student & Parent Needs To Hear: Grades Do Not Determine Intelligence…..
Lost Dark Ages Kingdom of Rheged Possibly Found in Scotland…..
Panic in the Woods with Steph Young…..
Seeing Double: Strange Cases of Bilocation…..
Why “first contact” with extraterrestrial beings may WIPE OUT humanity…..

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How come there is now a giant, 29-metre-tall fanny next to the Bell Tower in Perth?

From the West Australian government’s department of “tell them any ol’ fanny and they’ll believe it”, a new piece of work:

Credit: Possibly ' SeanMack' according to Wikipedia

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Beautiful performances of Pie Jesu

Music, and a message, to stir your heart and your soul.


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