Singing the Changes: How Organised Religion Hijacked Music

brianallanspf2014_311x331Brian Allan is a personal experiencer of the paranormal and a prolific author of exceptionally researched books on mysterious phenomena and new science. He is a passionate and uncompromising investigator and commentator on all things mysterious. A formidable and true Elder Statesman of paranormal research.

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The use of music and cadence in all their forms to codify and enhance spiritual awareness long predates all forms of monotheistic belief. Although it is arguable that the use of music in a conventional sacred setting dates from at least 3000 years ago with the founding of Judaism, for the sake of both clarity and brevity I will concentrate on its use within Christianity, particularly the Roman Catholic Church. That said, the music was originally in a form that would scarcely be recognised today; rather, it consisted of tuneless monophonic chants. However, a gradual evolutionary process gradually led to the introduction of polyphonic music which was originally strenuously resisted by the church fathers because they regarded this as in some way frivolous and not entirely in keeping with their serious message.

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