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In today’s edition:

New Fears for Julian Assange…..
Walking Like You Mean it through the Kingdom of God…..
Electric Car-Owners Shocked: New Study Confirms EVs Considerably Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars…..
Fairy Royalty (Six True Encounters with Real Fairies)…..
Tommy James (and the Shondells) “Draggin’ the Line” / Crystal Blue Persuasion” 1970…..
Tommy James of Tommy James & The Shondells talks Crimson & Clover…..
Mony Mony – Tommy James & the Shondells…..
Tommy James tells his story…..
Tommy James & The Shondells – Crimson And Clover (LIVE)…..
Crimson & Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells…..

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News and Features

18th September

News and features


Music: Mony Mony – Tommy James & the Shondells

Dark Journalist in a powerful discussion with Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts.

Augureye asks, “Is this who we really are”.

Jon Rappoport takes a trip into the soon tomorrow that humanity is filing into: Robots: a Play in One Brief Act

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